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April 3rd 2008
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So here we are, sorry for the delay in our first entry proper and there will be photos to follow its just that we haven´t got the lead with us at the moment. Anyway, where to start...

So our first port of call was Mexico City where we arrived quite late with no guide book or anything. The first thing we noticed was the difference in the force of gravity in Central America, our bags seemed to have doubled in weight from when we packed them in UK. Ah well, hopefully we´ll get stronger

We hadn´t really thought about Mexico City at all so it was a bit random to suddenly find ourselves wandering the streets relatively late in the evening looking for our first hostel. Our first day we basically did the city sights and then having been hastled quite a few times by people offering us tours to see the pyramids (like you we thought they were in Egypt) we finally submitted to one and did that on our second day. They were pretty impressive actually, alot of steps to walk up, and we had a really good day. As is the way with tours they insisted on us tasting various types of taquila just before lunch (unlike Heineken, it doesn´t seem to taste any nicer in its country of origin in case you´re wondering) which made the walk up the pyramids all the more dicey.

Anyway, with Tequila, Tacos and Fajitas warming up our taste for travelling we flew over to Cuba on Monday into Havana. Cuba is brilliant, loads of delapidated but still amazing buildings and there really is as many old cars on the street as you want to believe. Everyone here just seems to spend the vast majority of the day just sitting on their door step in the sun watching the world go by and listening to cuban music. We stayed in a private room of somebody´s house and as we´d been warned before we came, the house we´d actually booked was full so we ended up at their uncle´s (or so he said, there didn´t really seem to be a whole lot of family resemblance between them). Anyway, the room was nice and the ´Aunt´ spoke English so it worked out pretty well. We did the tourist stuff in Havana, went to the revolution museum, went to a Cigar factory (so many man hours go into each one, I have a whole new appreciation for them), have listened to loads of cuban music in every bar, restaurant, street corner, went to a cuban cabaret and generally getting into the sitting about way of life.

Today we travelled to Trinidad which is on the South Coast which again is baking hot so we´re planning our first swim in the caribean tomorrow morning. Anyway, we noticed this internet cafe and thought we better take advantage and now we´re off to hit the town

Love to all in the UK


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Amy and CubanAmy and Cuban
Amy and Cuban

Amy meeting the locals

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