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"Pura Vida" (pure life) is the slogan of the Costa Rican people and that's what you hear a lot and how they live their life: relax and enjoy, everything will be ok! As we told you, we were planning to visit the Marino Ballena national park last sunday. After we woke up with the shouting of the howler monkeys (brulapen, our hotel was close to the forest), we took a boat trip. The guide told us we would see dolphins, but no whales, unless we would be very lucky. After about half an hour, the guide received a phonecall: another boat spotted a whale (yeah that's how it works a few kilometres away from the coast on the Pacific Ocean...). So we turned to another direction and went full speed to the place to be. And ... read more
Marino Ballena National park
Brown pelicans in Marino Ballena
Gyanendra enjoying the see and the sun

Hi everyone, hope all is well! We're just finishing up our week in Santa Teresa which is just south of Samara on the same peninsula. Even though the two are close, we had quite the rugged trip here! Because of the rough terrain we had to travel inland first and then back down the coast. Our driver took us on a short cut and we felt like we were breaking trail along the narrow dirt road! We wondered where we would end up, however the scenery was beautiful. We also drove by the entrance to Mel Gibson's vacation home. We arrived safe and sound to Santa Teresa. We were a little surprised to find the town spread along one rugged dirt road for 7 kms. Santa Teresa is definately a surfers' paradise with huge waves (not ... read more
Our little tree house hotel
A Place to Relax
A massive and impressive beach

Last sunday we arrived in Costa Rica. According to Columbus, Costa Rica is a rich coast because of a huge collection of gold in the past. Nobody believes this story because nothing is found since then... But one thing is for sure: Costa Rica is a rich country because of it's beautiful nature and pristine coasts. For a couple of days, we stayed in Alajuela and on monday we took a bus to San Jose, the capital, because Gyanendra needed to get a visa for Nicaragua. After that, we had a look around in the city, but it's not the most interesting city. So besides changing busses and going for a second time to the embassy, we don't have to be there anymore. The transportation system in Costa Rica is well organized, much easier than in ... read more
Cloudforest at Volcan Poas

We´ve had a wonderful week in Samara! Samara is a small, quiet and easy to navigate beach town on the Nicoya Peninsula. It has a 3 star appeal and the surf is quite calm making it popular with swimmers and beginner surfers. It´s fun to watch them trying to get up on their surf boards. If I was a little younger I might try, but I think I am beyond that now! Speaking of 3 star appeal, our hotel is definately above that! I found Samara Palm Lodge on Trip Advisor. It was rated #1 boutique hotel for the area and we certainly know why. It has only 8 rooms that surround a lovely pool, tropical garden and deck. There is so much attention to detail like the wooden bed frames, soothing music playing around the ... read more
Our next door neighbour
Playa Samara
Playa Carillo

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Jaco January 13th 2013

We’re back on the travels! We have just had two weeks in Costa Rica, at a place called School of the World in a town called Jaco, where we spent our time surfing (Lucy learning, Tom perfecting) and doing Spanish lessons. We had a really great time, the town we were staying in was pretty average but we met a lot of nice people and the surf was good. Lucy’s friend from home, Lucy came along too so that was a fun addition. Our Spanish classes consisted of three hours of learning a day which was pretty tough but it’s paid off as we’ve surprised ourselves with how much we have picked up. We have successfully managed to ask a couple of questions, such as ‘where is the bus stop?’, ‘can I have a coffee with ... read more
Tom surf
Tom surf
Tom, Lucy and Lidja


Hola everyone. We are still having fun on our Costa Rican Quest tour! We packed up on a chilly and windy morning from Monteverde to start our trek to the Pacific Coast. It was amazing how the weather changed and became hotter and hotter as we got closer to the ocean. On the way we stopped for some fresh fruit and had a look at a bunch of crocodiolios sunning themselves in the river. A scary sight!!! We arrived in Manuel Antonio mid morning. We were pleasantly surprised when we checked into our room at The Blue Monkey Hotel to find we had a huge luxurious suite with two king sized beds and white leather furniture fit for a king! And to top it off, our room was only steps from one of the pools and ... read more
Manuel Antonio Beach
Our luxurious suite!
Some of our group around the pool

So I am back on the road again meaning I am back in Costa Rica for a week and then I'll be going down to Panama and then off to Madrid. I haven't blogged here in a while because real life caught up to me and I had to settle down and work like the rest of the world. So I came back to Escazu to check out my place and visit some old friends. So for new year's eve, I went to this party when I was introduced to this guy Raymond Cruz of url= Cielo, Costa Rica and his family. A very funny but coarse man and somehow, we got to talking as to which place has the best ocean view in Costa Rica. Of course, that is a very opinionated topic and as ... read more

Things are great in Costa Rica and we are continuing to enjoy our G Adventure Tour!! We have found the Costa Ricans to be very friendly and seem happy and content. Most are small people so I fit right in!! It is like our summer vacation here right now. The kids have December and January off and the new school season starts Feb. 1st. Consequently we are seeing lots of kids and families around enjoying themselves. In general we are very impressed with the cleaniness of the country and the infrastructure. The highways and freeways are in good condition and modern. Costa Rica appears to be ahead of many of the Central American countries we have travelled to. Our next stop was Monteverde/Santa Elena for a couple of days. On the way we stopped at a ... read more
The Ox Cart. .  one of Costa Rica's national symbols
Superman ziplining
Orchids growing wild in the cloud forest

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Jaco December 16th 2012

The next part of our road trip brought us to Jaco. A bustling little town on the Pacific Ocean, half way down the coast. The beach in my opinion wasn't as nice as Tamarindo, but stunning sunsets and great little town. Out friend from Alejuala came and visited us for a night, and we had a good time with him hanging by the pool and he took us to a little ice cream store called Pop's. Reminded me of a Costa Rican version of Dairy Queen. We met up with our new friends and they invited us to go zip lining with them. When they first invited us, I said “sure!" then proceeded to lose 2 night’s sleep. On the day of the terrifying event, I had pretty much convinced myself i wasn’t going to go. ... read more
Moved right in with us
Wild Poinsettia Tree
Wild Hydrangea

Dag iedereen, Vandaag voelt aan als onze laatste reisdag. Gelukkig was het vandaag dan ook nog een mooie warme dag zodat we er extra van konden genieten. In de morgend zijn we even terug gegaan naar de frog pond omdat je met 1 ticket de kikkers overdag en 'snachts mag komen bekijken. Het is toch best om ze 'snachts te zien. In de namiddag hebben we eerst wat van de zon genoten. Achteraf hadden we dit beter niet gedaan want hierdoor waren we blijkbaar te laat om de waterval van San Luis te bekijken aangezien het te donker zou zijn op onze terugweg. Een beetje jammer dus. In de plaats daarvan zijn we dan naar het Bosque Eterno de los Niños gegaan. Dit is het grootste private reservaat van tropisch woud in Costa Rica. Wij gingen ... read more
Turquoise-crowned Motmot
Bosque Eterno de los Niños

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