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9th September 2012
Right by the Edge

Wow...what a fabulous trip to Vic look pretty pleased and content
8th September 2012

Your first safari!
There is something very special about an African safari, and I was informed that a person will always remember the first animal they sight on safari, but not the second (my first was a zebra, but I cannot recall the second!) Glad that your walk away from the vehicle avoided the most dangerous animals (elephant and hippo) so that you can continue to travel, blog and live life to its fullest!
10th September 2012

Thanks, Shane.
I do remember. But only because they were all spotted nearly at same time. Wildebeest and rhinos together. Then the warthogs, impalas and giraffes almost in succession. But I have yet to meet a leopard!
7th September 2012

Excellent Information
Hi...luckily i have found your blog...The information in your blog is so useful for tourists.
7th September 2012

Happy to Know that!
Just got back from Zambia. Glad to know the blog has been useful. You'd like Zambia. so much to do there.
6th September 2012

The land of the Thunder Dragon
What a lovely post!! This brings memories of Bhutan flooding back to me....The Bhutanese are such wonderful hosts whose collective happiness is so infectious. As for the phallic symbolism, well it certainly stands out proudly!!
6th September 2012

Thanks, Brice
Yes, Bhutan ranks up there in my best travel experiences. More than the sights, it's people and their culture touched me in a deep, spiritual way.
6th September 2012
Don't Mess With This Fella

Great wildlife pics Lilliram...can feel your excitement & shaking hands.
6th September 2012

Great blog Liliram! Now you have me wanting to visit Africa more! Can't wait. You took some great pictures too. I love how you think 9 celsius is wintery cold!!
6th September 2012

From the tropics....
This old hag from the tropics thinks winter anytime temp goes single digit! I'm home now, nursing my scaly skin. Hahaha
5th September 2012

South African Safari
Your writing improves in leaps-and-bounds! A great Blog, a truly memorable experience - and some super photos.
6th September 2012

Makes my day!
Waking up late this morn and finding your comment makes my day. Thank you for the kind words, David. Lalala lalala. :-)
5th September 2012

What a wonderful experience
We have not been on safari yet-- we must do that soon. Great photos.
5th September 2012
Rhino In Front of Us!

beautiful african colours :)
3rd September 2012

congrats lili!
sorry i'm a little late to the party - but a very big congratulations to you lili! =) i wasn't surprised at all to read you'd reached 100,000 hits (and probably lots more than that by now) - you write such great blogs, with beautiful photos, about fascinating places. looking forward to lots more vicarious travel goodness from you in the future too!
4th September 2012

Never too late, Michael.
Happy to hear from you! We've been missing you here in Travel Blog. Thanks for the kind words. Stay well.:-)
3rd September 2012

Oysters for brekky?
We didn't eat them for breakfast but we did do the oyster thing in Knysna in 1994. Ah memories.
3rd September 2012

Fond Memories........
Indeed. Quite honestly, I enjoyed all my breakfasts from South Africa to Zambia. Or perhaps I'm just so obsessed with food :))
31st August 2012

Knysna...and Twelve know your way around life!
Love this entry...and made me laugh a tonight, Leslie and I are trying our first Argentinan Oysters! Food...well....we had a little celebration yesterday...lunch in the best peruvian restaurant in BA...and the best steak place in I'm 100% with you! For your info, Knysna has also one of the best golf course in SA...I love it! I'm in JNB this Monday morning early...would be fun to bump in each others! Take care my friend...I is good!
4th September 2012

You're in Jo'burg?
what? we missed each other again? i'm back home now, Peter. i so love africa. need to save up for another trip. so much i missed in the short trip i made. stay well, my friend!
27th August 2012
The Lion's Head

I like it
Nice atmosphere with this one
27th August 2012

Welcome to South Africa
Lovely to read about and see our country and culinary delicacies through someone else's eyes! Enjoy your visit and hope you will make it further inland as well - lots to see.
29th August 2012

Lots to see indeed!
Need another visit, and then another, to see everything. Perhaps a longer stay. You're so blessed to have so much beauty around you!
23rd August 2012

Great blog!
Enjoyed reading your blog, and was tickled pink seeing a picture of me and my kids in those awesome costumes. My childhood was punctuated by almost annual visits to this ancestral home during the May Pahiyas Festival. Glad you had a good time. Thanks!

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