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18th December 2012

You are so right!
Meeting other TBers can be the highlight of a trip. Not sure when I'll make it to the Philippines, but when I do, I'll make sure we connect. Likewise, if you ever visit Colorado look us up.
15th December 2012

Enjoyed reading your blog
Hi, I enjoyed reading your blog. I especially liked the storyline you have weaved in, and the pretty photos of ancestral houses. I liked it so much, I have added a link to it on my own Heritage Silay blog. (See the \"further reading\" page.) Do drop into my blog, saunter around, read a paragraph or two, see the photos and if you like, you can write a comment too. Hope to visit Silay again, and see some more houses that you have described in your blog. David
12th December 2012

Wow, great adventure Tita Lili ! How I wish I had the same chance when I was younger. Do you think a Sr Citizen like me can still go for it?
12th December 2012

Sure you can!
It was hard work. But sure you can! Just go early enough. Part of my anxiety is having gone in late in the afternoon. Got out 7 PM already. Last batch to get in was 5pm and I didn't want them to overtake me nor for me to be the LAST one crawling out of the cave! [:)]
11th December 2012

spelunking 'aint a joke
proud of you tita :) and the guides truly are the most helpful. looking forward to the next part... x
12th December 2012

You fared way better, Tyn
Cave connection? You did that, didn't you, Tyn? I'd run out of energy for that!
11th December 2012

Daig mo pa ko. I've never done spelunking my whole life. :)
12th December 2012

I bet you'd do better!
My first too, Jay. Napasubo ako!!!!!
10th December 2012

Well Done!
Well done Lilram for doing the caving, it's pretty difficult for a 'young 'un' so it goes to show you are up there with them for having completed that! I found it quite difficult in places and felt the same sense of achievement as you did for having done it so good on you! Loved reading about it.. I was trying to imagine my mum doing it but it would never happen.. she'd have been crying at the entrance!
10th December 2012

You should have been there as I was coming out of the cave.....
My niece should have videotaped it! Hahaha. My sister did it around the same age I'm in now, and my nephews love retelling the story of how she cried or bawled!
10th December 2012

wow Tita Lili goes spelunking. I won't be surprise to read your scuba trip or bungee jumping escapade next time. Unfortunate though that it is no longer a UNESCO heritage site.
10th December 2012

Scuba diving and bungee jumping not for me. On the first, I wish I could. But I easily panic and can't even snorkel properly. On bungee jumping, I don't like the feeling of total loss of control. ;-)
30th October 2012

I will be in Bangkok next November 28 for 8 days. I have already been there. So 8 days for me will be a lot of time. I would like to do some short tours and then I will be free. Can you suggest or recommend a travel agency in Manila that could help me plan a very short trip with some excursions or day tours? Or perhaps you know someone who could help me plan something nice!!! This is my email: Hugs from Argentina. Graciela.
27th October 2012

great and amazed
great picture this year i make it appoint to see the beauty of angono rizal.
19th October 2012

Hello Liliram, I slipped into this site of yours after a tweet from Ivan Henares re: the crumbling Rizal ancestral house in Biñan which, I believe, is to be defragmented (or have been defragmented now? Im not sure what time i am in) and then pieced again together here in this peachy theme park/estate of the Acuzars. Now I have no idea about their dynasty and have never been there in that "Ciudad." But I'm in disbelief, for a single individual to have an idea as exorbitant as this parkland -- he/she must be bloated with affluence. Stinking rich! But now I guess Miguel Galvez's opinion up there settles my curiosity. Now my reply to Ivan is, 'That theme park somewhere in Bataan? That is a mockery to our national heritage.' (A blatant one.) You go figure. You Filipinos go figure.
1st October 2012

Another great adventure.
Keep 'em coming, Lili. That's one still on my wish list along with the wilderbeast migration in the Serengeti! There's no holding you! David
2nd October 2012

Thanks, David
Thanks. Hey, where are you guys now?
20th September 2012

Very nice presentation of city of Manila, I miss those places you have here in your site. I've been in those places long time ago
and hoping to see them again next year. Cheers
22nd September 2012

Hi susana
Thanks for dropping by. I sooo love Binondo. I go there even by myself just to walk the busy streets and smelling the aroma of street foods!
14th September 2012

day tour
Hello, I visited the link you attached in your blog, however they didn't say that they charge a fee for day tours. All are wedding packages and room reservations. Just wondering if they have day tour fees? Thanks:)
12th September 2012

bicol express
wow i miss that food
10th September 2012

Interesting African adventure! Care to let me know how you arranged this itinerary?
12th September 2012

Sent ou an email, Bert

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