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Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen November 16th 2007

We didnát have english class Fridaz morning so we slept in. I woke up and did mz art paper, hung around the house--just relaxed. Around noon it hit me that I should probablz pack for Germanz. Me, sara, and mark were actuallly going to this Bremen place we still werenát sure actually existed. I was being terribly unproductive. I didnát pack, shower, or finish my art paper. and I was leaving at 1.30. whz was our bus elaving at 2 when our flight didnát leave until8? oh, zea, we let a boz bhandle that. haha I finished mz work and started packing, running out of time, i didnát shower. Sara and I got to the bus stop that was taking us to the airport ridiculous early. No mark...Heidi and Andrea were there to go to Barcelona. ... read more
our giraffes
the market at night
the market he next morning

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens November 11th 2007

I didn't want to wake up again late today since it was our last day in Greece. We found out from Dean that because of the whole Greek Orthodox 'Christian Thing' and he did use "air quotes" Saturday Night everything shuts down early to prepare for the dya of rest kind of thing. He then asked if me and Rose were sisters--the finny thing is we were just talking about how we wondered if people thought we were sisters. We slept through the 8 oclock alarm but were and out of there by 10. What sucks is that I had to carry my backpack around the city all day. At this point, it had to be 30 pounds with everything I bought. We got on the metro and headed to the Acropolis. It was beautiful out, ... read more
The Ampetheatre Thing
Photo 4

Europe » Greece » Attica » Piraeus November 10th 2007

I wake up to light coming in the window. I check my watch to see that it is 11.00 There's no way we slept in that late. We went to bed by 9 (average between the two of us and we are two hours ahead! Why did I switch my watch off 24 hour time. I'm to lazy to reach back and look out the window but i can see through the crack in the curtains that its 11 at night. I wake up again at two for cars honking and again at five and eight. I think we ended up rlling out of bed around 11...that isway more sleep thatn you should get on a given night...not to mention a lot of time to waste when only in Greece for two and a half days. ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens November 9th 2007

Thursday and Friday blends together. I had to wake up really early - of really late depending on how you look at it. I set my alarm for 1:30. There was no need in setting an alarm because sara was still awake and shaina was just ocming home. I got about three hours of sleep' a nap really, but enough to gie me the go for the next day. We walked briskly to Paddington Station to catch the bus to Victoria. I couldn't believe how bustling the city was at 3.00 in the morning. This isn't like New York City - the city that never sleeps, this was London, where last call on average is at 11.30pm. After buying tickets the night before and returning them becuase we thought they were wrong, we get to victoria ... read more
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Photo 3
Photo 4

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Windsor November 3rd 2007

We were up today at the crack of dawn, well, nine to head off to Windsor castle. It was much closer than I thought it would be. It was half an hour away by bus giving no time to catch up on some sleep. We went on an audio tour of the castle which took about two hours. William Conqueror chose the site for the castle nearly 1000 years ago. Everythin is exactly how it was when it was built in 1070 but some things have been rebuilt to make it sturdier and because of fires. We saw the room where they decide who becomes a knight and where the Queen continues to have dinner parties for special guests (my goal is to be invited there ) We saw where Henry VIII was buried and the ... read more
The Castle
Another part of the castle
The Guards

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Islington November 1st 2007

London Culture I should have realized or seen this so long ago. I have have been here a bit over two months and I just got the "AHA"Experience. I was working for the Postgraduate Open-house night at City University tonight for the Student Ambassador program. First of all the Student Ambassadors are equilivent to Student Council back in the states. We do odd jobs that need to be done around the school and represent the school in the process. It's pretty cool. At any rate I was a Marshal to make sure people didn't lost and answer any questions they may have had along the way. I was just thankful they didn't throw me in to give campus tours, I would have gotten a group of them lost! At any rate, the end of the night ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Oxford October 27th 2007

After the amazing Warwick castle we continued on our journey to Oxford, home to my future school. Acradia has a program there junior year but I hear its very difficult to get into. I"ll still try for it along with maybe going to grad school there (if I can get in) This was the typical college town. Lots of little stores and everything. All the people there were my age. Not like London where everyone is in their late 20s and early 30s and they are all in amazing jobs already. haha We bought our Oxford gear (i got a hat for when i go running) We ate at a pub but mostly just walked around. We ended up leaving and heading towards heathrow to find a place to stay for the night since the lady ... read more
looked pretty cool

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Warwickshire » Warwick October 27th 2007

Last night while chilling at the BnB where I got free internet (which is always a welcome as apposed to the 10 pounds an hour at most hotels) Mom flipped open the England Guide book leant to me from Cleo. It is the best book ever (it's published by lonely planet) She was like Warwick is only like 9 miles from here and there is a really old cool castle there. Lets go there tomorrow on our way to Oxford. I love lastminute trips like that. It was super easy to get anything else we get to the town with no problem and then we get there and spend forever actually finding te castle. you wouldn't think it would be that difficult because, well, it's a castle, how hard is it to miss. Well we ... read more
more castle
the town
torture device

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Warwickshire » Stratford-upon-Avon October 26th 2007

I was pretty excited that I didn't have english again this friday. not because I hate my english class, but becuase it meant I had the whole day to travel with my parents on their last weekend here. We left for Stratford-upon-avon. It didn't take very long to get there. It was such an adorable little town. It was where Shakespeare was born and died and was burried along with his wife and mother. You could walk down all the windy old streets that shakespeare did hundreds of years ago. This was the place where he was inspired to write everything he wrote. This is where he went to school and lived out the last of his years. We didn't get to see where he was burried because we got to the church just 15 minutes ... read more
the garden shakespeare lived out his final years in
the old houses

Europe » United Kingdom » England October 23rd 2007

We went to cheddar gorge. I guess they used to age the cheese in the caves or something like that. I don't remember excatly. And they found a skeleton that they called "Cheddar Man" It wasn't exactly what I thought it was going to be. We went on a hike thing which was cool because I was in the country for some fresh air. We didn't get to finish the entire hike because we were running out of time and we didn't want to have to try driving back to london tooo late. ... read more

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