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Having arrived in Antigua over three weeks ago, you might wonder what the place has to keep anyone here this long. Well actually the time has been spent working on rainmaker. We felt the need to give her lots of love before attempting to sail back across the Atlantic, especially as the way back will potentially be far more challenging. We've spent the time getting her hauled out to look as good as new, taking the opportunity to do some antifouling and other general maintenance. With her interior also been revamped she does look pretty good and has increased her homeliness a huge amount. As she's been out of the water we camped ourselves for a while in Harmony Hall, which was just delightful. We've also spent a bit of time in Nelson's dockyard, which is ... read more
m Maltese Falcon
m copper and lunber
m Museum

We sailed back to Falmouth Harbour from Barbuda, and had a really pleasant sail, it was good to drop the anchor in Falmouth and to go ashore and enjoy a meal at Trappas, the very good restaurant there. Falmouth is full of the very large superyachts, back from their christmas charters, and at night they light up their masts, and look very impressive indeed. There are some stunning boats here, and they look wonderful under sail. As we were leaving for nonsuch bay a few were having a race, their whole character changes when they put up their sails, regally leaving us in their dust! Non such bay was very calm, and very blue, the reef is quite close, so spent alot of time snorkelling and enjoying the quiet way of life. We met another hallberg ... read more
alan snorkelling and searching
snorkelling into the blue

Antigua - St.John's - Slipping on my life jacket I feel like an old hand at swimming with stingrays. Gone are the fears of the first time. I descend the narrow metal ladder into the warm waters of the Caribbean and swim away out to the sandbank where the stingrays are gathered. We get to touch and play with them and of course the inevitable photograph and video too. So confident am I that I take to feeding them with prawns from the bucket held aloft by one young Caribbean. I hear him say something about keeping the prawn vertical but do not hear the second part:" keep your thumb hidden". A stingray grabs my thumb with its mini saw-like teeth. I squeal. And pull. My thumb is released instantly. On return to the shore we ... read more
feel the weight of this stingray

January 2011 Happy New Year to all our friends, family and anyone else. I can finally say that on the 15th January, as the start of the new year was a bit of a nightmare. When we got back to the boat we were expecting to find our decks recaulked, the boat tidy and everything good, but in reality we found shoddy work, the boat in a shambles and noone to be seen. We went to Falmouth harbour for new years eve and had a great time, as always the atmosphere was wonderful and we danced until about 2am. The following days were spent fretting about sorting out the work on the boat and we were extremely lucky to find two really reliable carpenters, oliver and marshall who expertly repaired the work and produced perfect looking ... read more
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To Florida from eastern Canada is a bit of a jaunt, and seeing that it’s winter, we left a few days in advance… drove 3 hours to Bangor, Maine and stayed at the airport Sheraton there… (travel info - $160 for the night for 4 of us – 1 room with 2 double beds… room smelled a bit gross, but overall hotel was fine and it claims to be newly renovated… bar is nice, connected by pedway to airport terminal… included up to 14 days of parking free… ours would have cost us about $90, so it worked out well for us)… we got there around 9pm their time, had a beer and went to bed… four of us travelling this time around, 3 past cruisers with Carnival (and 2 of us have been on the ... read more
Leaving Fort Lauderdale
Castillo de San Cristobal
Fort San Felipe del Morro


If you want designer martinis and pool butlers, Verandah Resort is not for you. But, if you want a true tropical oasis that blends into the natural landscape, is laid back and offers suites with views of the turquoise sea, then look no further. Verandah Resort and spa meets that criteria and provides a friendly, dedicated staff to meet your needs. The resort is managed under the watchful eye of Ms. Jenny Liu who is very visible around the resort. The resort is located in Long Bay and is an approximate 30 minute taxi ride from the airport in St. John’s. A private taxi is about $38.00 or $7.00 per person in a collective taxi. The reception area is in a simple building separate from the rest of the resort. The desk is operational 24 hrs. ... read more
Adult Quiet Pool
Main Pool
Breezes Restaurant

Testing! Test o h yeah I 'm a testing testing testing....... read more

Hi all, This will have to be a short message I'm afraid and I'll post a much longer entry when the chance presents itself. Delphine and I arrived safe and sound in Antigua (love British Airways after years of Easyjet and Ryanair!). The place we're staying in English Harbour, next to Nelson's Dockyard is fine and the person running it is lovely. We're lucky to experience the cooling breeze of Hurricane Egor at the moment, which is about 600 miles south east (everyone talks about the hurricane weather here), otherwise we would be dying of heatstroke, the first few days here were very hot and sticky. The sea is like a bath and the beaches are like any photograph you've ever seen of the Caribbean - stunning! We've travelled round by local buses, which have been ... read more

Our final destination in Guatemala is Antigua, near Guatemala City. The town where we started our trip 6 weeks ago. In Lanquin we walk chatting with some local schoolkids on their way to school til we find a tuk-tuk to take us to our shuttle. We're squashed in for 8 hours, and are really onto the busy roads by the time we head back into the belching modern capital, Guatemala City ('Guate'). Loads of cars, banana trucks, buses, all spewing fumes, fast food franchises and broken down outer suburbs. Then we're out the other side and into the quaint tourist town of Antigua, and we're back at the posada where we spent our first night in Guatemala. In this town surrounded by volcanoes, its a clear night and Volcan Agua stands out over the town with ... read more
A  land of volcanoes
The crew, Volcan Pacaya
A chilling tale of Volcan Pacaya

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