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Day 5 Jackie & I were first up as usual, so we got to see the beautiful sunrise over Deep Bay. In fact after discussion we realised we had shared quite a few romantic moments together, in between showers on the transom together, sunrises and sunsets! My husband will be very jealous! After saying goodbye to Lily Maid we sailed out towards Sandy Island. We then experienced the best moment of our trip - 2 Dolphins joined us for a few minutes, they were swimming under the bow of the boat, we were all so excited, (unfortunately the photos didn’t come out well). Back to reality, we short tacked around Sandy Island, Heidi then set a challenge for the 3 novices – a figure of 8 course. We worked together each taking turns at the helm ... read more

Day 4 The last thing Heidi said to us before going to bed was that if any of us woke up in the night to go to the toilet, we should check our position relative to the island and other boats – this led to me having dreams about us floating away during the night. Jackie woke at 4am but was happy to report we were still at anchor and in the right place! Our homework last night was to write a Mayday call. Heidi gave each of us a boat name to use, I had Mary Rose, Jackie had Titanic and Jo had Costa Concordia: Hopefully not a bad omen we thought! So after breakfast we performed our Mayday calls. Jackie, Jo, Heidi and myself took the dinghy over to the island again for a ... read more

Day 3 We started the day with a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast. Every morning we have to obtain a weather forecast, this is of course hugely important – today it was Jo’s task to find the Marina office before we left to get a forecast report. On our way out of Jolly Harbour we all practiced motoring Zigzag style through the buoys forwards and in reverse! When out of the harbour the next task on our list was to practice Man Overboard again. Heidi gave us the tasks again, however this time we accidentally had a double man overboard when one of the girls dropped the boat hook in! So we circled a few times to pick that up and then went to get the “man”. To be honest we were distracted by ... read more

Day 2 Jackie & I spent the night under the stars, there was a nice warm breeze and we were prepared to be a bit cold so were wrapped up. I slept very lightly to be honest but then again that is normal for me! There are so many new noises to get used to on the boat. Having slept outside we were the first to wake up as the morning light hit us first of course! Once the others all woke up, the students made a quick trip to the Dinghy dock at Antigua Yacht Club to drop off rubbish and CV’s for Natalie. Just before we left Falmouth we took in a Superyacht Tour, we saw “A” which is a mega yacht; The Maltese Falcon was also back in town and was anchored just ... read more

After living in Antigua for a year I decided it was time to learn to sail! Antigua really is the Mecca of sailing in the Caribbean, so this was the place to do it I thought. After making some enquiries, I decided to make a booking with Miramar Sailing – a company based in Jolly Harbour where I live. Being a complete beginner, I was advised to book the RYA Competent Crew Course; there was also the opportunity to book this for a “Ladies only week”. Sounded like lots of fun I thought. As the date was getting nearer I had a couple of apprehensions: maybe I will get seasick, maybe I would miss technology (especially Facebook and email!) and how am I going to remember all the knots (making knots was never my strong point ... read more


Alors oui, la houle s’est levée et nous décidons que nous voulons un minimum de confort; donc nous décidons d’aller prendre un « mooring » à l’intérieur du lagon. Intéressant ce lagon. Nous mettons l’annexe à l’eau, mon capitaine met une belle chemise pour aller aux douanes (il paraît qu’ici ils sont plus titilleux alors ça fait bonne impression d’avoir une chemise) et nous voilà partis! Heu… presque. Quoi encore? Le levier d’embrayage du moteur hors-bord est figé, impossible ou presque d’embrayer le moteur… C’est quoi ça encore! Il semble que cela fasse un bout de temps que l’embrayage soit difficile à passer; c’est vrai que nous avons dû mettre du WD40 et de la graisse avant de quitter St-Martin mais je croyais le problème réglé… Finalement, nous usons de la force (bête et méchante) et ... read more
Le moteur le matin
Du vélo enfin!
Absaroque attaché à sa boule

Antigua We arrived after a gentle sail from Guadeloupe in Falmouth Harbour with the wind dropping fast. It has been a strange few days for wind. The Caribbean Sea is flat calm and the wind is starting to come around to the west and lighten – the opposite of what you would expect at this time of year. The rain that falls on our first morning in Antigua deposits ash from Montserrat’s volcano. We anchored in Falmouth Harbour, a wide and well protected bay that I remember well from 20-odd years ago. It has changed greatly. The bay now has 3 marinas in it and quite possibly the largest collection of superyachts anywhere in the world, with the possible exception of Palma, Mallorca. Adorning these massive boats are helicopters and even a mini-submarine in ... read more
Nelson's Dockyard tour
Open Blue, Fabiola and Progression
Jolly Harbour

Nous voilà enfin arrivés au 6 mars. Tout est prêt. Nous levons l’ancre vers 7h45 pour nous rendre au pont du côté français. Nous avons décidé de faire le tour de St-Martin par le nord avant de quitter cette île; question de voir à quoi ressemblent, vus de la mer, tous les endroits que nous avons visités par « terre » à cause des conditions météo défavorables. Nous ne sommes pas pressés car St-Barthélémy n’est qu’à 4 heures de navigation et notre tour de l’île ne rajoute qu’une heure au trajet. La seule contrainte est que le pont français n’ouvre que trois fois par jour, à 8h15, 14h30 et 17h30. L’ouverture du matin est la seule qui nous permette de faire la route que nous voulons dans les temps (arriver à destination avant le coucher du ... read more
La baie de Marigot vue de la mer
En contournant la pointe nord de St-Martin
Île Tintamarre en haut

Antigua: Swimming with the sting rays. Not to be missed!... read more

So, where have we been since our last blog entry? We left Jolly Harbour, Antigua on Sunday, May 13th (Mother’s Day) at 7:30AM and put our anchor down at Cocoa Point, Barbuda at 1:45PM – what a lovely sail it was! Yes, I know you may not believe it, but not all sails are lovely depending on the direction of the wind, the direction and size of the waves or the number of squalls you might encounter. Luckily this trip was a great one – we did see one squall coming so prepared for it, but luckily we only got some extra wind and a few rain drops as we skirted the edge of the squall. Barbuda is a very flat island with its highest point 125 feet above sea level, therefore difficult to see until ... read more
Net Fishing
Postcard or Reality?
Tsamaya at anchor

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