Oh-my-godda.... It's Anegada

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Cow Wreck BeachCow Wreck BeachCow Wreck Beach

One of the cool beaches at Anegada, named Cow Wreck because of the cattle bones that washed up on shore.
Although technically Anegada is part of the British Virgin Islands, it doesn't feel like it. That is because it is a very unique. For one thing it wasn’t formed by a volcano but is instead a limestone formation. What this means is that the island is flat, very very flat. The highest point on Anegada is only 28 feet above sea level. As you approach the island the only evidence that you will make landfall is that you see the palm trees in the distance. Crazy! It is also unique because it is the only island in the BVIs that does not fall along the island chain that borders the Sir Francis Drake Channel. In fact, you have to set sail in the open seas for about 30 miles to get to Anegada. And the approach can be a little tricky because you have to navigate thru shallow coral reefs to get into the anchorage. Because of these difficulties, most charter boats are not allowed to go there. The result is that Anegada is the least visited island in the BVIs and also the least touristy. Sounds perfect!

We were ready to get away from the crowds and mayhem of
Road TripRoad TripRoad Trip

Driving around Anegada, it sure is flat!!!
the British Virgin Islands during peak holiday season. So as soon as the weather cleared up, we set sail for Anegada. Like most things in life, the harder the journey the greater the reward. Anegada has a reputation as being the gem of the BVIs and when asked about the place, most people’s faces light up when they talk about it. One cruiser we met even renamed the island on her chart “Oh-my-godda” because it is just that spectacular. So we were excited to go. And I am glad we did. It truly is a lovely island, peaceful and quiet. We went to the main anchorage and visited town, which basically consists of a couple of beach bars, a laundry mat, and a hotel with a country store. Charming! And the pace of life here is easy and slow, very relaxed.

The next day we decided to rent a car and explore the pristine beaches that Anegada is famous for. I think that we ended up driving around the entire island and on just about every road, always on the lookout for a glance at the elusive pink flamingoes that nest here. Unfortunately they continued to elude us. But
Highest Point on AnegadaHighest Point on AnegadaHighest Point on Anegada

At a whopping 28 feet above sea level! Notice how they have put all the cell and satellite towers on top.
we still had a great time and true to its reputation, we found some pretty amazing beaches along the way. Miles and miles of white sand, some were so secluded that you would think that you were stranded on a deserted island for there was no sign of civilization. Other beaches had tiki huts and beach bars where the locals would grill up fresh caught lobster or fish for lunch. Yum!

We spent the day going from beach to beach. One of our favorites was Cow Wreck Beach, named so because a cargo ship full of cow bones wrecked on the reef here and yes, cow bones washed up on shore. If you are like me, you are probably asking yourself why was a cargo ship full of cow bones? Sounds a little morbid and strange, right?!?! But I guess it was being used in fertilizer. In any case, you can’t miss the spot because there still are remnants of the wreck. It is a lovely spot and certainly a fun day at the beach.

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Tiki HutTiki Hut
Tiki Hut

What else do you do in Anegada but hang at the beach, preferably in the shade of a tiki hut.
Long Walk on the BeachLong Walk on the Beach
Long Walk on the Beach

Anegada sure does have some pretty beaches... oh my godda!

18th January 2010

oh my godda
What a lovely little island. The pictures make it so inviting!

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