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As we had to be off the boat early this morning, we decided to try the room service breakfast. There is no extra cost for this and they will deliver as much food and drink as you ask them to. It arrived exactly as ordered at 6.15 am. We should have ordered more. The ship docked in Grand Cayman at 7.30am this morning. The dock here is not big enough for these huge cruise ships, so we docked out to sea and got tenders to transport everyone onto the island. We have a trip booked to a turtle farm this morning that starts at 8.00am so are some of the first people off the ship. Those with booked trips through Carnival, always disembark from the ship first. They are very strict about this. With so many ... read more
Largest Green turtle in the park
6 month old turtle
6 month old turtle

Grand Cayman – Cruise Ship Central We arrive in Grand Cayman 1hr 10 mins after taking off from Miami International Airport (MIA). The irony is that we fly across Cuba to get here (Cuba is where we really want to go – GC is really the entry and exit point for us but we’ve decided to spend a few days R&R here before and after Cuba as it’s supposed to be stunning. We are unable to fly to Cuba direct from the USA due to the very childish behaviour of both countries over many years! The airport at GC is very small and looks more like a large bungalow. It’s tropical, clean and basic with good Tourist info. It’s Sunday and we don’t realise that the main shops are all closed – so it’s eating out ... read more
Beach BBQ Little Cayman
Lifes a Beach - L C
Our plan to  L C

From Grand Cayman...don't even try to ask me why...more golf, and some diving too obviously. But why Grand Cayman? The place is run by Brits...and inundated by Americans and Canadians. It's still thanksgiving week-end, so as you may guess, the place is packed. So why Grand Cayman? Well, pretty simple. I needed few more miles to keep the right frequent flyer card color which allows you to keep in front of the crowds. My initial plan was New Orleans, but the flight paths were just too complicated. So I went straightforward for the itinerary which would give me the fastest transfer...some diving, some golfing, and a not so bad hotel, and Grand Cayman came in. Let start with the airport...took me just short of two hours to go from the plane to the taxi...what's that ... read more
View from my little balcony...
Very curious nurse shark...
Hole 11, North Sound golf course...

Greetings land-dwellers! I am officially a man of the sea now. I live in my own cabin in the hull on the 4th deck, starboard side, midship, I work in the Stardust Theatre, forward, eat in the staff or crew mess, run topside around the track, and watch dolphins surf the waves off the bow. Boom, ship talk, it's like real talk, but with tropical water. It's been seven days since I stepped on the ship, and this is the story thus far... Wednesday: I arrived on the ship after a few flights from Toronto through Atlanta to Miami the previous day and then one more to Belize in the morning. I went straight to Belize city to catch the tender boat and caught my first glimpse of the Jewel. It was docked five miles out ... read more
Jewel group roast dinner
Jewel sloan and rosh and yorkshire puddings

Just Like Home We wandered down the street to go look at the shops, unfortunately there were no good shops and nothing opened before 10 anyway, except for Cost U Less. A felt right at home, it was pretty much a Costco wannabe. He even tried to get me to let him buy a rotisserie chicken for lunch. Beach Time We headed to the beach one last time before out scheduled departure pickup, which I might add was 3 hrs before departure time and about 2 hr 45 min too early to get there. Those island airports take 5 min to get through to a holding pen of one room and a walk to the plane. The worst thing about them is the 3 bathroom stalls they have but that is another story. So, we hung ... read more
Cruise Ship in Town


Costco Tour Since we booked through Costco we had a credit for a tour. We ended up on the best of Cayman tour this morning. Thought it would be good way to see some of the island too. Rum Overload First stop was the rum cake factory, which sounds fantastic but was merely a small shop with no real tours of the bakery so I was disappointed. They did also try and ply you with rum. I tried the mango flavored one but stopped at the green apple one. Those "samples" are more like shots. Governor's House Again disappointed as we just drove by and stooped out front. I guess I should've expected that when he lives there. The tour guide did tell us he was friendly and an athlete. The next governor that is coming ... read more
I love it!
Huge Turtles
Turtle #1

We arrived to a grand Costco Travel sign awaiting us at the exit of customs. It was then declared by A that we weren't traveling any other way from now on. It was pretty nice to have someone waiting there and not having to fight with the taxis (yes, Manda I am looking at you) and we were the only people in the nice bus. We had to stop and wait for a giant lizard to cross the road. Ugh, I forgot about those nasty things. Then again a tiny one scared me while I was standing around outside so... Westin is right on the beach so that is great. it was a little overcast after we finally got out to the beach but the water is clear and pretty. Dinner was at the Sunshine Grill, ... read more
Yes, this one scared me
From the room
7 mi beach

Our 34th wedding anniversary celebrating it at Grand Cayman in Bahamas. The island is so gorgeous, beautiful stretch of white sand. The water is so clear that you can actually see the bottom of the ocean. I didn't see lots of seashells along the shore, although I saw a red crab crawling along the rock. As I was swimming, there are also lots of different species of fish swimming along as if they're saying "welcome to Bahamas". To end my excursion, as I was watching this beautiful bird settled in this beautiful tree branch, he flew beside me and just stay there for a while and then another bird flew beside him, maybe they're love birds? That's when my husband come to fetch me and greet me "happy anniversary". Bahamas, a dream come true.... read more

It seems that the longer we live on the boat, the less frequently I update my blog. That's probably because living on the boat has become more of a lifestyle now rather than an adventure. We still have plenty of adventures, but as the years go by we have less of the adventures of the not so welcome kind as we become more experienced in living on the boat. It is like anything else, the more you do it the easier it becomes. In 2012 we traveled alot the first part of the year but then we brought the boat to a dead halt during the hurricane season, holing up in the Rio Dulce of Guatemala for the remainder of the year. In April 2012 we spent several weeks in the Cayman Islands. Boy are these ... read more

Last summer Cruise Specialists asked us if we would like to try out a new ship in December. We had heard rave reviews about Oceania’s two recently launched ships and we were eager to give it a go. Since we would embark the Oceania Riviera in Miami, we decided to spend some time in Florida prior to the cruise. Once the Giants brought home the World Series Trophy and the Presidential election was over, we took off like snow birds for the warmth of Ft Myers, Florida. We lucked out with perfect weather for our month long visit and watched a series of winter storms pound the San Francisco Bay area in our absence. We met up with friends and spent time walking and biking the long stretches of white sand beaches on the barrier islands. ... read more

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