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===English version below=== We nemen de bus in Panama City naar David. Amai, 8 uren reistijd. Gelukkig is er wat verstrooiing op de bus. Een vent wandelt door de gang en organiseert een quiz (en Español naturalmente). We begrijpen nog net dat gevraagd wordt naar het kleinste land ter wereld. We doen ons voordeel als Europeaan: El Vaticano! Correcto, we winnen een armband! De armbanden zijn een cadeau, nadien probeert hij zijn juwelen aan de man te brengen. Oef we zijn eindelijk in David. Snel nog een bus naar het natuurpark La Fortuna. Nog net voor zonsondergang en na een super steile klim met veel te zware rugzakken komen we halfdood toch nog aan bij de meest alternatieve backpackers lodge 'Lost and Found'. Wij zijn hier de oudsten, tja iemand moet het zijn hé. De volgende ... read more
Lost & Found Lodge1
Lost & Found Lodge2
Lost & Found Viewpoint

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Boquete January 23rd 2014

My first stop in Central America after Chile was Panama City. I stayed 6 long, hot days in Panama City so I could be assured of watching the New England Patriots lose the AFC Championship Game in demoralizing fashion to the hated Denver Broncos and golden boy Peyton Manning. It wasn't a total waste, however, as Panama City is actually quite nice, my hostel was great, and there was a fantastic place to eat close by. The only other place in Panama that I visited was Boquete, high in the coffee growing region and a welcome relief from Panama City's oppressive heat. Now in Costa Rica where I hope to soon tackle the second Central American peak on my list - Chirripó, a bit higher than Barú but not a night ascent as there is a ... read more
Volcán Barú Summit Cross
Shadow of Volcán Barú

We were awake nice and early for our big day on the rapidos (god my Spanish is getting good). Well, it wasn't because we were so excited/nervous that we couldn't sleep. It was because (1) the curtains in our hotel room were basically a sheet that didn't stop any morning light coming through; (2) the bed was so uncomfortable that Rach and I both found ourselves sinking down into the middle; and (3) the hotel backs onto a supermarket delivery dock and a bloody big semi decided to rock up at 5am, and keep the engine running as the entire thing was unloaded. It sounded as though it was backing back right into our hotel room! Anyway, so wasn't a great start but we had to be up anyway. We grabbed a quick breakie at the ... read more

I'm on a roll on this bus trip!! Second blog in a row on my phone! :) I just tried getting Ben to entertain me but it failed he "just wants to read" - boooringg!! I hope we are there soon! day...Today was a very unexciting day as it was pretty much all travel! Thankfully we could sleep til 8am and shared some fresh fruit and pancakes with jam for breakie and a decent latte actually from the hotel :) very good start! We had a 10 min walk in very high humidity with our packs to the boat dock so collapsed in a heap when we got there and had about a half hour wait till the boat ... read more

Hello my lovely blog-watchers! Time for another update! Let's see, last I left off I was headed to Culebra a second time... I went with Erick, his wife, his son, and two nephews again. Let me tell you, having kids there makes finding frogs just about a bajillion times easier. They easily caught over half of the 29 frogs that I collected on that trip! I had a good time and almost enjoyed the hike there and back. I managed to keep a faster pace than last time! I kept telling myself to "channel my inner Dr. Lindquist" because for some reason that man has ridiculous endurance. Anyway, I of course have to have a bug story. I can't go anywhere without some sort of story related to a creepy-crawly, can I? So, the first night, ... read more


We left Pedasi, about 9:00 a.m. Thursday for our trek to Boquete, (pronounced Bo ket a). The trip required us to backtrack through Los Tablas and Chitre’, both towns we were lost in on our way to Pedasi. We did get lost (briefly) in Los Tablas, but I was able to find the way out with little trouble. In Chitre' we weren’t quite as lucky, and drove around for a half hour only to find out we were a mere block away from where we needed to be. If I’m ever president of Panama the first thing I will do is order every town identify itself as you enter and every street has a street sign that clearly marks its name. The trip to Boquete which should have been 5 hours, stretched to 7.5, because of ... read more
Our cabin, the first on the hillside.
Enjoying coffee and the view from the front porch.
Love these.

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí » Cerro Punta February 16th 2013

I know you've all been waiting on the edge of your seat for a new update, so here goes. (Also, I'm sorry there are no pictures, but I will add them to the blog later and republish it. You'll have to wait a week, though, because I'm headed to Culbra again tomorrow morning.) I left off a few days before I set out for Culebra, to Erick Olmos' cattle rancho in the middle of Parque Internacional La Amistad. Alejandro and I left Finca Dracula at 5am to get a taxi to Boquete where we grabbed some breakfast, bought some supplies, and hit the trail by 8am. Nine and a half hours, with mud and water in my too-big, too-short boots, we made it to the rancho. As we crested the hill and saw it for the ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí February 12th 2013

BOQUETE: Yesterday Nico, a tour guide at the L&F, took us to the Caldera River and hot springs. He's lived in Panama for over six years, starting out in the Peace Core, and owns his own car. I was so excited to take something other than a cramped bus; at least until he crowded 4 of us in the back seat of his small Hyundai Sedan! It was a cozy hour and a half ride to say the least. The first place he took us was to the ancient petroglyphs, carved in lava rock. The locals that preserve the sight chalk in the carvings so they definitely don't look thousands of years old. Legend has it that the drawings are actually a treasure map that leads to gold buried with a very powerful chief. There are ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí February 4th 2013

Monkey business! We spent 3 nights in a hostel in the 3 rd largest city in Panama called David. pronounced Daveed. So our time there was brief, which will explain the brief blog......but I have to speak about the monkeys there. I had no idea the yard was full of pets and when we unloaded the taxi and dragged our luggage into the secured yard, you could imagine my surprise when I turned around and saw this little white head dancing around in front of me trying to get our attention! It was love at first sight, well at least on this end it was.....Pancha the white faced baby monkey was not to sure of me and played shy. Rosie, the lady who feeds all the critters every day, walked up to him and he leapt ... read more
My new friend

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Chiriquí February 4th 2013

The Epidemic: A few nights ago a bug broke out in the guest dorm, and since there's only one dorm that everyone shares at least 6 people have caught it. Even though it only lasts for about six hours, the victims are subjected to violent vomiting and diarrhea. Kevin was one of the unlucky few who got sick and he compared it to taking ex lax and epicack. Lovely visual. So far we've only seen it strike at night. I've had so much anxiety about catching it because it looks really painful, and it's so inconvenient getting to the bathrooms in a hurry. I even went to the extent of eating three raw garlic cloves to boost my immunity. I made Kevin a broth of onion, garlic and ginger because I know it's hard to digest ... read more

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