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Happy New Year and welcome to 2014: the year of the Mer-man! I hope everyone enjoyed some vacation time and is making great strides with their new year's resolutions...or at least resolved to laugh at how preposterous they seem now. Let's just agree that this has the potential to be a rad year, regardless of what we envisioned while wearing our New Year's Eve goggles. It's certainly started off with a bang for many of us. Since the last update there's been a lot of action out here in theCaribbean. We've celebrated a few more cast birthdays, settled into our cabins on the ship, started performing all of our shows, made it through the Christmas season and a few illnesses, seen a bunch of gorgeous beaches and are accelerating through the first third of our contract ... read more
New Year's 2014
jewel crew christmas
Crew Party

The day after Tikal we woke up early (4:30ish) to catch our shuttle to Belize City. There we met up with Dan's friend, Charlie, and the 4 of us took a water taxi to Caye Caulker ( Key Cock-er ), an island about 45 minutes (by boat) from the city. We spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday on the island just loving life. Our hostel was a not-so-fabulous place appropriately named Dirty McNasty's (I seriously couldn't make this up if I tried). They weren't TOO expensive, but there were bugs everywhere and it was really... ick. Luckily we really didn't spend too much time in the hostel room. There were hammocks we took advantage of once or twice. Most of our time was spent at a place called The Splits. It's a super touristy area at ... read more
Caribbean Sea
At night
Roger and Dan

Doing most of my travels in Asia, I didn't expect at all to get out of a bus in Belize City, without getting loitered by hundreds of Taxi drivers and ferry-ticket sellers. But no one seemed to be interested in our arrival on this colourful painted wooden Bus terminal. “Its not supposed to cost more than five US for a taxi to the harbour” our Israelian mate Ian says. I nod “allright” not feeling like bargaining at 7 am, after a night in a Bus and a border crossing full of negotiations with Mexican customs at 5 in the morning. We were all sure that they cant charge us 30 US to get out of the country, but well, they could. At least the Belizians didn't charge us any money to get into theirs, but did ... read more

It took a total of 4 hours to get to Belize City, there you catch a taxi boat to the island from one of the various companies who are all willing to match any price you been given by a competitor. The border crossing from Guatemala to Belize was quick and easy, the shuttle bus dropped us off only to meet you on the other side. The minibus was full and hot! Glad we brought that water with us! You pass various islands on the way to Caye Caulker and you get that similar feeling to when you get picked up from the airport by your tour operator with many other holiday goers, hoping that the 5 star hotel you just pulled into is the one you booked on But I was glad to see ... read more
Wandering around the island
Typical street on the island, complete with tropical puddles
The blue hole

After so long in the Spanish speaking world, Belize came as a bit of a shock – a small English speaking enclave on the shores of the Caribbean!! The language comes from the country's pre-independence history as British Honduras and the fact that apparently a good proportion of its population are descended from the pirates and buccaneers that used to frequent these parts!! I say that the language spoken is English – but not quite as we know it!! When the locals are speaking with native English speakers they have an amazing caribbean lilt that makes you want to break out into a big grin just on hearing it. But when they embark on a conversation amongst themselves the creole becomes a familiar yet indecipherable stream of words that you think might be English, but you're ... read more
The aptly named "shark and ray alley"
Blue Hole from the air...
Half moon caye


In true Australian form, Tian and I both agreed that it would be completely respectable to start drinking at 5pm the night before our 4am tour to the Tikal Ruins. Seven hours later, a few games of giant jenga and by the looks of the photos on Tians phone - a period of time spent rolling around on the floor in fits of laughter, we decided that it was finally time for bed. The following morning we were squished into the back of a shuttle and I had just fallen back asleep to the rising sun when I heard Tian go “I think I am going to vomit”. In my sleepy haze it took me a little while to realize what she was saying - until I looked over and saw her cupping her mouth. I ... read more

Here is a snippet from our time in Guatemala and Belize, including the great Mayan capital Tikal and our very own castaway island shack. Please copy and paste this link into your browser - Enjoy!... read more

21st July - 3rd August Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala - Belize Having spent the previous day schlepping our way from the Corn Islands to Nicaragua's capital, we boarded another long distance bus and prepared ourselves for passing through another four countries in two days. We left behind the hoards of students sitting atop old American school buses celebrating the presidential anniversary and slipped though to Honduras passing beauty pageants, carnival floats and men sporting cowboy hats in the streets. We spent the night in El Salvador welcomed by shotgun toting guards at every door and fast food chains as far as the eye could see. Passing through another boarder we successfully laughed off the over eager sniffer dog obsessed with Charlie's crotch. No, we weren't drug smugglers, just innocent travellers with a ... read more
Antiguan ladies in traditional clothing
Monastery ruins
Semuc Champey

Today was my last full day on this beautiful island after spending two nights here. Yesterday, I spent most of my time at the hotel because I felt unwell and I missed out on snorkelling with everyone in the group so I decided that today I would go snorkelling as it was my last chance. Despite still not feeling 100%, there was no way I was going to miss out on snorkelling in the world's 2nd best coral reef barrier as this was one of the highlights of the 3 week trip that I had been looking forward to. I booked the snorkelling excursion through Ragamuffin. You can find them on the main road of Caye Caulker, heading towards the split of the Island. I definitely recommend Ragamuffin, as you get the snorkelling equipment, boat trip, ... read more
Caye Caulker

So we packed up our bags again and boarded a small boat. This would be our home for the next 3 days. We had booked on the Raggamuffin island cruise. In total there was 17 of us on the boat and 3 crew. We came from the Uk, America and Australia. We set sail for our first full day of sailing not knowing what to expect and what the weather would do as more storms are due! The first day we sailed, caught barracuda off the back of the boat and went for a snorkel along the way. The reef was pretty and we saw barracuda, loads of different reef fish and a few small rays. As usual I got burnt! When ever I snorkel I manage to burn! That evening we docked at our island ... read more

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