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We arrived in the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica on Tuesday evening after a very swift and simple flight from Miami to Montego Bay. After a brief hold up at the understaffed immigration desk, we collected our luggage and were soon making our way along the dark coastal roads of northern Jamaica. With the windows down and the cooling sea breeze blowing in our faces we relaxed for the hour and a half journey to the villa. There wasn't much time left in the day or energy in our legs to do much more than have a quick look round and a drink before bed in somewhat nicer surroundings than the motels we have become accustomed to on our road trip in the U.S.A. Breakfast was a delicious platter of fresh, tropical fruit including pineapple, papaya, ... read more
Our welcome to the villa
The view from our room
The back of the villa

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Ocho Rios December 23rd 2009

As is the story with most islands, I've been wanting to go to Jamaica for quite some time now. I've listened to the music of Bob Marley and heard of the laid back lifestyle of Rastafarians and Jamaicans in general. Montego Bay and Kingston top my list in terms of towns to go to, so I was pleasantly surprised to have Ocho Rios as a port of call on the cruise. I'd heard to be wary of people selling drugs at the pier, but that was the extent of the negativity I'd heard of. Ocho Rios means "Eight Rivers" and is on the Northern coast. It is definitely full of tourists and caters to the cruise lines, tourism is one of Jamaica's major income. One of the famous Sandals resort is there, along with many ... read more
View from the Balcony
House on the Hill

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Ocho Rios December 13th 2009

We spent ten great days at Couples Tower Island. The resort had been closed for approximately one year after undergoing renovation and after having been going there several times over the last 20 some years, we were very curious to see what changes have been made. It has lost some of its old world Jamaica feel which has been replaced with a 50's Miami Beach ambiance. The revitalize room bathrooms, swimup bar and additional snack bar were greatly appreciated as well as the outstanding staff service and food! ... read more
Couples Tower Island
Couples Tower Island
Couples Tower Island

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Ocho Rios November 12th 2009

First family vacation with Adam, Jill, Chad, Tina, Jens, & Trudy! Wouldn't have had it any other way! I know so many people that stop on cruises in Jamaica, but unless you are land bound for more than one day I don't know how you could truly appreciate this amazing country. We went the all-inclusive resort route on this trip (RIU) which can be perfect when traveling with a group of friends. You can eat and drink when you want without really ever having to coordinate anything. After all, you are on vacation and who wants to plan too much? If you are like my husband and can drink over a hundred dollars a day it's definitely worth it! That being said, we really only saw a small portion of this incredible island, but what we ... read more
To Dunn's River Falls
Going up?

Also known as Day Last in Jamaica. Tomorrow is our last day, but that day will be filled with travel, from the time we get up, to the time we land, will be a full day, so I can't really say that tomorrow is going to be 'in Jamaica'. Today we ate, and went on the daily activity of relaxing by the beach. Boys played in the sand, mom and dad took another snorkeling trip, and one more sail on the Hobie with Gregory, the chief on the beach water sports. He took us on a good 30 minute sail yesterday, showing us some of the guest houses along the coast, one of the new resorts going in, but from what I saw, it is not going to be any competition for Sandals. We did see ... read more
Oran and his bride
The new family


Day 4 - In Jamaica. Today, we thought we would let the kids enjoy camp, where they do activities like tie-dying a shirt, snorkeling, ride in the glass-bottomed boat, all while mom and dad enjoy the sun and beach, and take in some other activites that kids would not enjoy. We all got a 50 minute massage. It was a couples thing. These seem to be enough weddings around here that they put two massage tables in one room, they work you over, and you are very relaxed. They leave, you put your robe back on, then they bring you some water. Drink lots of water after this they say. It was very relaxing indeed. we carried the camera around all day, but were so busy making appointments (got to have a picture made on the ... read more
Daughter like mother.

Day 3 is done. We slept until we woke up as we have done so far on the trip. Isn't that what vacations are for? Not to hurry, hurry on some silly schedule. We got up, made coffee in the room, had a couple of cups (can't get more than that out of this two cup pot), and then dressed for the day. Let's see, maybe we could wear swim suits today, you think? Have swim suits for each day except the days we are traveling (3 suits for 5 days). You wouldn't want everyone to see you in the same suit twice would you? After a very good breakfast, we headed for the beach. We managed to get two great table locations, last night and this morning for breakfast. This morning, the wait staff sat ... read more
Star Fish preperation
Richard, Vernell and Gregory
No Problem, Mahn.

Well, this is the blog of the results of day one actually. The first day was getting here. This is the first day of doing things here. Up early, went to breakfast, planned the day. Let's see, how about we go to the beach? Maybe play in the water, talk to the tourist hustlers selling trinkets, ride a catamaran, a kayak. Swim in the pool, slide down slides, big slides, long slides, get tired, lock our selves out of the room, and fun things like that. No pictures of locking our selves out of the room. Hard to believe isn't it. The rooms are adjoining, and after breakfast, we went out the Todd & Yvettes room and went to play in the sand and surf (well, not much surf, but lots of fun). Coming back before ... read more
It looks like a postcard
Todd Yvette on the sea
Jungle Flame

To say it was a long day is an understatement. Early up, so you can wait in lines. In Houston, no problem. Made it through security, got to the gate, and waited for boarding. After we got on board, before take off, someone got sick (rhymes with arf) and we had mechanical delay. Something about gas tank gauge not reading full. Then off to Jamaica. Capt. and flight crew did a great job of flying, and landing. They were not informed as to how customs processed arrivals however. They passed out the Jamaican forms, and clearly said "one per family. up to 4 people on one card". So, we filled out one, and The Perrodins filled out one. It may be this was their first flight into Jamaica, but when we got down to customs, there ... read more
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6

Getting a Travelblog all setup and ready to post when we get pictures of Jamaica. Stay tuned and we will see how fast this geek learns to use this site.... read more

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