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So after narrowly missing out on a shark bite, people rotting in tents and a crazy drug lord adventure (The Beach btw), we left our last Caribbean island - sniff. It's been wonderful and we can see ourselves buying a holiday home in the area when we win the lottery. After a few near tears, a boat, a couple of buses, a hotel and a cab we made it to Panama City. First impressions is that this is the most developed of all the places we've been to in Central America. There's an old city, which is being renovated but still has a bad reputation for being dangerous, and the new city, along the coast by a km or two and covered in sky scrapers. The main purpose for us being there, however, was to the ... read more
Isla Colon
Sheryl on the dock
Shezza leaving Isla Colon

About an hour from David, on the return journey, I stopped at a hostel called The Lost and Found, in order to break up the long journey to Panama City. I was immediately impressed by what the two Canadian owners have created. The hostel is isolated in the midst of a large cloud forest national park with excellent walking and nature spotting. Aside from the beautiful location they have essential created an interesting attraction in the middle of nowhere with many things to do and even it's own book. They also put out food for the Kinkajous (Honey Bears) and other nocturnal mammals so they come to the hostel in the evenings. It's well worth a stop if you're travelling to Bocas. Late the follow evening I arrived in Panama City. Thanks to the canal and ... read more
With Claudia, Lineth, Venicio
Lori and Claudia

Sunday morning we were doing surprisingly well considering the night before. We did, however, take it very easy and get off to a slow and mellow start. At some point we decided to head to the old part of Panama City and check it out. Between the rental van and Miguel’s car we managed to get all of the family and the friends from Michigan to a museum. It then took us a ridiculous amount of time to decide what to do from there. This is where we decided that from then on we would only leave the house with one plan. Trying to make decisions with this many people is not easy and doing it while standing outside in the sticky heat is just makes people crabby! Some people stayed to check out the museum. ... read more
Sensitive plant--it closes up when you touch it

So my dad is always telling me that I must never write about partying on my travel blog because I know that my family reads it. Well, here we go, I'm going to write most of an entry about how hard I partied on my very first day in Panama! Allie and I flew out Friday night. Our first flight out of SF was delayed, but it didn't put us behind for the other flights so the trip was fairly uneventful. We both slept a decent amount which was nice and would serve us well for our first crazy day here. Kendi, Aunt Trudi and Uncle Don picked us up at the airport and took us back to the apartment that the family had rented for our time in Panama City. It was very nice. Downstairs ... read more
With Allie waiting in the airport
Cheering on Team USA
Hug a Tree

Hello to all from Balboa, Panama Costa Rica: Monday night proved to be very eventful in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Carl went off to bed nice and early and was planning on listening to the rain to fall asleep. As you might have known it is the start of their rainy season in Central America and oh man did it rain. The gravel and dirt roads outside turned into rivers and our hostel was no match for mother nature. Water poured into the kitchen and over the front threshold, also coming in from the back of the building via the bathrooms. All hands on deck, everyone picked up towels, benches and rocks to build temporary walls, and pots & pans to start bailing out the hostel. All the while, Carl slept listening to the sound of the ... read more
Important exit
Carl and Dora
Dane and Dora


Haven’t updated the blog since the fierce expedition known as the Los Quetzales trail Cerro Punta to Boquete. It was quite a traumatic for Rico but he’s just about able to talk about it now…. We said a sad farewell to Elle and Tash in Almirante. They were heading on their way back up to Costa Rica whereas we were driving on to discover more of Panama. They are continuing their journey from LA to Oz. We’ll definately be keeping in touch with them. Facebook is great. That night we made our way on Panamas brilliant bus service to David. We then got a taxi to the well publicised Purple House Hostel. I’d like to discourage anyone reading this from going there. Yes I know more than the lonely planet that’s 4 years old. Think Andrea ... read more
Yvonne in a Raincoat
Beautiful caribbean Beach

Due to a combination of my chronic malaise and infrequent wi-fi I now find myself about 4 weeks and 3 countries behind in my travel blog. This has led me to the inevitable conclusion of condensing a couple of weeks travel into one blog or risk just giving up completely (something which I would eventually regret). So, here we go! We arrived in the city of David eagerly anticipating an extraordinary stay at the infamous Purple House hostel. Lonely planet gives this place an outrageously good review but I was seriously disappointed. Stuck out in the dreary suburbs the purple monstrosity stands out like an elephant in a chicken coop. The reason it received such high praise was the reason I hated this place with a passion; the owner. She lives in the hostel and treats ... read more

It is my second to last day in Panama. I have my plane ticket to Colombia and I just heard about a boat going to Colombia. I met a guy who is going on a sailboat strait to the Galapagos , that would be amazing. I am not doing much in Panama City, I am working on my Peace Corps application mostly. The website currently says that to get placed for summer 2011 applications should be in before July 1st. There are rolling applications but if that's what they suggest that's what I'm aiming for. I am not a fan of writing resumes (I know I have old copies on other people computers, but not on mine!) or essays! Anyone want to write them for me or at least edit them? I hung out with Nico ... read more

Well finally left the carribean island of Utila. Enjoyed chilling at Rainbow Village in La Ceiba for a few days before flying to the Pacific coast of Panama. RV was a really nice place small, friendly, quiet and safe. Basically sat by the pool, read two books and drunk the odd cold beer ! Only met a few people there mainly couples except Gary and his French friend from Chigaco ( sorry can't remember her name) who were heading to Utila for some diving, including helping to teach disabled divers. No dogs following me here but I did have a 3 year old Margaret keep wanting me to for a swim and teach me the alphabet! Got to La Ceiba airport only to be told that the tower was not working so my flight cancelled. So ... read more
Large freighter at the lock
In position
Going down - 27 feet

After leaving the San Blas it was full steam ahead so to speak as far as organising our transit through the Panama Canal and onwards into the Pacific. Fortunately, the guys of Ghost were a bit ahead of us and had arranged for Stanley the Agent to meet us at Shelter Bay Marina and he was the agent we were going to use to help us organise customs and immigrations into and out of Panama as well as arranging the transit through the canal which involves having our boat measured to see how much we have to pay, the time and date of our transit, the renting of four very big ropes and 8 tyres that have been wrapped in black plastic which we use as fenders. That was pretty well organised the first afternoon we ... read more
Provisioning Panama Style
Provisioning Panama Style
At least Debs has her priorities right, packing the beer safe and sound

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