50 Shades of Darker

Published: June 25th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Frenchy's 44

Today we went to Little French Key. We made reservations on the internet and they sent a really nice guy, Mario, to come get us at 9:30. It took about 40 minutes just to get there. The island is much harder to get around due to really bad roads. But they sure do drive fast. Frecnhy's 44 is the restaurant you go to and then take a boat/party barge over to Little French Key. Little French Key is a priviate island owned by family that has built a grill, bar, and has several motorized and non-motorized play toys. The water out there is again, some of the clearest we have ever seen. We had a Monkey La-la while waiting for the boat.

Whole Lot of Nothing

We were the only ones there for most of the morning and it was spent in the water and on the beach. People did show up later and we did go out past the barrier reef for snorkeing and it was so pretty! I realize as long as the fish are well below me and they are all brightly colored I am fine, the minute they get close to me, forget it. I even saw tiny jellyfish. For some reason they didn't panic me until later, thinking about those tiny box jellyfish and their fatal stings. There were some monkeys and parrots on the island but in cages. It made me very sad. I felt a little better when I followed one of the workers around who fed them. It still wasn't good but better.


The family bbq'ed for lunch and we got the mixed plate. Much to A's chagrin I ate the shrimp and lobster tail. I find lobster no where near the fishy taste of some fish. Also on the plate was chicken and beef and a bunch of sides that I am not quite sure what they were but they were good. A managed to jump off the bar this time around, unlike the Curacao bar jump.

Thoughts for the Day

On the way home there some interesting sights.

1. Britney Spear's flashback--baby on the "bus" driver's lap and one in the front seat.

2. Dog on the roof--yes, on the roof.

3. Baby in a box on a dolly--I wish I had gotten a pic but the kid seemed happy being carted around like that.

4. Don't walk on the roads--the people drive like maniacs and we narrowly avoided them...several times.

5. I don't think they have a Dept of Health--pretty sure the bbq's and stoves out in the yard selling plates of food are not registered.

6. I am 50 shades darker--no amount of sunscreen can help me.

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25th June 2012

50 shades paler
So proud that you are eating lobster and shrimp. If you can do that, the other stuff is even easier. Very nice jumping pic of A! So is that from the second floor? Why didn't you do it?
26th June 2012

Non jumper
I don't jump!

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