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So after a ferry, taxi, coach, 2 flights and another taxi we arrived very tired into La Fortuna, Costa Rica. It was midnight and raining and the road we had just been on was full of pot holes and very foggy. We checked into our hostel and fell straight to sleep. On the first day we awoke early and explored the small town. Not alot to see, mainly tourist shops and adventure shops with a few restaurants chucked in here and there. We decided to take a taxi up to one of the local hotels that has 16 hot spring pools on sight called the Spring resort. We spent the day chilling out in the pools, resting, watching the monkeys in the trees and at last seeing the volcano as the cloud cleared. This was wonderfull ... read more

After a relaxing night in the hot springs provided by the Arenal volcano, seven members of our group got up early that next morning to head out to go see the La Fortuna waterfall. La Fortuna, which is fed by the Tenorio River, is located near the edge of the Arenal Volcano National Park and is at the base of the extinct Chato Volcano. It was about a 15 min bus ride up to the entrance of the park. After getting checked in we walked up to the first lookout point. Once the initial shock of "wow that is awesome" sank in, the realization came that it was going to be a long way down to get to the waterfall. The hike down the almost 700 stone stairs took about 15 minutes with one stop about ... read more
Seven Who Hiked to the Falls
"Wow, that is awesome!"
First View

This past weekend our group had the opportunity to stay at Arenal Springs Resort and Spa. The resort was absolutely amazing. It is located right next to Arenal, Costa Rica's most active volcano. Since July of 2010, the explosions and lava coming from Arenal have stopped. However, scientists believe Arenal is still very much alive. Looking up at Arenal will take your breath away. The pictures do not do it justice. Arenal, at 5,437 feet, is so tall that the top is often hidden by clouds. Every now and then the clouds will clear and you can catch a glimpse of the entire volcano. Arenal has been Costa Rica's most active volcano for the past 43 years. This started in 1968 when Arenal had its largest eruption in its history after almost 400 years of inactivity. ... read more
Clear View of Arenal
Clouds Moving In
Landscape with Volcano

LA FORTUNA: The bus ride from Monteverde to La Fortuna was unpaved and therefore unpleasant. Sleep during the windy, bumpy ride was unsuccessful and the minute we stepped off the bus in town we were "greeted" with annoying tour salesmen. They were polite and friendly but we really weren't in the market for a tour having been in town for less than a minute and wanted to find our place and drop our bags. The "hostel" we booked was less than sufficient, but the bed was comfortable so I didn't mind. Apparently hotels have caught on to the hostel trend and started mislabeling themselves as hostels when they don't provide wifi, a communal area or a kitchen, amenities typical of hostels. Luckily we only booked one night there and found a far better place the next ... read more

I arrive in La Fortuna for Costa Rica´s Independence Day, September 18th. I went out in the morning to take a look at what festivities were taking place. The town was having a reverse sort of parade. Instead of groups parading around the town in a line, a bunch of groups were lined up along the road and slowly moving to the ´starting´point where they did a dance or performance for what looked like a group of judges. Most of these groups were children who did traditional dances, but there were groups who marched, played instruments and one who paraded around promoting greener living. It was an interesting even to watch but it started to rain so I headed back to the hostel. That afternoon I scheduled a visit to the Arenal Volcano which included a ... read more


Saludos varios, camaradas! Con los ojillos medio cerrados, cansado como pocas veces, os voy a contar un poco cómo me van yendo las cosas por tierras costarricenses. Para empezar, diré que la odisea del vuelo de 10 horas y pico fue tal. Es decir, comida mala, como suele ser habitual, y asientos bien apretadicos, como también viene siendo habitual en todas las aerolíneas, ya sean low-cost o no. Mis vuelos fueron Lufthansa – Condor y no hay color. Lufthansa, en un vuelo de dos horas y pico, me dio mejor comida y había más espacio entre asientos que la otra en casi once horas ;no os digo más. Menos mal que me tocó al lado de una chavalota alemana muy maja y nos echamos unas risas… Al llegar al aeropuerto Juan Santamaría no tenía claro lo ... read more
Antes del chapuzón en la cascada.
Segundos antes del diluvio.
Volcán Arenal

Once my dad dropped me off at Arenal Backpackers in La Foruna, I was a little nervous to be on my own, but it turns out, making friends is easy. I put on my bathing suit right away and laid out by the pool with my book and a beer. A couple from Santa Cruz immediately came up and started talking to me because I was wearing my San Francisco Giants hat. They invited me to go to Baldi hot springs with them so I instantly had something to do that night. The hot springs were amazing. There were countless pools ranging in degrees of temperature and even a few water slides. There was a sign that said “no lifeguard on duty, go at your own risk,” and for good reason too. The fastest slide shot ... read more
The Town of La Fortuna
The Catamaran
Playa Langosta

The last day in Nicaragua, we hiked up to the giant Jesus statue over looking San Juan Del Sur and stayed till sunset. The view from top was absolutely gorgeous! All I could see were endless coves, bays, beaches, and jungle in all direction. Jesus definitely has some prime real estate on top of that mountain. We finished the night off with some local rum and by morning, my new Dutch friends went north and I parted south to the Costarican border via a chicken bus completely packed with Ticos and Nicas. Of course, as soon as I get off the bus to walk the ~1km across the border it starts to rain. By the time I reached Costa Rica I was completely drenched. With the help of some locals, I was able to find a ... read more
I will miss Nicaragua
found jesus
the day ends

Last scrumptious breakfast with Randall and company before starting the jeep-boat-jeep trip to La Fortuna at 8:30am. Not sure why they call it jeep since it's just a typical mini-van taxi but... I guess it sounds more appealing. The trip down to Arenal lake was very scenic with many farms along steep mountain sides. However, the winding roads started to get to Lina as she became white as a ghost and a little noxious. 1/2 hr boat ride was nice and warmer since the sun finally came out. We could see Arenal volcano as a backdrop to the lake; very impressive. Arenal is a perfectly shaped volcano that is not attached to other mountains. Its cone was hidden in the clouds, which apparently is quite typical.Arrived at our hotel (Kokoro) and were pleasantly surprised by the ... read more

It has been almost a month since I last blogged. Time has been flying by, so sorry I slacked. This post is going to be a combination of two weekends in La Fortuna; one consisting of a few of us staying in Maria's (our program director's) house, and one trip with the whole group and 9 professors from the States who came to tour Sol's Study Abroad program. Maria's house: Nneka, Gina, Anna, Helen, and I took a trip up to Maria's house the first weekend of November. The five of us stayed in a little granny unit next to Maria and her boyfriend's house on a dairy farm!! Maria's boyfriend Jorge Pablo runs the dairy farm with his brother and let's just say I got to experience the best cereal and milk of my life. ... read more
Las vacas
The fattest chiuauas ever
Nneka in her shower cap haha

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