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Europe July 13th 2014

Scotland 1 July - 7 July 2014 1 July Tuesday Southampton, Edinburgh, Waterburn We flew from Southampton with a low cost airline called Flybe. Even though only a local flight in UK, security is as per international, ie no liquids over 100 mls and passport to be shown. Dave had the heaviest luggage weighing in at 19.7 kgs with the limit being 20 kgs. Very unusual for Dave who usually travels lighter than all. Smooth flight to Edinburgh of about 1 hour 10 mins on a Bombardier 400 Dash 8 (propellor jet). Unusual set up as Flybe advertise that it is 1.5 hours but have this deal where if they take longer then you get some sort of refund. The weather in Edinburgh was sunny and warm, a nice change from the past few days. We ... read more
Windlestraw room - not bad eh?
Windlestraw a dog's life
Selkirk streets

Europe » United Kingdom » England June 27th 2014

Europe London 27 June - 30 June 2014 Travel Blog 27 June - 30 June 2014 New Forest For those of you have been patiently waiting, here we go. Let's hope I can be more current in future, but I sure have some catching up to do. Enjoy. Having a problem getting photos in order. Will keep working on it. 26 June 2014 Getting ready for travelling took much longer than expected. After many sidetracks, Pam's packing eventually started very late in the evening and didn't finish until 2am. Pam tried to get an hours sleep but Dave didn't even bother since we had to be up at 3am to prepare for taxi. 27 June 2014 Friday Checking in for Emirates was a breeze. Before we knew it we were on our way to Dubais. Seats ... read more
20140628 2 Minstead The Trusty Servant
20140628 3 Minstead The Trusty Servant

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona April 29th 2012

9 Oct Sat Narbonne, then Barcelona An early start today, 7am, as we have a train to catch at 8:20am. It was even earlier than we planned to wake as there was a very noisy person in the upstairs hotel room who walked like an elephant for about an hour before our alarm went off. We arrived at the Narbonne station with heaps of time to spare, but stayed put inside the station as it was really cold and windy outside. Talk about a complete change from when we arrived in Narbonne two weeks ago. We bought some Muffins Mirabelle (blueberry) for breakfast, which turned out to be a great purchase as they were really fresh and light. When it was time to move to our platform, we were rapt as we didn’t have ... read more
20111009DIMG 0229 Banys Orientals hotel Barcelona
20111009P1000525 Barcelona Bilboa Berria Tapas
20111009P1000532 Barcelona

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon October 4th 2011

4 Oct Tues Carcassonne, Villesequelande Steve was heading back to London today, so we started with all having breakfast in La Place Carnot alongside the markets. We mostly had delicious omelettes, and Kath had pastries which she purchased from the markets. We bade farewell to Steve at 11am. He was catching a bus or train to the airport, then flying back to London. It was wonderful having him join us for a few days and especially the birthday celebration. The boys and girls then went their separate ways for a morning of shopping, the boys for provisions for the evening and the obligatory bar stop, and the girls for clothes and souvenir shopping. It was a very successful spree for Pam with several new blouses and t-shirts and a pair of long shorts, all ... read more
20111004DIMG 0106 La Place Carnot Caracassonne
20111004DIMG 0107 Breakfast with Steve La Place Carnot
20111004P1000448 Oldest elm tree Villesequelande

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon October 1st 2011

1 Oct Sat Trebes then Carcassonne We started the morning with wishing David and Helen happy birthday for their 60th. They both received birthday wishes from afar on their phones and facebook. Presents were exchanged and we had a quick cup of coffee before the hunting and gathering commenced. Off to the Le Boat office, finding a lavarie, and some goodies to make French toast for the birthday breakfast. After a few running repairs from Le Boat – mainly to the shower drainage, and procuring a gangplank to save our old legs from the wrench we have been experiencing all week jumping onto shore, we set off for Carcassonne at about 10am. After 1 or 2 locks, breakfast was ready in the galley so we stopped for a brunch feast at about 11am. We ... read more
20111001P1000369 Birthday breakfast
20111001P1000370 Steve joins us near Carcassonne
20111001DIMG 0005 Carcassonne Rail Bridge

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon September 28th 2011

28 Sep Wed We had a lovely quiet morning, and a late start as we had all had a chance to have a quiet sleep in. We had breakfast on the boat, then were about to head off when we had an electrical problem. Despite calls to Le Boat office and reading manuals, we were unable to fix it. The boat would still run but only on diesel and emergency power, so no water pumps working, and no thrusters that are needed when doing tight manoeuvres through bridges. This meant we had a few “exciting” moments including doing a loop de loop in front of an oncoming boat. Apparently this was something to do with avoiding a low branch and as a result losing control of the steering which is dicey at the best ... read more
20110928P1000253 River Cesse Aqueduct
20110928DIMG 0367 Cesse Aqueduct
20110928DIMG 0362 Cesse La Porte Minervoise

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon September 25th 2011

Canal de la Robine, Canal de Jonction et Canal du Midi 25 – 27 Sep 25 Sep Sun The remains of Sunday were focused on getting to know the boat and to start our canal journey. The Canal de la Robine is 31km long and we started on the edge of Narbonne at the PK9 mark. We are looking forward to a leisurely cruise with speed limits of 8 km/h. Could be interesting since nothing on the boat actually tells you what speed you are travelling. The banks of the old canal were designed for horse drawn barges and are fragile so we will take care. Another factor in our travel will be times in locks – apparently the average is 13 minutes. All the locks in the Robine and Jonction are ... read more
20110925DIMG 0263 nr Moussoulens and River lÁude
20110925DIMG 0266 PK0 Canal de Robine
20110925DIMG 0269 flood debris lÁude

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon September 24th 2011

Narbonne 24 Sep Sat We had an uneventful journey to Narbonne. After the first 2 hours there were many stops until after 4.5 hours we arrived at Narbonne. The train wasn’t quite as modern as from Paris, but it was fine. We couldn’t reach Helen & Rob, so we read the Plan de Narbonne at the station and decided to walk to Quai dÁlsace on the Canal de la Robine, despite our previous bag toting episodes. Luckily, only about 15 minutes later we arrived at Le Boat. The boat we hired is a Le Boat 1503, quite big at 49 feet by 15 feet (14.97m x 4.65m). Here is a link to a virtual tour . Helen, Rob, Dave and Kath had already been there a couple of hours and learnt all about how to ... read more
20110925DIMG 0219 Narbonne Le Boat
20110925DIMG 0228 Narbonne at Night
20110925DIMG 0232 Narbonne Merchants Bridge

Europe » France » Île-de-France September 22nd 2011

Paris 22 – 24 Sep 2011 22 Sep Thurs Paris We arrived at Gare du Nord on time. It was a very crowded train station. There were lots of gypsies who asked if we spoke English and would we like to sign their sheet for Deaf people – looked like organised pick pocketing to me. Dave and I debated whether to catch a taxi or use the Metro. Pam was keen on the taxi so it would be door to door and less hassle with the bags. The taxi queue was huge. Dave wasn’t happy and after 5 mins in the taxi queue and only a little movement, we changed our minds to use the Metro. We had purchased a book of Metro tickets (thanks Sally) so just needed to validate and board. Since the trip ... read more
20110922P1000067 Paris Pont padlocks for love
20110922P1000071 River Seine Paris
20110923P1000073 Musee dÓrsay

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London September 21st 2011

21 Sep 2011 Wed London Barry and Sally have gone back to work this morning. Sally gave us an Oyster card to catch the train to London Waterloo station. No real fixed plans other than to sort out our Europe train tickets, and then to go on the London Eye and/or to one of the Museums. Our first stop was to be the Eurostar office to change our tickets and buy some more for Spain. Number 1 Regent Street but where is it? Regent Street numbers start from 50 at Piccadilly Circus and the street on the other side has a different name. It is now drizzling and after pondering over unhelpful maps for some time, we decide to head down Regent St and see if the numbers restart. Somehow, we ended up in SOHO in ... read more
20110921P020 Trafalgar Square London No Guns sculptures
20110921P028 London Changing Guards
20110921P036 Waiting for London Eye

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