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February 16th 2009
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Bury our troublesBury our troublesBury our troubles

listen to the song two pina coladas by garth brooks and youll know what im talking about. were sitting in the bahamas with no troubles bothering us at all! just good times from now on!
hey everyone, we are in green turtle cay! we have been here for a little while now, snorkleing everyday, fishing, and meeting all kinds of great people! there was a big party last night at the club. the best band in the bahamas was playing. they all had a few drinks so i dont know if they were the best last night but they were pretty good still. captain brendan had a few too many too early so the first mate trevor sent him back to the boat to get something to eat and hopefully drink some water too, he got out to the boat, made some pasta i guess and passed right out.. so he pretty much left me high and dry on land while he was having a nice sleep on my bed back at the boat. but i had a good time, while he was gone my friends (other canadians) bought me a steak dinner more drinks and great company! pete and heather also built their boat. mast and everything. with a wooden mast it looks great! we met a "local" just some guy whos been down here every years for the last 10-25 years. he took us out snorkleing and showing us all the hot spots around the island! i found a conch the other day. learned how to clean it and take it out of the shell! and cooked it up. it wasnt too bad, but i thought it tasted like the fat from a steak. a little chewy but not too bad. my dad and sister are coming out to see me tomorrow. i have to go and pick them up at the airport! its been a long time since ive seen anyone i know. well i know all kinds of people all over the world but family will be nice to see. but right now im on my buddy jasons boat. he let me crash here last night actually after my captain left me on shore. i came over tonight to help him fix his computer. and if anyone who works for microsoft is reading this then you need to get rid of vista and keep xp going. just perfect that system and then you might have a good computer. also if you work at furture shop or are thinking about buying an olympus stylus 1030 waterproof camera. its not waterproof. you need to send me a new camera and pay me for all my lost pictures. but im off now, we have a long day of relaxing to do tomorrow. happy valintines day the other day. take care


1st March 2009

Congratulations on your success so far
Hi Trevorand Brendy We just talked to your Dad and he told us that he and Laura had a great visit and you are meeting all sorts of wonderful people. Trevor you are so lucky to have a great supporting family. Your Dad said he feels alot better seeing you fellows with a reliable motor--my old motor would have been a headache. We look forward to seeing more pictures and reading your comments. Bye for now. Love Grandpa and Sharon
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