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15th May 2014

Keep traveling
Those who ask all the questions about why you want to travel are different from you and will never understand what you do. Enjoy. Happy travels.
15th May 2014

Yes, I figured the same...It takes one to know one, thanks! Happy and safe travels!
15th May 2014

Hello Jeremy
We enjoyed our time in Sanur. Lot of memories. Thanks.
5th May 2014
Beware of Porn

its like saying porn will kill you! love this
28th April 2014

Yes to RP's credit he didn't artificially inflate our expectations.
26th April 2014

"I was right about the...
0, 1, 15 and guy"
22nd April 2014

Hi Paul Yes if I remember correctly, it was on the road to Kebun Raya, which was a left turn from the highway from Cianjur (coming from the east). Bali Ubud guesthouse was on the left side of the road just a few hundred metres from the intersection of the Kebun Raya Rd and the highway. I remember telling the angkot driver Bali Ubud, and he knew where to drop me. Happy and safe travels!
22nd April 2014
Nauhang-Sugar Beach

Haha the kids looked so keen on doing it, and they were certainly delighted with the PHP20 I gave them! Yes it was an exhausting journey there, but sometimes that just makes the arrival even more satisfying. Having travelled for some time now, I've started to realise that part of the point is the exhausting journeys themselves...
14th April 2014

Ubud Bali Cibodas Guest House
Hi Jeremy, is this guest house easy to locate as there is no address in LP, is it near Kebun Raya Cibodas?
5th April 2014
Nauhang-Sugar Beach

you should've paddled it yourself!
to spare you from guilt and participating in child labor. but I don't blame you for not wanting to. The trip does sound exhausting with all the transfers. I wouldn't have bothered unless there was a free buffet at the end
27th March 2014

true that
ive only been travelling here in canada for 3 weeks and i feel so tired already. because i feel pressured to see something everyday so I dont waste time. but it is tiring
28th March 2014

Yes sometimes I feel that way as well, and then I remind myself that I don't have to jam every possible thing into the limited time I have. Better to go at a pace I'm comfortable with, and enjoy myself without the stress. Happy and safe travels!
19th March 2014

welcome back!
Thanks for visiting again. Hope you have a great time:)
22nd March 2014

Thanks, I'm sure I will!
13th March 2014

Great pictures!
I just discovered your blog and subscribed. If you get more time, I'd love to hear more about your experiences in Khon Kaen. You're pictures make it look like a great place to visit.
13th March 2014

Thanks Matthew. I can't say I'm particularly familiar with Khon Kaen, since I was essentially just passing through, on my way to the border with Laos, and therefore only spent three days there. But in general I found it to be a relaxed place, rather low-key, and to some extent centred around the sprawling university. Lots of mosquitoes though, especially during the night, so bring repellent!
4th March 2014
"The Whistle Group"

Really nice Thailand Holiday Destination
5th March 2014
"The Whistle Group"

Thanks, glad you like the blogs and photos. There'll be more to come! Happy travels!
4th March 2014

that island
first time I came to Thailand I was going to stay here--then heard there are lots of wild dogs--that did it for me--then Chose Koh Chang--have been going there ever since--some crowded popular beaches-you just have to find the right one
5th March 2014

Yes the wild dogs are absolutely true! But they weren't aggressive at all though, at least not the ones I encountered. Yes I was also told about Koh Chang, and how it's better. Hopefully I'll get a chance to visit sometime in the future. It's pretty close to the border with Cambodia, so might make for a good visa run pit stop!
22nd December 2013

Go to other northern cities other than bj. That may change your mind about the stereotype of northerners
26th December 2013

Haha yes and I'm sure you mean Xi-an! Anyway my brief experience in the south has already changed my stereotypes of mainland Chinese as a whole - that is, I shouldn't stereotype!
17th June 2013

Going on my list!
That place looks amazing! I've been looking for non-traditional tourist places in Indonesia and this looks perfect - just the experience of getting there alone may make it worth it. Would it be an ok place for a woman travelling alone?
17th June 2013

Yes I think it should be fine, the people there seemed friendly and genuine enough. But of course as a solo female traveller you should exercise the same caution as you would in most other places... Getting to the lake is certainly an experience itself! It's a short 1.5h bus ride from the nearest major town/ city of Bukittingi. Good luck and safe travels!

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