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Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas October 28th 2009

(1st stop on cruise) I went on a cruise without Jeff (sorry hun). I wanted to start the tradition of having a girl's only trip, even if it's not every year and even if it's not a big trip. Of course, I had to go all out for the first vacation with the girls and when I found this cruise, we booked it a year and a half in advance! The logistics behind the trip was quite troublesome at times, with cancellations and finding subs & with us all flying from the far corners of the states--Tiff & I from AZ, Spyce from SC, Jenn from VA and Tara from VT. But we all made it!! The first stop on the cruise was on the island of Nassau in the Bahamas. I had high expectations yet ... read more
Choado (with Atlantis in the background)
Pirate Museum
love the bright, happy paint!

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas October 20th 2009

My newest adventure - have been planning since we returned in early May. We are visiting the Bahamas via Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas in November of 2009. We are traveling with 2 other couples. I can't wait to share new pics and quips.... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas September 1st 2009

Hicran Cigdem Yorgancioglu Some Summary Turkish Notes from Bahamas Diaries / Travelogues Önce Charlotte ‘a yani North Carolina ‘ya uçtum . Ardından da Gulf Stream Akıntısı ile Atlas Okyanusu'nun meltemlerinin arasına kendimi 1973 yılında bağımsızlığını kazanmış olan Bahama ‘nın Başkenti en önemli ada olan New Providence’deki Nassau’ya doğru bırakıyorum . Batı Hint Adalarının kuzey-kuzeydoğu sınırını oluşturan takımadalar ve Miami’nin güneydoğu kıyısı açıklarından el sallasan gorunecek nerede ise . Bir sonraki sefer buradan Küba ve Haiti , Dominik Cumhuriyeti,Jamaika’yı denemeli . Bahama 700 kadar ada ve yaklaşık 2500 çıplak kaya oluşumundan ibaretmiş .. Bahamalar’ın ilk sakinleri Christoph Colomb’un Lucayan ismini verdigi ve kokenleri Güney Amerika’dan gelen ve Karaip’ler tarafından kuzeye Antil... read more
Cigdem Yorgancioglu Bahamas
Cigdem Yorgancioglu Bahamas
Cigdem Yorgancioglu Bahamas

I’m a month and a day away from the end of this contract and going home. Meanwhile, something exciting is happening to help the time go by - my sister Melanie and her friend Jessica have come to cruise with me!! The girls arrived yesterday when we were in Miami. They stepped on the ship and I immediately took care of them at the lobby bar! I had to work both in the afternoon and evening, but in between we had a lovely dinner in the dining room and then we closed the night in the crew bar. Today is their first port and we’re in Nassau, Bahamas. Of the things to do, they wanted to see Atlantis. So we took the water taxi across to Paradise Island. At this point, I’m becoming a bit of ... read more
Around Atlantis
Around Atlantis
Around Atlantis

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau April 5th 2009

We left Ft. Lauderdale on an overnight cruise. The next morning we were at Nassau, Bahamas. We set for snorkeling and lunch at the Blue Lagoon. Short and sweet. ... read more
welcome sign
snorkeling boat
going snorkeling in the Bahamas


Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau April 5th 2009

Nassau is not like I remembered it in 1991, but then I guess that is because a lot of time has passed. Paradise Island The action is no longer in downtown Nassau that is rundown and just plain stinky, it is all in Paradise Island. Nassau is good for what the rest of the Bahamas are for when not on the beach - island culture and colonial cityscapes. On Paradise Island, you go to Atlantis . . . all $1.8 billion of it (so far). We first tried to make a day of it in downtown Nassau, but soon decided to take a water taxi to Paradise Island. Beyond the rich and famous’ houses, Atlantis is is definitely a cool resort, very Disney-esque in its scale and attention to detail. Or maybe Las Vegas-esque since there ... read more
Thunderball Hut
Atlantis Resort
Atlantis Resort

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas March 31st 2009

Nous sommes de retour à Nassau, la capitale des Bahamas. Nous partons demain matin vers la Floride. Notre plan de navigation; Chubs Cay, le Bank, Bimini et Lake Work. Cela va nous prendre environ 3 jours de navigation, en arrêtant le soir pour coucher. Nous avons donc profiter de notre séjour à Nassau pour aller revisiter Paradise Islands. Iimmense complexe hôtelier, un genre de Disney World. Nous avons vue des parties de l'hôtel que nous n'avions pas vue la première fois. On peut y passer la journée entière si on le désire. Casino, Piscine, plage, glissade d'eau, aquarium, restaurants, boutiques, salle de spectacle, salle d'animation pour enfants, forfaits de plongée en apnée etc.... Nous avons aussi revisité la ville autrement et vue d'autres sites intéressants. On dit que l'on visite vraiment une ville , à pieds, ... read more
Enfin, le ravitaillement!
Encrage pratique!
Vue de la ville

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau March 24th 2009

I’ve been struggling to adjust to being on this ship. But now, two weeks in, I have something very exciting to occupy me - Ginny has come to cruise with me! Ginny is going to be here for 2 cruises - 10 days - and I’m so happy about that. We’ve also completely lucked out. Though she was booked to stay in a crew cabin, a guest cabin was available, so she got to move in there. Plus there’s an extra bed in there for me - so I’m sleeping in a cozy guest bed this cruise! Then we got seating in the guest dining room, so we’re eating like queens. Excellent. She arrived yesterday and already we’re in port today. Nassau. We’d decided to just explore on our own. So we took the water taxi ... read more
Around Atlantis
Over the Aquariums

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas February 17th 2009

I liked the hostel that I was staying at in Miami so much that I decided to stay there for the rest of my time in Miami. I have now made good friends with three guys Stuart, Carlo and Timor. On the second last day Stuart and I went down to Key West which is the southernmost part of the USA. We got a coach down there and it's about a 3 hour drive. The drive is really cool though cause to get down there you have to drive across 34 islands and one of the bridges between the islands is 11km long! when we were down there we hired some bikes and spent the day cruising around the docks, beaches and streets of Key West. For the last couple of nights in Miami I went ... read more
Misc Feb 08 013
Misc Feb 08 014
Misc Feb 08 016

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau February 16th 2009

Nous sommes le 15 février. Ça y est, nous avons enfin quitté Bimini. Mercredi, le 11, nous avons quitté notre quai vers 11h00 avec la marée descendante (et deux autres bateaux copains : Journey et Sea Bird) et sommes allés nous ancrés à North Cat Cay. Petite navigation de deux heures dans une mer relativement calme. Au moment de passer le phare de Cat Cay, il y avait des vagues formées par le courant de marée; ce n’était pas large et on s’est fait brasser. Nous avons jeté l’ancre vers 13h00 puis le vent s’est levé légèrement (environ 15kn), nous secouant comme un métronome. Dans la nuit, le vent est tombé vers 02h30 nous permettant un peu de dormir. Jeudi 12, lever à 5h30 (ça nous rappelait l’Intracostale), nous avons mis les voiles vers l’Est avec ... read more
Adieu Bimini, enfin!!!
Sea Bird dans les vagues entre Bimini et Cat Cay, côté océan
Baie de Cat Cay, côté Bank

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