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In flight again. Aaahh…. Travel truly does make me happy. My blood pressure has already dropped and my mood has increased. I have a feeling of excitement in my life again. This time it’s off to Puerto Rico with Ken for a week of Latino adventure, beaches, maybe some scuba diving, and lots of local food and markets. I have even been brushing up on my Spanish for the past couple of weeks so I can try to use it again (ever since leaving Hartford I find I have little use for it anymore). And after knowing so many Puerto Ricans over the years, it will be nice to finally see the island for myself. And this vacation couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. Work continues to be incredibly stressful. My supervisor, who seems to ... read more

Isla Verde Beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico... read more
Puerto Rico 2

Yesterday as I pulled into my new home an iguana the size of a small dog wiggled its way across the driveway. Today a gecko enjoyed the view with me as I ate breakfast on the balcony. The two sweat shirts and four pairs of jeans I packed have not even made it out of their bags and I've gained a new appreciation for tank tops or shirts with cut off sleeves. The weather is warmer, my room is bigger, the food is tastier, and Costco is just around the corner. Other than the occasional 6 inch spider or the 25 mosquito bites every night its hard to find things to complain about here. Four years ago I was here and it was so incredibly foreign. I felt like I was in a whole new world ... read more
First Home
First Home2
First Home5

12.8.2009 Kuuba ja Puerto Rico muistuttavat toisiaan siinä, että molemmissa aseistettujen poliisien läsnäolo on silmiinpistävä. Heitä on miltei joka kadun kulmassa. Puerto Ricossa on kaiken lisäksi harmaita, ruskeita, sinisiä ja mustia poliiseja. Viittaan heidän vaatetuksensa väriin. Tehtäviensä jaosta en tiedä. Tänään menin Lonely Planetin suosituksesta Pier2:ssa sijaitsevaan Café Cala´oon, koska sieltä saa kuulemma juuri sisämaasta tuoduista kahvipavuista tehtyä kahvia. Paikka oli pieni ja ahdas, ja asiakkaina oli itseni lisäksi viisi lihaksikasta poliisia - ruskeita ja harmaita mutta yhtä lailla aseistautuneita ja elekieleltään kuin amerikkalaisista poliisisarjoista. Paikalle tuli sitten muitakin asiakkaita - kaikki miehiä. Juuri tällaisia asioita turisti ei voi millään tietää, että jokin tietty kahvila on poliisien ja heidän vasikoittensa koht... read more
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9.8.2009 San Juan on rakentunut sillä tavalla, että sen keskustassa on Ocean Parkiksi kutsuttu alue, jossa Hosteria del Markin sijaitsee. Kivenheiton päässä on muukin kaupunki, muun muassa Puerto Ricon taidemuseo. San Juanin historialliseen vanhaan kaupunkiin pääsee pyörällä puolessa tunnissa. (Kävelyreissu katkesi siihen, että ensin tuli vastaan pelikaani, joka ei pelännyt minua yhtään ja sitten joko skorpioni, jumalattoman iso hämähäkki tai tarantella. Se oli ison miehen kämmenen kokoinen, karvainen, oranssinvihreä ja liikkui iljettävän hitaasti sivuttain.) Kuulostaa vaaralliselta, että pyörän vuokrasin, mutta poljen paljon mieluummin oikeaa pyörää ja katselen maisemia, kuin menisin ylikalliille kuntosalille polkemaan kuntopyörää. Meressä uinti vähän sattui. Atlantin aallot ovat vielä liian rajuja minulle. Ja kyllä - pyöräily on vaarallis... read more
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I have visited Puerto Rico on many occasions to visit my friend, Jeanine - here are some photos!... read more
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico
Jeanine's Beach

Fin d’une autre étape…. De retour au bateau après trois jours d’auto, nous découvrons que nous rapportons plus que des photos de notre périple….. Jean-Pierre d’abord, puis moi, sommes affectés par une diarrhée carabinée!! Nous cherchons la cause; nous croyons que c’est le petit déjeuner pris dans un kiosque au bord de la rue, dans La Vega. Une pochette de poulet frite dans l’huile et un grand verre de jus frais (bien recherché par les mouches….lors de la préparation) sont, il nous semble, une source probable de quelque chose qui ressemble à une salmonellose. Nous nous bourrons d’Imodium (efficace sur les symptômes mais non curatif). Le lundi 18 mai, nous faisons nettoyer la coque d’Absaroque; les coques et les vers ont tapissé sa coque malgré qu’elle soit recouverte d’une peinture anti-salissure supposée très efficace. Le mardi, ... read more
Le long de la côte, avec les gros nuages
Puerto Plata et sa montagne
La barre de secours

Oh Dear I'm So Irresponsible. I've procrastinated enough I must start packing up my bags for tomorrow. I'm not sure what I should bring because the weather there is so different there compared to here; Right now according to the Temperature here in Lajas, P.R. is 79F and in Portland Maine it's right now 50F which personally is really freaking cold, but since it's 12:41 in the morning I guess it should be. So I'm going to bring warm clothing cause I'm a miserable person when I'm cold. Hopefully I don't forget to bring anything important... Well I'll leave you here, I have to get some sleep I have to wake up in 4 hours to start my trip to San Juan to go to the airport and from there I can only guess.... read more

19 April 2009. This is the first full day at sea. The Celebrity Summit is a curious boat; it shimmies and shakes, somewhat like a train on a rough track. Connie says it’s rather like sleeping on a block of Jell-O and having someone move the plate. Yes, the boat was there. Slipped in during the night or evening before along with another from a different company. From the Condado area to the Pan American pier was a $15 taxi ride. On one side of a spit of land is a commercial airport, probably and old military field, still used by the Puerto Rico Air National Guard. A new hotel is rising by the entrance to the field where there is also a very nice new convention center. On the other side of the neck of ... read more
The Summit
Sardine time
San Juan Panorama

17 April 17, 2009 You may take all the precautions you wish. The more you protect yourself, the less convenient it becomes for you to pass through airport security. The wonderfully wired and thick PacSafe 200 DayPack makes the gear inside difficult to view on the scanner. So, all you have carefully packed in a certain order and layered for maximum protection of fragile items, including lenses, will be taken out one-by-one and given a thorough swipe test—a special swab that picks up chemicals such as those used in making bombs or bullets, I suppose, which are then put in a sniffer. Afterward the TSA lady said, take all the time you need to repack. Thank goodness I was early for the flight. San Juan! The food is still good and the coffee is great, however, ... read more
Empty and molding
Condado Beach

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