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Hello everyone, happy Thursday. I really don't have too much new going on right now. I woke up a little late so that was stressful this morning, but I still got here on time. I graded the test that I gave on Tuesday evening, so I will give that back to the students tonight and then I have to give an oral test, where I check their pronunciation. Well, sorry this is so short, I don't have too much new to say, but I thought I'd just check in! Hugs to everyone.... read more

Day 1 I flew into Houston around 3pm and immediately realized Houston is terrible. Seriously, the airport is absolutely atrocious. Think of the most basic airport you can think of; then imagine there was a nuclear fallout. That’s Houston. Not to mention the only thing in the Fox Sports Bar (which was the ONLY redeeming grace that kept me sane for 3+ hours) was Houston Rockets memorabilia from the early days (like the 90’s). I figured I would try the chili, I mean, I was in Texas... supposedly. It was alright. So, on my plane was this 73 year old Chinese lady who was nicer than your grandmother, but maybe that’s because she couldn’t understand a word of English or Spanish. They gave us customs and immigration papers to fill out and she asked me to ... read more
My traveling companion

Hi everyone. I've had two more classes, and they seem to be going well, both of them had a test and the one I had this morning, when we were done with the test, we went over some expressions. They really liked Break a leg, thought that was a really funny way to say good luck, I tried to explain where it comes from, but it just sounds so stupid!! They also liked Cup of Joe, I wasn't sure where that came from, but it was interesting to me how curious they were. I'm still at work, they have computers that I can use, and my awesome dad is sending me his old laptop, which I am very excited about. I bought my laptop with my credit card, and I have a security feature on it, ... read more

Hola everyone! Hope you are all doing well. Well I now have 2 classes under my belt. The one I did yesterday went fine, the students were really nice, and participated and asked questions that I was able to answer. When my class was over at 8, I found out that I had another one this morning at 7, so I did not have much time to prepare, but I think it went ok. The schedule can change from what you think you are teaching, so it is good to know before you leave. My next class is at 6 tonight. Everyone has been really helpful!!! Sabrina gave away 2 puppies yesterday, I hope they are doing well. Talk to you guys later.... read more

My experience with Costa Rica is amazing so far. The weather is super hot, and it rained and cooled it down a little tonight. I was a little hesistant on the way here, but it quickly faded when I met Jess (ironically with the same name), a spanish major on her 4th visit to Costa to teach english in San Jose. When we landed, the taxis were unbelievably aggressive, but I enventually found my shuttle, Francisco the driver. He was smoking a ciguar with the hostel sign tucked out of view under his arm, on a cell phone, and was no where near the phones (normal pickup at the airport). He refused to speak to me in english the 1/2 hour driver here, which I didnt mind at all! Eso mi proxima vece hablar español con ... read more


Hello all, sorry for the recent lapse in blogging, for those of you who don´t know, I got myself into a little bit of trouble, I was alone at a bus stop in the dark and I got mugged. Don´t worry, nothing happened to me, he didn´t hurt me, just took my laptop and my cell phone. So everything´s fine now, I´m at work getting ready for my 1st class. The weekend was fine, I didn´t do too much. I went with my roommates to see Hell Boy at the movie theaters. It was fun, we got to sit in the VIP area, where it was so comfortable I almost fell asleep. One of the teachers that I was in training with for the past two weeks decided not to show up for his first class ... read more

We´re finally in Costa Rica. After getting up at 230 am this morning we finally arrived at our hotel by 330 pm. We were welcomed with a little scare that Devin´s checked bag was lost but thankfully after we started to report it to the airlines as lost baggage it was spit out on the conveyer belt. Good thing they weren´t any faster in registering us. We were met at the airport by our guide who was really nice and gave us all the details on our trip. We´re excited. Right now, we are in our hotel, Don Carlos. This hotel used to be the home of a couple of presidents. You can definitely tell by the decor. Devin and I have walked around and taken some pictures and I´ll try to post them when I ... read more

Arrived in Costa Rica after another long travelling day yesterday. We spent a couple more days chilling out in Granada where I had the most fabulous massage at healing hands, a local project supporting the blind community in Nicaragua, cant recommend them more highly! Afetr Granada we left for Ometepee, the largest freshwater island in the world. This unfortunately invovled another hot, smelly, overcrowded chicken bus followed by a ferry crossing, although more of a cargo boat with a few passengers thrown in than a ferry. The island itself is beautiful, we stayed at Santa Domingo in a cool little cabin overlooking the lake and beach. There is not a huge amount to do so we swam in the Lake and chilled out on the beach. The next day I went for a horseride, my horse ... read more

Hi everyone! How are you doing?! I’m still doing well. Yesterday after training, I had a few hours before I had to observe a lesson, so I went with one of the other trainee’s and we wondered around a bit. We went into a souvenir shop and I bought some postcards (don’t worry, I will send them out soon!), then we walked over to a coffee shop and had some authentic Costa Rican coffee, it was good, and little seafood appetizer that we ate on crackers. It’s nice to have some friends here who know Spanish and will show me around. I came back to Berlitz to do a peer observation, I observed Pillat (I think that was her name), she was really nice and a good teacher, it’s good to see it in action. ... read more

August 25, 2008 Hi everyone, training continues to be good and productive. I like the other people in my class and I like our teacher; it seems a little frustrating because I still have a lot to learn before they throw me in a classroom by myself, but at least the other students feel that way too. I’m sure that it will be easier once I do get in the classroom. You can learn theory and practice all you want, but I won’t get it down until I actually do it. The good news is I don’t want to go home, I miss everyone and my cats, but I still feel like this is the right thing to do. I think what I am having the hardest time with is not having a “home.” Don’t get ... read more

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