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Who says you can't go home? It's a funny feeling, although I think the funny feeling comes from there being no feeling at all. It's weird. I spent four months away from home. Not just at University a few hours, a University across the ocean, thousands of miles away. For some reason, being back in the United States, in PA, in a room bymyself, with the most comfortable bed ever...isn't as exciting as I was expecting. I was excited about coming home. The charm had worn off London and about two weeks ago I realized i was ready to come home. But now that I'm here, it feels like I never left. Everything feels normal, like I just got back from a week vacation. There's taht eerie feeling about unpacking. Twenty-four hours ago I was in ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Rochester December 3rd 2007

OK, now I'm officially in the Christmas spirit! There was no real snow but they used bubbles. Not like regular soap suds haha It really looked like snow it was crazy plus it cleaned the town. We ate Thai which isn't Christmassy but we didn't care because it was delicious! Me, Andy, and Andrea roamed around. We went to the carnival that was on the castle gounds. It was so cool. We went on the crazy ferris wheel. It was bookin! The three of us went on it at one time. I don't know how we fit...seriously. My butt never actually touched the seat. I was sitting half on both of them. It was a good day.... read more
my garnish in the Thai Place
our feet haha
the snow

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London November 30th 2007

For 5 pounds I got o go Ice Skating at the Somerset House. It was so pretty with the CHristmas decorations and music. The only complaint was the pouring rain! It was something I'm not used to at CHristmas time. It stopped pouring when we were on the ice nice. I hadn't been ice skating since I was a little girl but I didn't do too bad, considering. I didn't fall! Me, Andy, and Rose got in the Christmas Spirit and were feeling the need to bake Christmas cookies. We ran to Tesco to get the gods and made cut out sugar cookies (Martha Stewart online recipe) They wer good! We didn't have cookie cuters or a rolling pin. We used the bread crumbs container to roll out the dough. A glass to cut out ... read more
The Somerset House
Skatin infront of the tree
andy me and rose

Europe » Czech Republic » South Moravian Region » Brno November 25th 2007

We were excited about spending time during the day in Brno. Last time we wer ther it was night time. We spent like 45 minutes trying to exchange money. Nobody would exchange my Serbian bills. Apparently, nobody goes to Serbia so it's not worth having the money exchange. So now I have 5,000 in Serbian bills. We went o the same area we were on Thursday night. Al the shops would be open this time. We roamed in and out of stores and really almost chilled out after the last few days. CJ lost her licence, ISIC card, and credit card in we think Vienna running to the train. It sucks but I told her it's better than losing it in the beginning of the trip. We ended up at what we refer to now as ... read more
Five Countries in Four Days 456
Five Countries in Four Days 444
Our Rescuer during the Trip

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna November 25th 2007

I jolted awake and relized we were stopped. I woke up CJ and we got of or our hour of roam time in Viena. All I wanted was breakfast in Vienna. I had been talking about it for days now. It was so cold out and everything was closed. I really hate shis whole Sunday closed stuff. It's mesing with my holiday. I like how London is on sunday, closed on Monday. It's agood setup. We ate breakfast at a cute place in the station because all the other restaurants out on the streets were closed. I got orange juice and the most amazing meal....sausage stuffed with chese wrapped in bacon...It was s amazing. After that we went to get some drinks from the gorcery store when I realized we needed to get the ... read more
Cute Street
The countryside from the train

Europe » Austria » Carinthia » Villach November 25th 2007

For starters, I still wasn't sure we were supposed to get off the train for the layover. It fel weird for some reason. It was freezing again, but whatelse is new? Pulling into the station, the town looked absolutely adorable. It's what I pictured a little Austrian town to look like. The station was completely dead except for a few weary stralers like ourselves. We headed outside and all I wanted was a nice cup of tea. We walked all up around through this quiet little town tha reminded me of home. It was all decorated for christmas and streets were lined with christmas ecorations and lights. I only wish we were around durin gth day to peruse the market and stands along the street. It has to be adorable. It makes me sad that I ... read more
Five Countries in Four Days 394
Five Countries in Four Days 391
Five Countries in Four Days 395

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb November 24th 2007

After the Italian ladies companion showed us the horse statue and the way to the city she ddeparrts and we are all smiles. We wasted what we didn't really realize was super precious time going to the info center, then the ticket booth with the semi-almost mean ladies and back to the info center twice. Going to the info center the third and last time was when we realized how precious time really was at this moment. We had 7 minutes to buy our tickets and find our train. Of course how there were two ladies infront of us ruining our lives. We got there and said "I need a ticket to Vienna that leaves like now, please." The woman looked at us and said "You CRAAZY" THe woman kicked the girl out of the seat ... read more

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade November 24th 2007

8:00am So, here we were in Serbia. Abruptly awoken by banging on the door to our cabin to inform us to get of the train we were the last stop. Jolted from sleep and thwo outside, I was very groggy, very freezing, and I realized I had to pee like nobody's buiness After we said goodbye to our friend I felt like we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off. I needed the toilet. We followed the WC signs which led to ourdoor Hickory Run-like toilets. I didn't like them in Pennsylvania...i doubt I'd like it in the Winter in Eastern Europe. Plus you had to pay and we didn't have this currency. So we go into the ticket office to buy tickets and they don't accept credit cards. We look for a ... read more
Grafiti Playground
Five Countries in Four Days 331
backyard shops

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest November 23rd 2007

We waited for our freezing train which came ten minutes late. We had no idea what do do. All I know is when we got on and found an empty cabin. It was warm and I was more than happy with it. It was so warm, but it started feeling colder the longer we were there. I layered up in everything warm I had. We passed out...well CJ did. I of course, couldn't sleep, but it felt good to just lay down. An hour or so later the guy came to check our passports which of course was on the bottom of CJ's bag. Where else is something when you need it other than the most inconvenient places ever. CJ informed me that ther were Nazi army guys that came in with flashlights. I did not ... read more
Five Countries in Four Days 083
me with the underarmour
the flags

Europe » Czech Republic » South Moravian Region » Brno November 22nd 2007

I finished the papers I needed to which means I have nothing to stress about on this awesome weekend holiday with CJ. That makes me happy. When I oke up today I laid in bed for half an hour. It was so comfortable and warm and I knew I wasn't going to be comfortable in a bed again...most likely until we got back home Sunday night. (You will find this ironic later) Walking to the tube station I realized how much I enjoy...really enjoy...London in the morning. It's cool and crisp, but the sun warms my cheeks. It even smells nice, like the worlsd hasn't been corrupted by the evils of the day yet. You would think this calm, sweet feeling of morning would be enough to get me out of bed earlier...I just can't do ... read more
Random cool place
Me and CJ wasting time

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