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Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Bridgetown January 28th 2014

In a few days we will be starting our journey around seven of the Windward Islands in the southern Caribbean Sea. Our first stop is Barbados, where the current temperature is 26C. We plan to use small planes and ferries to get between the islands. Our first hop will get us to St Vincent and then we'll head south down the Grenadines - Bequia, Union, Carriacou and Grenada. Then a final hop will take us to Tobago. There is a map of our planned route below. More once we are on our way.... read more

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Bridgetown December 29th 2012

Well, actually it was a blue ticket, but I was just as excited to get it. The father of a lady I know in Barbados owns race horses, and one of his colts, a two year old maiden named Stratford’s Lad was scheduled to race at the Garrison on Boxing Day. (By the way, in the context of horse racing, “maiden” refers to a horse that has yet to win a race. It has nothing to do with the animal’s gender.) A couple of days before the race, my friend pulls me aside and asks if I am still planning on going to the races. “You bet” I replied, “wouldn’t miss it.” She then hands me an Owners’ Guest pass which not only allows me entry into the grandstand, but also into the Owners and Trainers ... read more
Rahy Stormello
Lady Quill

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Bridgetown December 24th 2012

Normally I put group tours in the same category as whiny children and bad hangovers: things to be avoided at all cost. Fortunately, the Garrison Heritage Tour was a happy exception. I’m interested in military history, and for a long time I had wanted to see some parts of Garrison that are not normally open to the public, like the armoury and the inside of the Main Guard building. So, when I saw the small ad in the local newspaper pitching “Historic Garrison” tours to residents, my interest was definitely piqued. We started the our visit at the George Washington House, a place I have visited before. (See my blog George Washington Slept Here) However, since my previous visit, several miles of tunnels underneath the area have been discovered, some leading to St. Ann’s Fort, some ... read more
George Washington House
George Washington slept here
Barbados Museum

It was with much anticipation that I flew into Barbados; the exotic land of my great grandfather, as much a family legend as a reality. To my knowledge I was the first family member to return in the over 100 years since his arrival in New Zealand. I never knew my great grandfather; he was gone long before I was born. Memories of my grandfather and his two unmarried sisters were my closest link. It seems to me I have more in contrast than commonality; my grandfather was short while I am tall, he was dark while I have very pale skin, he was fleet of foot and a great sportsman while I only have enthusiasm but no ability, he worked with his hands as a carpenter while I have to be content tapping at a ... read more
Barbados Drummers at Dover beach 1
Barbados tortoises
Barbados Crop Over 4

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Bridgetown December 28th 2011

I like horse racing. I’m not much of a gambler; I just like to watch the horses run. I can have a good time whether I bet or not, whether I win or not. (But it is more fun when I win.) I’ve seen some fine horses with some outstanding jockeys, but some of my favorite races have been at the Garrison in Barbados. As its name implies, the Garrison is the former home of the British Garrison in Barbados. The Brits are gone – though the Barbados Defence Force maintains its barracks across the street – and now the old parade grounds are given over to horse racing and rugby. And cannon – the Garrison boasts an impressive outdoor museum with the largest collection of 17th century cannon in the world. I’ve written about Boxing ... read more
17th century cannon
Checking the racing form
Getting ready to enter the starting gate


Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Bridgetown October 31st 2011

Barbados Ship docked at Bridgeport and today's tour headed for a mohagany carving gallery, a rum distillery and a plantation house. We met Reggie Medford, the owner of the carving gallery who is a natinal institution here in Barbados. He uses the reclaimeed trunks of mohagany trees that are being removed from construction sites. We then moved on to the Four Square rum distillery. Highest rated spice rumbeating out Captain Morgan. The tasting was the best part... of course... Purchased a 12 year old rum... tastings to follow at home... Also bought a rum liquer. Off for lunch and tour at a 300 year old sugar plantation mansion. The Sandbury plantation. Lunch was good but we had to ask for hot sauce. I guess the locals figured us North Americans couldn't handle the Bajan hot sauce... ... read more
4 square distillery
Reggie Medford

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Bridgetown February 4th 2011

Bridgetown, Barbados Our last day and we decide on one final coach trip. Well, it's better than sitting around on the ship in our trravelling clothes for a couple of hours. Or so we thought. We do the obligatory tour of the island, which doesn’t take up much time since it is only 21 miles by 14 miles. The highlight is a few hours spent at Sunbury House, the former palatial home of a sugar plantation owner and now a museum. Here for the first time we get to see the murky history behind these islands, the slave trade on which the wealth of so many countries, including our own, participated. It all makes very uncomfortable reading. How white men treated their slaves worse than their animals, as mere cogs in their money - spinning machines. ... read more
Concorde simulator
Fancy an enema with this?
18th century hip bath

Central America Caribbean » Barbados » Bridgetown December 22nd 2010

Second port...Barbados. Daddy and I left the boat in the morning to get on another boat, but this one was very was a submarine! Daddy had never been on one of these either. We got on one boat that took us to the place to board the submarine. It was so cool... We went down 148 feet! We saw a sunken ship and soooooo many fish. I had so much fun looking out the window. After the submarine, we went back to the dock to meet Avo Jay. We went into Bridgetown and went out to lunch. I had a "flying fish" sandwich which was very popular in Barbados. We then headed back to the cruise ship. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________... read more
Flying Fish Sandwich
chilling on the way to submarine
This is so cool

During our sail toward Barbados we enjoyed a nice dinner at Prime 7 with our bridge instructors, Michael and Cassandra. We have appreciated the difference in their teaching styles compared to Roseanne. After four days at sea, we docked at Bridgetown at 9:00am today and will set sail again this evening at 6:00. The Bridgetown Port (or “Deep Water Harbor” as its also known) is the major port of entry for cruise and cargo ships docking in Barbados. The Harbor port acts as one of the major shipping and transshipment hubs from international locations for the entire Eastern Caribbean. Recently the Bridgetown Port was dredged to allow the safe access and berthing for the new league of “super cruise ships”. It can now host many of the largest cruise ships in the world. They are also ... read more
One Happy Guy!
Welcome to Barbados
Yacht Harbor

Thursday, March 11, 2010 - Bridgetown, Barbados Before it quit flying in 2003, the Concorde had four places on its regular route: Paris, London, New York and Barbados. Barbados bid for and won possession of one of the planes which today is housed in a dedicated hangar and museum. We had tickets to fly the Concorde at the time of the 2003 crash... …unfortunately the Concorde ceased commercial operation after the crash so we never got our supersconic ride. Today Regent hosted an event at the Concorde Experience for passengers on the full South America trip. We were impressed with the aircraft display and some of the exhibits, Dick “flew” the simulator and we got to sit in the passenger cabin. Not quite the Concorde adventure we had anticipated in 2003 but a wonderful day nonetheless! ... read more
Ready to Go

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