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5th October 2011

looks like a great vacation...thanks for sharing :)
28th September 2011

That looks amazing, Cheryl. Your pie looks fantastic. Gee, if you have no chef skills I would be in even more trouble!
From Blog: Divina Cucina
26th September 2011

You were doing well then, compared to Italy, although today the bike tour fellow said if they beep when they pass they are just letting us know they are passing, not trying to hurry us up. Think it is different when you are in a car though. I wish I had the video camera running sometimes, they just add a lane, by squeezing up between you and another car, leave the roundabout from the inside lane, overtake on crazy blind corners where there is no room and no way to tell what is coming, but it is just the norm here. John is getting the swing on it, and now we just honk back and wave hello.
25th September 2011

You Poor Things
What a nightmare and I thought getting beeped at in Canberra while gawking at Parliament House while going around the roundabout was bad!!!! Nicola said I did OK as I was beeped at twice and only swore once. The scenery is magical. I hope the rest of your time doesn't involve crazy driving. Take care. Love the pics
22nd September 2011

Hi Don & Raelee, Glad you are enjoying the photos. We are certainly seeing some lovely scenery. Pity I can't upload all my photos. I keep running out of memory on the laptop and have to go back and delete more.
22nd September 2011

Love the beautiful pics Cheryl. Beautiful scenery. Sound like you are having a fantastic time. Keep it up. Love from your Gunnedah family xxx
16th September 2011

Isn't it typical. Everywhere else a 'grande' beer was just like a large red wine glass, so this one was a shock! It was one litre!
From Blog: Como visit
14th September 2011

No wonder you have a huge smile John....look at the size of that beer! :)
From Blog: Como visit
12th September 2011

Lake Orta
I loved your pics and think that Italian lakes are just fab. I am from Lake Orta, which is the nearby lake if you fancy coming back we rent a flat villa fortis apartment We would love to host you there...
9th September 2011

Really really nasty time we are having! Yes, Paris, and here have been good picks of accomodation. We are worried about the next one, as the reviews were good when we booked but in August about 5 bad reviews were put on, so hoping it was just that is we peak season and too busy to cope with all demands.
9th September 2011
The front of our hotel

You have picked you accomodation well it all looks just so beautiful! I just know you are having a terrible time.
8th September 2011

Cecilia, how disappointing I am to you, I could hardly walk by the time we got to the Louvre, and hobbled around. I loved the Degas's the most, and the pre-raphealites are always my favs, but sorry I don't remember the Corbet paintings. Was very disappointed to find that the Louvre was closed on a Tuesday, so I missed the Mona Lisa also! I have thought of you lots when looking at the art and sculptures. Cheryl
8th September 2011

Uncle mark told me u had no internet connection but I\'ll type anyway I love the Eiffel tower pics and the gardens and i knew you would buy something at the shops love u and miss u love bella
From Blog: Paris Day 2
7th September 2011

Enjoy it my Gorgeous friend
I got tears in my eyes when I saw my name in your journal. Thanks Cheryl…I would have loved to view all those amazing artworks with you. At the moment I am studding Gustave Courbet, a French activist full of political views just like me. Go and look at his paintings in the Musée d\'Orsay. You will find a lot of the Impressionist paintings there too…specially Vincent van Gogh. Don’t forget to go to the Louve and look at the Mona Lisa. Then go for some retail therapy at Lafayette. The Galeries Lafayette is a French department store. Explore and enjoy. Cecilia
7th September 2011

Looking good there John relaxing in front of your weekender!!!!! Sounds wonderful Cheryl would love to be there with you shopping the Handbags would suit me and the jewellery. Would be nice to just soak in the atmosphere. The buildings, art etc. Take care and enjoy
From Blog: Paris Day 2
7th September 2011

Hi John and Cheryl Mark kindly emailed your Blog link. Have a wonderful time will look forward to following your fantastic trip Love the photos Cheryl .Take care Love Raelee xx
6th September 2011

Your photos bring back so many memories. they get the cars in by leaving the hand break off and shunting the car in front and behind, check the bumpers out! If you get to the Louvre head for Napoleons Quarters and work your way back (my tip). Keep up the good work with the blogs.
5th September 2011

Hi !!!!!
Hi Love the photos and ur cankles and obviously the Bella Stella We knew you couldn't help yourselves with the mussels We just had delicious dinner and got home from swimming Love you lots Bella and Bazza Have fun!!!!!!!

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