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North America » United States » Iowa May 15th 2004

You can say that there are three things one can do during their college life. One, go Greek. Two, do a study abroad. Three, go on a spring break. I feel fortunate that I've done all three, and I enjoyed every minutes of it. There is something about college life; not just going to class and studying, but also enjoying it through being active in campus activities and many clubs, meeting new people that are in your shoes. Finally I graduated with a landscape architecture degree. As I have to depart from my beloved home in Ames, Iowa for the real world in Atlanta, Georgia, I brace myself to look back at my years at Iowa State. ... read more
State of Iowa capitol
Campus Services
Destination: Iowa State 2002

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston March 18th 2004

Without any doubt, Boston is a young-feeling and sophisticated city, judging by its nature of being the home of world’s many prestigious colleges and universities: Harvard, MIT and Boston College to name a few. I’m back in Boston again to continue on with our landscape studio’s project site observation of the Parcel 18 Big Dig. Arrived in Boston Chinatown with a four-hour bus ride from NYC Chinatown, I weaved my way through familiar streetscape of Boston to meet up with Adam at the Central Fraternity Office in Lewis Wharf. After depositing my bags at the CFO, I took off for a couple of hours to do the site observation. Part of our studio group’s interest lies within the Boston historical landmark of Custom House, which sits next to the distinctive Grain Exchange Building, used to mark ... read more
Trinity Church
Parcel 18 Big Dig
Custom House

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan March 11th 2004

Crossing over the Hudson via Brooklyn Bridge to Heather’s place in Brooklyn, I looked out from our subway car window over our shoulders and saw the illuminated Manhattan skylines behind us. Ah, we are in New York City again. Beau and I landed in Lombardia this evening from a rough plane ride and we managed to figure out how to ride the subway to Brooklyn, where we will be staying for the next few days. The NYC subway is a very extensive system, with $21 for a five-day pass. This should be an exciting adventure in the Big Apple, as always. We started our journey after spending a night in Brooklyn from the notorious Harlem, north of the Central Park, through the lush forest of Manhattan. It’s hard to believe that we survived walking in chaotic ... read more
Guggenheim Museum
the Met steps
Temple of Dendur

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston February 6th 2004

Wednesday, February 4, 2004 - Boston, Massachusetts After a layover in Chicago O’Hare from Des Moines, Iowa airport, we finally set a foot in Boston’s Logan Airport. Several people from the studio decided to approach Downtown in style by the classic Boston Harbor ferry, but we decided to ride a quicker way of Boston’s famous and efficient subway system, the ‘T’. The Red Line brought us to City of Cambridge, north of downtown Boston, and we checked into our room at the Radisson Cambridge, several blocks away from the main M.I.T. campus. We will be in Boston for four days, as part of our senior architecture studio field trip. The objective of our trip is to observe the controversial Big Dig project, or the Central Artery/Tunnel Project, which crowns the honor of being the costliest single ... read more
Boston Cream Pie
Snow crab legs
Rowes Wharf

North America » United States » Iowa » Ames » Iowa State University December 9th 2003

Iowa could be harsh in the winter. This is what I like to do: waking up in the morning around 4am, going to the Campus Services HQ, and helping out the full timer to clean out the snow off sidewalks and stairs. What can I say? I am a winter guy. ... read more
Theta Delta Chi house
Delta Upsilon house
Richardson Halls

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 15th 2003

After arrived in Paris main train station from Brussels and then the d’Artagnan Hostel (luckily, we still got our reservations at the fully booked hostel), we took off around 8:30 pm for dinner around the Champs-Elysées, where the Eiffel Tower is. To get there, we need to transfer the Metro twice, and it took us more than an hour just to get to the area. Our hostel is located in the East Paris, and the Eiffel tower is, of course, on the west side of Paris. We were hoping to find an inexpensive restaurant around the area at this hour. First incident in Paris with a Chinese restaurant We arrived at Eiffel Tower base around ten, just enough to see the ten o’clock show with flashing lights for about ten minutes. After the show, we ended ... read more
Arc de Triomphe
Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris
Jules Verne restaurant

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels August 13th 2003

Wednesday, August 13, 2003 - Brussels, Belgium What’s up with Europe and pickpocket? This is my third personal encounter with pickpockets through our backpack journey in Europe. Ko Sing drove us to Zaandam Centraal around 7:20am to catch a train to Brussels via Amsterdam. When our 8:23am train finally arrived in Amsterdam Centraal platform, we were boarding the second class passenger car in order: Jason and Ryan stood in front of me, making me an easy target for thieves, as my backpack hanging loosely behind my back without anybody worthy keeping an eye on it. My big mistake is that I didn’t pay much attention of my surroundings, as we were distracted by people getting off and on the train, while trying to secure the best seats on the passenger car for ourselves. And surely enough, ... read more
City Hall
A peeing boy: Manneken-Pis

Europe » Netherlands August 12th 2003

Well, tell you what. I have relatives in the Netherlands, and this trip is a good opportunity to reconnect with my other side of family. Dad is the youngest of all seven kids; Grandpa and my oldest uncle were killed in the 1940s during Japanese occupation when dad was three years old. Twako (lit. means “the oldest aunt” in Chinese Fujian dialek) is the oldest sibling, and she took care of the rest of the kids, and she naturally became a second mother for my dad. During the Indonesian revolution in 1960s, she, along with another aunt, immigrated to the Netherlands with all of their family of total seven children. Twako has four kids, Ci Irene (my dad’s old playing mate before she moved to the Netherlands), Ci Wie Mei, and Ko Maarten, all of whom ... read more
Amsterdam canal
Zaanse Schans
Klompen for sale

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin August 8th 2003

Ich bin ein Berliner -JFK, 1963. (A famous speech: ‘I am a jelly donut’ by President John F. Kennedy while visiting Berlin in 1963. We’re pretty sure what he meant was ‘I am a Berliner’, referring to a person from Berlin. ‘Berliner’ is a German word for ‘jelly donut’.) Wednesday, August 6, 2003 Berlin, Germany: a surviving city Brandenburger Tor, or the Brandenburg Gate, is no doubt an ideal place to start our Berlin adventure. This gate has etched many significant Berliner (and thus, German) events since its completion in 1791 by the Prussian Emperor. Or if you will, it served as the ‘triumphal arch’ of notorious Nazi Regime that chose Berlin as its headquarters in late 1930s and early 1940s. Ironically, beautiful stretch of Straße Unter den Linden that terminates at the gate reminds me ... read more
Dem Deutschen Volke

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague August 6th 2003

One can tell whether he’s in an Eastern European country by riding the train. In contrast to its western counterpart, trains from Nürnberg in Germany to Prague is an older train with no air conditioner; although there was no delay or major problems, you can tell that they could replace the rails so that the ride would be a smoother, efficient, and faster one. At least this is what I think. The six hour Czech train ride turned out to be an interesting one. Immigration takes place on the train, with two sets of immigration officers screening through the train completely. The first set was two burly and intimidated German officers in their uniform that reminds me of Nazi officers, stamping out everybody’s passports with the EU-Germany exit stamp. Behind them were two Czech Immigration officers ... read more
Grand Hotel Europe, Prague
Dusk over Prague
Prague at night

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