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December 21st 2009
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... RAIN!!!!! It started raining yesterday evening and just started to clear up this afternoon. I keep thinking if the temps were low enough then it'd all be SNOW!!!! =) I am missing the beautiful white stuff. It defintely does not feel like Christmas at all! At least with the cold front that came through it feels less like mid-summer. But I'm not complaining! At least I got to wear flip-flops and don't have to lug around a heavy winter coat.

I left Copan 6am Thursday morning, arriving at San Pedro around 9:30. It would have been perfect timing to catch the bus that was about to leave for Tegucigalpa, however it was one of those "nicer", direct busses that only lets as many people on as there are seats. BUMMER! So I hung out in the bus terminal for an hour and had a lovely baleada breakfast with a glass of natural juice. =) (YUM! My mouth is watering just thinking about baleadas!)

I gt on the 10:30 bus to Tegucigalpa ... which took forever! They're working on the road between the two cities. Normally I plan on it taking 5 hours... this time it was nearly 7 hours! But I was able to stay the night at a church I know in Tegus, and that's always a pleasure!

Unfortunately when I got to the church I realized my camera was gone. =( Somewhere between San Pedro and Tegucigalpa it got lost or stolen. *sigh* I felt terrible. We even went back to the bus terminal and I was able to look for it on the bus. But nothing. I was feeling super sad about it and upset at myself for being careless ... but then I began to "count my blessings": 1) Nothing happened to ME. I arrived safe and sound. 2) My passport wasn't in my camera bag! SO thankful nothing happened to that. 3) During my entire year and a half here and all the traveling I did, this is the only time I've lost something or something's been stolen from me. 4) How can I mourn something as trival as a camera when I look at the lives of those around me. Imagine living in a shack made out of plywood and metal scraps. Imagine never having the opportunity to leave the city you were born in, yet alone travel to other countries. So I ended the evening with, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord."

On Saturday I took a taxi from the church to the bus for Guiamaca. The traffic is horrible!!!! Generally the traffic in the capital city is bad, but during the holidays it's oh so much worse! My taxi driver wasn't able to get me right to the bus, so he had to drop me off just on the other side of some buildings with the instructions of "Ask somebody which bus. Everyone will know." So I walked through the market, asked a couple people, got friendly responses, with the guys adding, "lovey" or "beautiful" as I walked away (hmmm ... such an ego boost) ... and I made it on the bus with no problems! The ride was packed!!! Thankfully I had a seat, but my legs ached after the 2 1/2 hour ride.

I spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday with my friends Daniela, Blanquita and their cousin Diana in Guiamaca. It was great to see them and their families!!!

This morning I left Guiamaca at 9 and arrived at La Joya at 11:45. I had to stand most of the trip, but it didn't bother me. The air is so FRESH! And I absolutely love to see the pine trees and go through the mountians. It's a special trip (although not one I'd want to make every day!).

I was the only one to get off the bus at the clinic. The dirt road was muddy with rivlets of water running into the ditches. It's about a quarter mile walk from the road to the buildings of la clinica La Joya ... and the short walk this morning was filled with memories. I passed the tilapia ponds, which I helped dig - even if it was just for one day ... and I could hear the chicked sqwaking from the chicken coop, where I had helped to put cement around the bottom of the outside fence to keep snakes and small animals out. I passed through the swinging gate, that had just been a hanging wire fence during my first visit. And then the small fùtbol field where I had played catch and frisbee and pato-pato-ganzo with the kids...

Wow! What memories! But there's also changes too. Doctora Wendy, a beloved friend, that had been working here at the clinic is now studying at a hospital in Tegus studying pediatrics. It's sad not to have her here and nt to get to see her, but I'm so glad she's accomplishing her dream! Also, the missionary family I had worked with and who had lived here for the past year, is now in the states. And rather than staying for two weeks or two months and working with medical and construction brigades, I'm only here for a day and a night. Still, it's amazingly wonderful to be here again! It's an oasis. A cool and calming place.

My plan is to head back to Guiamaca tomorrow, spend the rest of the day and night with my friends there, and then early Wednesday I start the trip back to Copàn!!!! PRAY I MAKE IT IN ONE DAY!!!! =) I'm looking forward to spending Christmas with my host family there. From what I gather Christmas is mostly celebrated the evening of the 24th with special typical foods, family, and lots of fire-crackers!!!!!

Much love and blessings! And if I don't get a chance to write again before Friday ....
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! Feliz Navidad!!!!!!

- Abril


26th December 2009

I miss you.
April, I so loved reading of your travels. I pray that everything is going great with you. Reading your blog brought back memories of our time together at camp. Well I miss you tons and look forward to reading more. Is there a way I can subscribe to yoru blog and have the updates emailed to me. Love you. Deanya D.
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26th December 2009

hey girl!!!!! miss you too!! You are amazing! =) I don't think there's a way to have the posts e-mailed to you, but you can subscribe to my blog and it will send you an e-mail each time I write a new post. There should be a an option button that says, "subscribe to this blog". I need to catch up with your life soon!!!!!
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