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Belize The next morning we got back on the bus to cross over to Belize. We got off at the crossing to go to immigration, then had to walk over the bridge to Belize and go thru customs. We got thru customs and thought our bus had left, but a guy helped us spot it 400m down the road. Belize is on the Caribbean and we were back in English speaking territory. Most of them speak Creole, and even if you try real hard, you cant understand what they are saying. We took the ferry to Caye Caulker, and as soon as we got off, a local guy Paul wanted to takeus around to find some accommodation. He broke my backpack strap, but for the first time, he wasnt someone trying to hassle us for ... read more

Last day in Mexico Bumpy boat ride, for over an hour in a crappy boat. One of the outboards broke down, there were cockroaches onboard… not very inspiring, but it was worth it in the end…… I got to swim alongside a whale shark for a few hundred yards. He went real slow, I could see little fish riding on his fins and swimming in and out of his mouth… I got the whole ride all to my self….fantastic! Rural Mexican living conditions looks very poor, one room huts…. but the Spanish colonial towns are delightful. We have now seen a lot of the ancient Mayan civilisation ruins (discovered and excavated during the last 150 years) that have been partially or fully restored. I’m not sure which are the best, but Palenque must be high on ... read more

We arrived into Cancun, Mexico a week ago. With our trusty Lonely Planet in hand we were confident we knew where we were going as we walked out of the airport. It wasn't until we walked back into the airport and outside a couple more times we realised maybe our LP was mistaken. Already sweating buckets, a tad lost and our backpacks getting heavier by the minute- the start of a wonderful experience? Fast forward an hour or two and we were settled into the Poc Na hostel on Isla Mujures, a small island off the coast of Cancun, drinking a Sol beer and staring out at the Carribean Ocean. The hostel is great- just steps from the beach, friendly staff and excellant food. This perfect picture moment wouldnt be complete with out a classic Ryan ... read more

Another day another bus journey and border crossing. Fortunately the journey from Tikal to Belize was only 5 hours and the bus was relatively empty. We had the first two seats which always gets you some extra leg room and we were both very comfortable. The border stop was a bit of a pain as we ended us joining the wrong queue and then at the back of the right queue. It is frustrating at times especially when you a bit tectchy from the heat. We checked out of Guatemala after a long wait and then headed off to get stamped into Belize. We could not see our bus but figured it was waiting the other side. The lady stamped us into Belize (hoorah we got a stamp) and we trudged back to teh bus with ... read more
San Pedro beach
Much needed shade and breeze

Then get the xxxx outa quay caulker..... maybe it was still the tequila hangover.... read more


13th Agosto - Rio Dulce 14th Agosto - Rio Dulce Pretty action packed day - 7 of us squeezed in a van and drove to El Boqueron, a gorge which looked very magical and mystical. Paddled down it in very leaky wooden canoe, then swam/floated the way back under waterfalls and with jungle vines dangling all over the place. Gorge-ous. (blame Harriet, thats a definite Symes joke) Then moved on to Finca al Paraiso, a HOT waterfall that runs into a freezing cold plunge pool. Waterfall was steaming hot and it was pretty much the best shower we've had so far. Climbed into a cave behind the waterfall and pretended to be on a Herbal Essences advert - ignoring the bat poo. Molested by small children selling Banana Tortillas on the way out - surprisingly frightening ... read more
Finca al Paraiso
Placencia beach
Camping at Jaguar Sanctuary

Sorry for the delay in getting our next blog to you... we had a little electricity problem, as in none on the whole island all afternoon, but here you go - barely a week has gone by and so much to say!! Firstly, thanks to everyone for your messages - we really couldn't believe it when we saw all your comments and we loved them all - keep them coming - it makes us feel like you're all here with us! And fun to think that everyone is following us on our trip (Luke - I will be testing you on the geography of our trip at the wedding, so I hope you're taking notes!) Since our last internet cafe visit, we spent another few nights on Ambergris Caye and fell in love with the island, ... read more
Woody's Wharf
Waters of San Pedro

Today's snorkeling is through Ragamuffin Tours. We paid $80USD for the both of us to do a half-day snorkeling tour. We left early in the morning to hit 3 spots: Coral Gardens, Shark and Ray Alley, and Hol Chan Reserve. We boarded a cataraman with 10 others. Hol Chan was one of the best snorkeling I've seen. There were HUGE schools of fish, sting rays, nurse sharks, and beautiful fanning coral. Since V is a great swimmer, he went as deep as the scuba divers who were looking closely at sharks. When V and I were alone, he went to touch a nurse shark which then darted out toward me. I panicked, desperately swinging my arms back and scraping my leg against coral (sshh don't tell) causing some bleeding. I thought, great, now I'm going to ... read more
v's used to standing on boats
sun in our face most of the time
modeling again

Im currently in Caye Caulker and its amazing. The roads are made of white sand. Im in a great little hostel for $10 a night on the beach front. The water is crystal clear and the sun is beating down but with a nice breeze to keep you cool. Im definately staying here for probably another week before heading into Mexico. Everyone speaks English too but after 3 months of trying to speak spanish to the locals I still find myself asking something in Spanish completely forgetting English is the first language here. An easy way to look like a fool. ... read more

We left Guatemala for belize on tuesday morning, which was not a fun journey! i had the only wet, leaking seat on the bus whilst dan had a lovely dry sleep the whole way. we eventually arrived in belize city and got straight on a water taxi to head for the smalll caribbean island of Caye Caulker, which broke down halfway there, but what better place to break down than in the caribbean ocean! then we got to Caye Caulker, which was AMAZING! we spent the days swimming, drinking, diving, and sitting on the water picnic benches in the turquoise water at the split (where the island was ripped in half by a hurricane about 40 years ago!). We stayed there to watch the sunset most days. We spent one day doing a snorkeling tour of ... read more

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