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Hola! from San Jose in Costa Rica. I am here in the first part of my central and south american adventure. I left Stuart in New York and flew to LA where I spent a day in Hollywood. My hostel was right on hollywood boulevard where the hall is fame is found, stars with famous poeple's names scattered on the pavement. It was crazy busy there all day long with people performing and people dressed up as different characters. The shopping is great there so I would recommend it just for that! My flight was over night and what I didn´t realise when I got on my plane that it would be landing first in Guatemala! I panicked and thought I had got on the wrong plane but thought surely I wouldn´t have been let on! ... read more
I´m guessing this a colonial building.
Art in San Jose
San Jose festival

After the excellent chocolate tour I say goodbye to the aged Americans some of whom were actually really lovely and friendly, and meet up again with Eric and we decide to explore some more of the reserve before lunch. First spot is a groovy stick insect - evolution is frickin' awesome! I also manage to get a great photo of a bejewelled lizard before it flickers off into the undergrowth. It is so warm and humid yet we start to feel spots of rain attempting to penetrate the jungle canopy. We reach another suspended bridge and half way over Eric clocks something and trains his scope on another surprise creature I never would have spotted otherwise. This time the scope brings into view two incredible little bats clinging upside down to the tree bark. They are ... read more
Stick insect
Pretty flowers waiting to catch people on the trail
Giant ferns seen from above

Having spent a sleep, wake, sleep, wake kind of night - some of it down to my body clock getting confused by the six hour time difference and the rest due to an American woman deeming it necessary that the entire hotel heard her travel arrangements for the next day accompanied by rauchous laughter at 3am - I wasn't exactly pleased to find out from reception that my travel company had switched hotels last minute and not bothered to tell me! I deposited my bags in reception and vowed not to let it ruin my day and worry about it later. I set off map in hand to look for the National Theatre where I met the lovely Eric for my day tour which was to include hiking through the jungle followed by a chocolate tour. ... read more
Jungle flowers
Jungle fungus
Twisted jungle tree

Our Arrival We arrived on the Tica Bus from Panama City. The Tica bus station is in a new building in the West of the City, not near the Supreme Court as our lonely planet said. It is on Avenue 3, transvera 26 near the other bus stations in the North West. There is a Tica Hotel in the bus terminal. We needed to book our TransNica bus to Mangua for the following day so we walked a couple of blocks to do this and the new Tica location was a lot handier. Where We Stayed Hotel el Dorado - just around the corner from the TransNica bus terminal on Avenue 5 Calle 22 Frene al Bar Pecos Bill. $24 for a double room with bathroom, hot showers and TV. We had a bus at 5am ... read more

This is how we crosed the Penas Blancas border from Granada Nicaragua to Costa Rica. 1. Catch the bus to Rivas. To get to the bus stop in Granada walk past the market and the Pali supermarket. Walk past the garage and take the next left. The bus stop is on your right. We caught the bus at 6:30am. It cost C$30 and arrived in Rivas at 8:10am. 2. Catch the bus to Penas Blancas. In the same bus station as you arrive you can catch the bus to the "frontera" (border). People will approach you when you are getting off the other bus and ask you where you are going and direct you onto the right bus. Our bus left at 8:25am. It cost C$28 and arrived at the border at 9:15am. 3. Arriving at ... read more


Hi, I'm Ivana and I love traveling, surprised? Naah I wouldn't think so. Anyway, I am currently in Central America, specifically Costa Rica. I've been here since September 2013, trying to learn Spanish, trying to do a good internship, trying to enjoy this country. The latter has definately been the easiest (and most exciting). I just found this place which made me happy (and feel stupid at the same time. Why haven't I found this earlier!?) As stated above, I've been a residence of Cost Rica since september and even though San Jose is a superbooooring city, the rest of the country is beautiful! So much nature and beauty, wow. My fav place is Rio Celeste, it's pure magic. The beaches are nice but I am not amazed by them, there are by far more beautiful ... read more

Do not swim from the crocodile beach. Good advice, I think to myself, but the guide continued: “The next cove is ok, if you hear a whistle get out of the water!” Okkkkk, my hearing is up tp scratch and it IS boiling hot. So in I walking down the crescent shaped beach bordered by palm trees into the gentle waves and -- I’m still on this planet writing this. I’d been up very early to take a recommended tour of the beautiful Manuel Antonio Nature Reserve on the south Pacific side and not that far from the Panama border. By very early I do mean 6am meeting at the gates to the park. A group of us walked through the jungle keeping well to the marked trail heeding warnings of poisonous plants and snakes. Every ... read more
Perfect Ending
Spiders, large female, tiny male!

Behind bars with Lobo, Daisy and Buster Right now am just completing house sitting in a gated community on the outskirts of Ciudad Colon, a small town about 20 km west of San Jose. (found on the internet). House sitting offers accomodation in exchange for minding property and pets, whilst the owners are away on buisness, vacation ets. For me its an excellent way to just stop for a while, settle down, catch up with washing, blogs etc. Ok, so here I am, beautiful house set just back from a deep canyon with swift river winding at the base, surrounded by flowering exotic trees and bushes. Last night at dusk a small toucan settled quite close, AND I had camera to hand , thrilling to see one in the free. The housing complex, probably about 30 ... read more
House Minding
Flowers and Bars
Lobo guarding the steps

Hi All, Firstly apologies if any of this repeats what I have sent on email, but I have found a hostel where there is twenty four seven Wi Fi and somewhere I can upload my photos so I thought it was high time I sent you some blog entries. I'll try and tell you about my first month in Costa Rica over a few posts and add some photos. Now, don't forget, if there is any specific questions you want answers to (related to my adventures) let me know and I'll try and answer them around the 9 March (the next time I will definitely be online). I met the GVI team at Gaudy's hostel in San Jose on the morning of 11 January. I had already met one volunteer - Peter who was on the ... read more
Dorm at Gaudys
View of Cano Blanco
Ellouise and me when arrive at canal in Tortuguero

It´s twenty past five in the UK on the 10 January, and twenty past 11 on the 9 January in Costa Rica! Made it via two flights, a long trek through Newark Airport. Also, met Peter who is on the 3 month programme so we shared a taxi to the hostel. Very excited to be here. Will check out San Jose once I have had some sleep. take care all, Sx... read more

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