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When we got to Playai Del coco we had to do some paperwork the same stuff as last time but this time it was entering a country. The paperwork was much easier this time because we only had to take a bus to the place and there was no lines or anything. There wasn't a dingy dock so sometimes we anchored the dingy and swam in and other times we pulled the dingy out of the water and locked it to a tree. When we put the dingy back in the water a lot of times we got nailed by waves. Next we checked out the area. There was not much to do there so we moved on to a really calm and beautiful anchorage with really nice people called Playa de Panama. We were able to use their internet and pools in this hotel thing. We stayed there for four days. My dad was going some were by car and he met these people who bought him a taxi. So we took those people on a day sale across the bay we met those people who knew my dad whose names were Renae and Dave and we ate dinner there. We did a night sail back to the place they came from and dropped them off. The next day we sailed across the bay and stayed in an anchorage next to the marina. That day we stayed on the boat and did the usual stuff like swimming and playing dice. That night we went into the marina for happy hour at the restaurant. The next day we went into the marina with the boat and got a slip so we could leave it there when we left to drop my mom off at the airport. At around lunch time our rental car showed up and while my dad was doing the paperwork I had to do a math placement test for my homeschooling. After that we went down to the boat to get my moms stuff and left to go to the airport in San Jose ,Costa Rica we drove for a long time but we couldn't go the whole way in on drive so we went on this side rode to a town and we kept driving and we couldn't find a hotel so we kept going and we ended up on a rode that just went up and my dad said it was a nicely paved rode so it had to lead somewhere. And about half way through the rode we saw lights up on the very very top of the hill so we kept driving and finally we got to a hotel and apparently there were a bunch of signs in the town about this place. The next day was my moms Birthday so my mom and I went on a canopy tour! And it was really fun my mom got out of control like every other zip line and one time our guide said that the next zip line was the longest and my mom believed him in till she saw it and it was like the shortest zip line. After that zip line we were in the trees and the guy who went before us saw a monkey. After like 4 more zip lines we had to go to the lobby to get a car to the last and longest zip line. And that zip line was 700 meters and it was really fun. After the tour was over we had to check out of the hotel because we had to get to the airport to drop my mom off. When we got to the airport we found a hotel to stay in because my moms flight wasn't in till 6 in the mourning but we left the hotel at 4 in the mourning. After we dropped her off my dad and I drove back to the marina were we kept the boat and got ready to check out of the marina. After we checked out of the marina we went to playa del coco and we anchored. At playa del coco on the 4 of July the restaurants fired fire works witch my dad and I thought was strange because Costa Rica doesn't have a 4 of July.

Today I my dad and I went to breakfast on land and I had eggs. After that we went to a coffee shop to do stuff on the internet. Then we went walking around town looking for a dentist because I needed two teeth pulled and my dad needed to get his chipped tooth fixed. When we got to the dentist we made an appointment for 2:00 and 3:00 and that was only at 10:00 when we made the appointment so we had time to kill. After that my dad and I went down to the beach to check out the boat and we ran in to a guy my dad knew and we went to lunch with him. Then we went to an ATM to get some colones
(Costa Rican money). After that we went to get ice cream and I thought I ordered chocolate ice cream but I got nuts in my ice cream so I traded with my dad. Oh did I mention it was my dads Birthday today. After that we went to the dentist and they did my dad first while I read pretty soon it was my turn and they gave me the shot thing so it would make them numb then they yanked them out!! The next day we met this guy that had been going on the same route as my dad. And he asked us if we wanted to go this place called Ollie's point. And we said yes and he started sailing first because he had a smaller boat with no motor so we figured we could ketch up to him. And we did ketch up to him and he wanted us to take pictures of him sailing and we did and he took pictures of us pretty soon the wind died down and the guy didn't have a motor so he couldn't ketch up to us. When we got pretty close to the place we were going my dad had me do a man over board drill and he through this floaty thing over board and said that was him and I had to drive the boat to get to him. After I got to the floaty thing I had to do a turn so I could wrap the rope we were trailing behind us around it. After the drill we went to the place we were talking about going and it started raining really hard. And it was raining so hard I could barley see 100 yards in front of me. And the place we anchored was really rolly so we moved to a different spot in the bay and that was much better than the last place and finally like the Black Pearl the boat we were waiting for emerged from the mist. And he anchored right in front of us and while he was anchoring we had our rain ketch up and we filled 2 tanks of water with it. The next day my dad got up early to go surfing with that guy who came with us. After that these people came on board telling us we can't anchor here and that we could not fish. So we left the place and we were going to only sail for 12 hours but it turned out to be 24 hours. When we were sailing we saw a ton of proposes and some were jumping and doing flips and some were just swimming. close the end of the propose thing we caught a fish and my dad said it was something big and when we finally reeled it in it was a huge tuna! Witch my dad and I thought as a surprise because that was the first fish we caught on the big boat. After that it was all most dark so my dad decided that we would just let the boat drift so we could sleep. When I woke up we were in Bahia Bellena. That day we went exploring and we found a hotel thing that we could eat lunch at. After that we went back to the boat to hang out. Then we played a game of 10,000 and I won by a 3,800 come back. Then we had some of that tuna we caught. The next day we went to that place by dingy and had breaky. After we had breaky we went back to the boat and left because there wasn't a lot to do there. We went to this place called Isle of Tortuga. And when we were sailing I saw a shoe floating in the water. And there was a mine field of logs and stuff in the water. When we got there we went exploring and we went to the beach and there was nothing to do there and if you did want to do something you had to pay so we didn't do it. That night it was raining really really really hard and we went out side to The next we sailed to this place called punterenas were we were going to leave the boat. And when we got there we went to the fuel dock to ask were our slip was. And the slip wasn't a regular slip it was this slip that was anchored and wasn't attached to land. After that we went onshore and went to the pool and had dinner.


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