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St. DavidSt. DavidSt. David

Near St. David
We are going to attempt to describe marina living in Grenada. 1st off, showers have no water heater, but then it is so hot, who needs it. 2nd dryers? What is that word? Oh yeah, that is the thing a ma jig that suppose to dry clothes, forgot what it was. Well check pics out, Pete did a superb job of installing a brand new dryer for Maribel on the deck of Paper Moon.
3rd, bars? hmmmm, well yeah, bar in marina, with excellent rum, Clarkes Court Bay rum, love the dark, with coke of course. Beer well yes, we have beers in the afternoon while playing dominoes, either Mexican, chicken foot or 84's.
Saturday nights there is a pot luck dinner, where all the cruisers in the area are invited, then Karaoke follows. Much singing and dancing occurs.
4th cruisers help each other to take down sails or make repairs.
5th trading or selling off excess equipment or buying it.
6th Video and book exchanges.
7th Dinghy excursions and snorkeling.
8th since being at the marina, Maribel was contacted to be the net controller for the Coconut Telegraph, on 4003 at 0800 hours on Wednesdays. She seems to have the

Gary and Nicole
ability to remember boat names and people as well. She will do the net controller till we leave Aug 1.

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Dock Queen & Sol Y MarDock Queen & Sol Y Mar
Dock Queen & Sol Y Mar

Dori, Deb and Bill

Moana and cruisers
Not tellingNot telling
Not telling

what is this?
Dori & MaribelDori & Maribel
Dori & Maribel

well, what were we doing dori?
Pat & Pete Pat & Pete
Pat & Pete

Imitation of Julio Iglesias and Willy Nelson

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