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We left Homosassa around 9AM this morning and headed to Charleston. After a couple stops on the way for gas and such, we arrived at our campsite around 5PM and tried to catch a cab into town. No luck, so we settled for watching movies and having pasta for dinner. Tomorrow we are heading into to do a couple of walking tours before going on a Ghost Tour of Charleston. We drove about 380 miles today, bringing the total to 2,575 of about 4,000 miles. We are now up to 34 states and Jason is on his 4th book. ... read more

North America » United States » Florida June 15th 2008

We got up and went to visit the Crystal River Archeological State Park. They have some Indian mounds and other Indian ruins from 500 BC and we walked around looking at everything. We took a couple pictures of Carrie and Sam standing on top of one of the mounds. We came across a rather large and pretty grasshopper and took his picture. From there it was off to the mall, so Sam could get in her daily shopping. Jason got a little bored and Carrie took his picture while he was goofing around. Lucky we were in the mall, as it started pouring just after we got into the mall. After we got back from the mall we took Grandpa out to dinner at a local restaurant to celebrate Father's Day. We drove no miles on ... read more
Goofin Off

North America » United States » Florida June 14th 2008

We left Eric’s around 10:30AM to head to Tampa to visit the Florida Aquarium. As we were walking to the aquarium from the RV, we realized that we had forgotten to grab the camera. Since we were almost to the front door, no one was willing to brave the long walk back across the parking lot to get it. So the only picture we have from the aquarium is the one they take when to you to the aquarium. I’ll take a picture of the picture and put it in the blog. The aquarium is fairly large and contains all type of ecosystem found in Florida, as well as, the fish, plants, and coral you’d find. They even have a tank where you can touch stingrays. In case you’re wondering, they feel like slimy rubber. After ... read more

North America » United States » Florida June 13th 2008

We got up late since Eric and Jason stayed up late talking. Eric made a great breakfast of bacon and eggs. We then relaxed until we went to Fort Myers to visit the Imaginarium Hands-On Museum and Aquarium. It was a little museum wit ha small hands-on aquarium where you could touch stingrays, hermit crabs, and shrimp. They also had a place to feed fish and see some tortoises. Another section contained a bunch of mind puzzles and various other hands-on exhibits. From there, we headed to Punta Gorda for dinner and to do some shopping. We ate dinner at Harpoon Harry’s and it was pretty good for bar food. We then went shopping at Fisherman’s Village and Sammie, of course, bought out the place. The village is located on Charlotte Harbor. We then headed back ... read more

North America » United States » Florida June 12th 2008

We left Claudia’s at 12:30PM and headed to my uncle Eric’s in Port Charlotte. On our way, we ran into some nasty wind and rain in the Everglades. We also ran very low on gas and had to try and locate a gas station. This first place we stopped was pretty scary, so we got a few gallons and got out of there quickly. We then stopped at a better place, although it cost $4.19 per gallon. Before we left, the wind and rain started. Lucky for Carrie, Jason was pumping the gas. Lucky for Jason, he was under the canopy and the motor home blocked the wind. We got to Eric’s at 4:30PM and sat down to relax. Eric had a pot roast cooking the crock-pot all day and we stuffed our faces with roast ... read more
Rain and Wind

North America » United States » Florida June 11th 2008

We didn’t do too much today. Carrie and Jason went swimming in the ocean and spent the day relaxing. Samantha and Claudia went and did some shopping for clothes. We went out and had a good dinner at The Waterway Café. The only excitement came earlier in the day. Carrie was putting on her swimsuit when she noticed a bump on her right side. It turned out to be a tick! After finding a good pair of tweezers, Jason managed to remove it and drop it in some alcohol to kill it. We think we got all the tick off and Carrie seems to be doing ok. We didn’t drive any miles today towards our trip, found no new plates, and just ate and relaxed all day. ... read more

North America » United States » Florida June 10th 2008

We checked out of Disney’s Wilderness Resort today and headed for Universal’s Islands of Adventure about 9AM. It was a great day. We rode the Spiderman Ride first. For it, we rode in a car while wearing 3D glasses. It was probably to best ride we went on the whole trip! Sammie’s new Fossil sunglasses got stuck in the pouch on her seat and they got to ride the ride again until they could get some scissors to cut them loose! After that, we went on Popeye’s White Water Rapids. Everyone got totally soaked! I hate walking around with wet socks and underwear. We did a few other things and then headed to the 8th Voyage of Sinbad Show. It was really good with lots of stunts, fighting, special effects, good actors, and was very funny. ... read more
The Look
Stunt Show
Stunt Show

North America » United States » Florida June 9th 2008

We left Valdosta and said goodbye to Georgia at about 8AM. We are heading to Orlando to visit Universal Studios. Ironically, we are staying at Disney’s Wilderness Resort. We got to the resort and checked in around 11AM. Obviously, they have no shuttle service to a non-Disney park, so we wake up the monster again and head to Universal. We get to the park; buy our tickets and head into the park. On our way in, they scanned our tickets and our right index finger. No clue why they scan our finger, however, ever since Carrie cut the tip of that finger off, no scanner will read it and so she got her right thumb scanned. After this delay we head into the park and begin to hit the rides and shows. We rode/saw: Revenge of ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia June 8th 2008

Well, things started off bad and only got worse. The shortest route from the campsite to Rose Creek Mine turned out not to be the fastest route. We ended going up and down every hill and mountain in the Smokey Mountains to get to the mine. On top of that, they were also having a biker rally and the roads were filled with fast driving, crazy passing, and obscene gesture-giving bikers. Not all was bad though. All the Harley riders seemed to be behaving themselves. Just after we got down the mountain, the motor home seemed to be going a little slower than it should be going. Turns out the brakes were overheating and were locking up. After we pulled over for a while, let the smoke clear, everything was back to normal. Once we got ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee June 7th 2008

We awoke early and were on the road at 9AM central to head for the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY. After finally finding it, we decided they must not want any visitors, as there were no signs indicating where it was located. We spent an hour or so at the museum enjoying the cool air and cool cars before starting off for our next campground in Knoxville, TN. We managed to get to the campground with no problems. We ended the day at 5:30 PM, after traveling 266 miles today. To date, we’ve traveled 889 miles of about 4,000 miles. ... read more
Corvette Museum
Corvette Museum
Corvette Museum

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