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Christmas Lights at the Phoenix ResortChristmas Lights at the Phoenix ResortChristmas Lights at the Phoenix Resort

This resort is right next to our condo at Paradise Villas.
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! I haven't blogged for a couple of days because we have been laying low and taking it easy. It's still too windy to dive (but that's okay because that also means we're not hemmoraging money) so instead we snorkeled yesterday, took some long walks and met some really nice people. Today being Christmas Eve we planned dinner with an elderly gentlemen we met during the beginning of our trip by the name of Ted Smith. Ted brought along a couple of people he met, Kara from Missouri and Mike from Texas. We all met at a restaurant called La Caprio, big big mistake. There were only 6 people in the entire restaurant beside us, and it took 1 and 1/2 hours for us to get our meal. EVEN I can boil pasta in less time than that! They really didn't want to expound on the reason for the delay, but we think we heard they were short of help so the owner had to go back and cook. The food wasn't bad, but we were planning to go to church at 10:00 p.m. and barely got there in time. I almost wish the food had been another 1/2
Dog that Wandered into the ChurchDog that Wandered into the ChurchDog that Wandered into the Church

This poor old guy was so old and flea ridden, he scratched so much he looked like he was having a seizure.
hour late, as church took FOREVER! Some things are the same no matter where you go, those that never go to church (like me) feel compelled to go on Christmas. I believe that to be true here in San Pedro as well. The church was packed, and as is typical on an island things m o v e v e r y s l o w. Like even the speed of the Christmas carols was 1/2 the tempo they usually are. Also given the island is small I don't think there are many places the girls can go to show off their fancy clothes so the dress code ran from matronly to down right sleazy. We're talking 6" platform spike heels out of gold glitter to mini-skirts that were so short they left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Also fireworks are big in San Pedro on Christmas Eve so the parish priest had to compete with the occasional M80, Cherry Bomb, or someone lighting off an entire string of fireworks right outside the church doors. (All doors are left open, as it's still 80 degrees outside and no air conditioning). The church doors face the town square and is right
Ted, Kara and MikeTed, Kara and MikeTed, Kara and Mike

Jim and I actually got to sit in a pew, Ted, Kara and Mike got plastic chairs in the overflow area.
next door to two night clubs. Daddy Rocks and the Jaguar Club are within spitting distance of the church and both clubs were going strong on Christmas Eve. But God Bless that priest, he carried on through fireworks going off and music leaking into the church from the dance clubs. 1/2 way through the mass a dog wandered into the church who had to be 100 years old, and laid down right across the aisle next to where we were sitting. Finally after an hour and a half, we were hot, tired and the dog was ripping at fleas like he was possessed so we decided to leave. Lord forgive us for not staying to the end, but we were both on overload when we left. There are more people on the street at 11:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve then there are on a Saturday afternoon. All the street vendors are still selling their wares, the dance clubs are going strong and even some restaruants were still serving. Anyway, Jim and I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. This is a vacation and an experience we're not soon to forget!

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San Pedro Town Roman Catholic ChurchSan Pedro Town Roman Catholic Church
San Pedro Town Roman Catholic Church

Midnight mass at San Pedro Town Roman Catholic Church. Well.....actually it was 10:00 mass but we're sure it didn't get over until Midnight.

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