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Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Aix-les-Bains September 22nd 2013

Wed 18th September Baveno to Aix les Bains, France 239 miles It was cloudy with sun when we woke up, so after packing up and saying goodbye to our neighbours, we headed off – in the wrong direction towards Milan and Genova!! After a string of tunnels eventually we were able to turn around and head north towards the Simplon Pass. We climbed steadily up through the valley with some magnificent views of the villages, waterfalls everywhere, raging torrents of rivers after yesterdays snow, cows with their cow bells and cloud hanging across the mountain tops! We soon reached the snowline and summit of the Simplon Pass at 2005 metres where the sun shone on the gleaming white snow capped mountains! (ok – so there was a bit of cloud around as well....and we did have ... read more
Top of Simplon Pass
Sully-sur-Loire Chateau

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Baveno September 18th 2013

Sun 15th Sept Peschiera, Lake Garda to Menaggio, Lake Como 108miles No thunderstorm but it was hazy cloud the next morning and a bit brighter so drove in early to Sirmione which is a peninsula that juts out 4km into Lake Garda. Greeted by an impressive turreted C13th castle and moat, and then walked out to the end of the peninsula, past the hot bubbling sulphur springs in the lake. The peninsula used to be a Roman settlement, set within ancient olive groves and Cyprus trees so it made a very pleasant stroll around! Massive queue of cars trying to get to the head of the peninsula as we were leaving so I’m glad we went early! By now it had clouded over and rain was threatening so we got onto the A4-E70 motorway until Bergamo ... read more
Our derelict campsite!!
dropping down into the valley

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice September 16th 2013

Wed 11th Sept Bled to Lido di Jesolo 202 miles It rained all night and was still raining when we woke up at 8.00am with more rain forecast so that was time for us to move on. Took the wrong road out of Bled (I didnt want to put us inadvertently on a Motorway and incur a fine! – well – thats my excuse!!) and went via Spodnje Gorje to the main road where we then headed, in error, towards Radnovlica instead of Kranjska Gora! Its not easy when you haven’t got a Sovenia map, there is no sun for any sense of direction and the names are just soooo difficult! The only good thing was that it stopped raining as soon as we were away from Bled!! But it was gone 11.00am when we crossed ... read more
over the mountains of Slovenia
St Marks Square from the WaterTaxi
Bassano del Grappa

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Weer September 10th 2013

MOUNTAINS! Austria, Germany and Slovenia Sat 7th Sept Innsbruck to Berchtesgaden 110 miles Heard the church bells chime at 5.00am, then loads of church bells at 6.00am, then cow bells from the cows along the lane at 7.00am so gave up and got up!! A beautiful morning after the heavy thunderstorm we had yesterday evening. After breakfast, opened my Birthday cards and presents including special nail varnish, earings and a kitch musical snow globe of Neuschwanstein Castle .......mmmmm. We carried along the valley on the B171 to Worgl. Such beautiful scenery with mountains both sides, huge massive peaks in the distance and lovely wooden chalet type homes and hotels with masses of coloured geraniums and petunias! Turned on to the 178 towards St Johann, steadily climbing all the time. Chris thought that the brakes felt a ... read more
Konigsee (2)
Chris & Mozart

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Rothenburg ob der Tauber September 6th 2013

ROMANTICHE STRASSE Thurs 5th Sept Rothenburg to Fussen 168 miles Up at 7.30am as another long driving day down the “Romantic Road” of Germany! They call it the ‘real’ Germany and was a brilliant invention of post-War tourism loosely based on an old Roman trade route from Wurzburg to Fussen. It promised us stretches of pillowy hillsides, cobblestoned villages, medieval walled towns, arched gateways, gothic cathedrals, baroque palaces and whimsical castles! Definitely the highlight of the route was our first stop at Rothenburg ob der Tauber and a definite wow factor! Entered at the north gate ( I think!) and then walked on the wooden covered walkway to the south gate! Fine views of the red rooftops, pretty medieval houses and the old church towers. Amazing fortification of the city with three gates on the south ... read more
Rothenburg (1)
Chris on the walls at Rothenburg

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Bacharach September 4th 2013

Monday 2nd Sept Cologne to Pommern, Mosel Valley 96 miles RHINE & MOSELLE VALLEY Left the campsite at 9.15am and drove via Bruhl, Wesseling and Bonn (all very built up and quite horrible drive with a congloberation of motorways!!) and eventually got to Konigswinter, which in comparison was surprisingly quite pretty! Found the cog train comparatively easily, considering the lack of signs and paid the 10 euros for the return journey to the ruins of Kongswinter castle. Fantastic views of the Upper Rhine although still a little hazy in the distance. Not much of the old ruined castle left but still good to see! Drove through Linz and had our lunch stop at Bad Honnigen which also proved to be a pretty little village that went right down to the waters edge. Lots of old half ... read more
Drachenfels railway - us sat in front seat!
Chris feeding ducks at Bad Honnigen, Upper Rhine (1)
Castle at Alken, Mosel

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels September 2nd 2013

Fri Aug 30th 2013 Arrived in Dunkirk after an uneventful drive from Bristol. It was a Friday afternoon and we were (needlessly!!) a little concerned about the traffic, but apart from a bit of heavy traffic on the M25 the traffic was fine. Had a couple of stops and the whole journey to Dover took about 5 1/2hrs. We were hoping we may have got on the earlier 4.00pm ferry but ended up on the 6.00pm one, which we had booked. After a 2hr ferry crossing, and as it was nearly dark, we camped in the car park at the Ferry Port along with all the other campervans! Sat Aug 31st Early start, the passenger seat mechanism is broke so I am now sat in one of the rear seats, but we are hoping to find ... read more
Grand Place, Brussels 1
Chris eating waffle
Mannekin Pis

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Flåm June 7th 2013

31st May 2013 – 7th June 2013 This is not our usual sort of trip and as it’s all organised I’m not sure there will be too much to write about but we are off on a P & O Cruise to Norway on Oceana for 7 nights! It’s our first trip away for quite a while and I’m quite excited, and just thankful to be able to get away at long last! We haven’t ever been on a cruise before and have never been to Norway – so a couple of ‘firsts’! Ok..............I’m quite impressed!! The journey down to Southampton was fine, finding Terminal 4, no problem, check in was amazingly efficient – you drive in, unload your luggage, a guy appears and takes your luggage away and then you just drive your car into ... read more
Leaving Flam
leaving Southampton
The Atrium, Oceana

Europe » France » Centre July 7th 2012

3rd July 2012 Had an early start hoping to get north a little bit and also wanted to make the most of our last day of forecasted sunshine! Got some organic vegetables from Ispagnac market garden stall before taking the N106 towards Mende. It wasn’t the ‘fast’ road we were hoping for as the road twisted up and up to another ‘Port’ at 1046 metres high and then down again into Mende. Carried on along the N88 to Langogne where we stopped to buy our lunch bagette and had a look at the local market and 12thC obligatory church! We were now in the Auvergne region of France which appears to be on a very high plateau with hills, some of them formed by volcanoes. It makes for a very pleasant green landscape with far reaching ... read more
The Cloisters
Rock & Chapel of St Michael
Inside the Church at Vichy

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