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North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Buckhead December 21st 2005

Finally, after 6+ months of planning and organizing, we’re about to embark our backpacking journey to South America. The fun part of trip planning is over, replaced by the fact that it is time to do it all, as said and planned. Tomorrow, my roommate Ryan and I will be going abroad again. Waiting for my Argentina visa was nerve wrecking, but after three months of anticipation, finally my Argentine visa is approved at the last minute. So the good news is that I am in possession of three visas (Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil), and an approved one to be picked up at the Embassy of Uruguay once we arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Now for sure, we are switching back to plan A: Argentina/Uruguay instead of plan B: Chile/Paraguay. Familiar tingling feelings of joy, excitement, ... read more
We're ready!
I am ready

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta November 29th 2005

My sportsmanship was put to the test today by attending another famous Atlantan game. This time, I had an opportunity to see the Atlanta Thrashers ice hockey game, which is playing the Carolinas Hurricanes. I was embracing myself to stepping into the Phillips Arena threshold, after riding the unconvinient MARTA from Lindbergh Center where Jon parked his car. I have to admit, although I lived in Iowa for several years and hung out with lots of Minnesotan and some Canadians, ice hockey was the least sport I was interested in. Looking back, I wish I had more enthusiastic attitute towards the game, so I wouldn't be so lost in the ocean of Thrashers fans today. Upon our entrance to the arena, we were given a pair of hockey slaps and a "Welcome to the Blueland" Atlanta ... read more
The modern gladiator
From the "Welcome to Blueland"
Let the game begins

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Midtown November 25th 2005

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! After work, four of us were heading down to the Alexander Memorial Coliseum to watch Georgia Tech basketball. GA Tech was playing the University of Illinois - Chicago. Even though I wasn't familiar with either team, but I could feel the GA Tech college spirit in the air. The cheers, mascot, band, and college students - all resembled the same athmosphere I could relate myself with the Iowa State Cyclones back in Ames, Iowa, not a long time ago. I remember my old days of trying out the Iowa State Cyclones mascot, attending college basketball games at the Hilton Coliseum, and cheering for our team. All is too familiar for me. (even though GA Tech lost to the underdog Fighting Illi). College sports are a strange thing. I guess this is one thing ... read more
Penalty shot
Cheerleading action

North America » United States » Georgia » Conyers November 5th 2005

American Civil War was over for more than 150 years, but the spirit behind the history and what it stands for the people here in the south are still alive in Confederate states. Even though Atlanta is considered as a melting pot modern city, it still located in the Deep South; lots of Yankees have moved into the South, Confederates are still lurking around and live by what they believe. Last week, my co-worker Nathan mentioned about the annual civil war re-enactment event in Conyers, GA, where he lives. The event is, of course, a Deep South customed, with no where else in the world this would be done (except maybe in Gettysburg, PA). People are coming from all over the nation, most of them are to become re-enactments, an opportunity to live in history. The ... read more
War strategizing
Union soldiers
Union artillery

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Buckhead October 30th 2005

A day before Halloween - and nothing is happening at our place. True, in a sense that our place becomes deserted and fits the theme of a graveyard of Halloween. Happy with the situation, I finally find some time to compile my past journals in this fabulous I have been busy with the entries for several days now, when I realized that I haven't have much to say about Atlanta, Georgia, where I live. Work Work is very interesting; a lot of stuff is going on, with many projects and datelines scattered all around us. With 150+ employees, we still need many architects, as Atlanta is building everywhere. disclaimer. you can skip the following paragraph, as I will mention things that probably won't make sense to anyone. Some updates on projects I have been working ... read more
Living room
Do I look fit?

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta August 27th 2005

Saturday, July 30, 2005 - Turner's Field, Atlanta, GA Lexus Pavillion at the Turners Field, Home of the Braves is our destination for today. Our company has a banquet and baseball game function, and after some good food, booze and mingle picnic with some other co-workers and their family, it turned out that our seats are very satisfying. My buddy Foxie, who is a big fan of the Braves, has faithfully called me and wondered how on earth I had never been in Atlanta Braves game before, but finally I'm here at the edge of my seat, watching the game in delight and trying my best to figure out on what is going on in the field, and having a good time at the same time. Doing the famous Tomahawk Chop at the Home of the ... read more
Atlanta Braves Scoreboard
A player in action
Turners Field baseball diamond

North America » United States » Florida July 2nd 2005

Fourth of July weekend is a good time to visit the Florida Panhandle, of course if there is no hurricane watch on the way. Luckily we managed to do it without getting any troubles. Starting from Atlanta at 10.15am with a Cobb County rental car, we drove through a busy traffic of Atlanta in the hot humid Georgian weather. There are two things I enjoy the most riding this rental car. First, air conditioning is running and kicking, unlike Ryan's red 97 Grand Am we were accustom to driving around Atlanta. Second, my iPod transmitter turns out to be a perfect tool to listen to good songs driving south at I-75 to Tallahassee, the capital of Florida. I was slightly disappointed when we had to drive through the Georgia/Florida border without stopping or taking pictures at ... read more
Florida State Capitol
Jump! Jump! Jump!
Bradley's Country Store

Well. Seth and Jodie's wedding is a good excuse to go back to Iowa, seeing all my fraternity buddies, the ol' fraternity house and Iowa State campus once again. I didn't realize how much I miss seeing the ISU campus, minus the students, now out for summer break. At least this is what I do: walking around the area and having a good nostalgic moment of my student years at Iowa State.... read more
Beardshear Hall
Norway Spruce

North America » United States » Georgia » Kennesaw March 13th 2005

I've always heard about this historical park, where several Civil War major battles occured. Thus, I had a huge expectation on what to see and to experience in this park. Spring was on the air, and the park was packed with people. According to the park ranger, this wasn't busy at all compared to later in the spring/summer. Riight, so I made a mental note not to visit Kennesaw during that time. We climbed up the Kennesaw Mountain peak, one mile off the Visitor Center. We passed by many different kinds of people, starting from the typical old tourist couple with huge cameras hanging off their necks, crying baby in a stroller pushed up the hill by its obese mom, 7 year-old kid playing 20 questions with his dad, and some young backpack adventurers eager to ... read more
Atlanta Ice Storm
Magnolia blooming
Ready?  FIRE!

Beaufort (pronounced Byu-fert) is located at the heart of the Low Country of South Carolina. Just like the typical southern town, Beaufort is filled with Spanish Moss hanging off from any visible brances in any trees, old and new. As we were driving around the town to see annabellum houses across a lake and historical structures, we noticed that strong influence of Marine Corps was evident throughout the town. Parris Island (the Marine Corps Recruitment Depot) is only miles away. Parris Island is one of two locations, apart from MCRD San Diego California, where the recruit Marines go to bootcamp. Every recruits from east of the Mississippi River and all women have to fulfil their bootcamp in this island. After passing through the full inspection routine at the entrance of the island by a young Marine, ... read more

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