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15th April 2011

I'm so very proud of my little sister
Thank you dear sister for sharing your AMAZING story! I love your writing sweety. You are amazing and talented and I couldn't be prouder of you for all that you are doing/done. You and Cameron amaze me. I don't even like driving on the interstate alone, let alone travel the world meeting new people all the time. I guess I'm a creature of habit. If we had to trade lives you would go mad! lol I hope your continued journey's bring you happy smiles and new friends. I miss you something fierce and I know if Matt was here he would definitely tell you hello! I love you so much! I pray for your continued safety and look forward to seeing you on Skype soon! All my love, D xoxoxo
15th April 2011

Always love reading your adventures!
15th April 2011

Photos To Come!
I haven't found an internet cafe that will allow me to upload photos, so check them out on facebook. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for photos until I get to Mongolia, probably. : )
4th April 2011

travel blog
I LOVED your blog Kailie , It looks like your 4 Mo. behind. To much time in the water, you know I'm very proud of the things your doing, even though I worry about you. Be safe, I love you, Dad
2nd April 2011

hello again!
long time no see! just finished my trip around SE Asia (switched to travelpod because it shows a progress map that i liked) and it looks like you're wrapping it up there! where to now??
1st April 2011

Thanks Pam!! My next blog will be all about my month of diving and working towards my Divemaster, with lots of photos!! : ) Thanks for reading and I hope all is well is Michigan. Happy diving!!
1st April 2011

Heard you're working on PADI Divemaster
Kailie, Its great reading your blog of what you've been up to. The pictures and journal are truly a heirloom for your family. Your dad said you're working on divemaster. Congrats, now you can do diving on weekends where ever your next venture is! Pam Leander Great Lakes Divecenter
14th December 2010

: )
Thanks Marie! Cameron and I definitely do come by it naturally, eh! : ) Thanks so much for reading! It means a lot to me. I hope all is well on your end!
13th December 2010

Adventuresome Family
I really enjoy reading your blog and looking at the pictures. I saw your Mom and Nana before they left to go on this trip and was in awe of their adventurous spirit. I sure no where you and Cameron get it from and I love reading and living vicariously through you but have no interest in actually going. Thanks for writing and it's great to see all of you.
30th November 2010

Thanks for reading!
Thanks Char!! I really did...I miss them so much! It made a world of difference to be able to have them come visit.
30th November 2010

Hey, thanks for reading jayz43! : ) I was super bummed about leaving my camera behind...it always seems to work that way, eh? Be well.
From Blog: Visa Run # 2
30th November 2010

Thanks so much!! I've got them up on facebook too...there might be more there. I wouldn't even know where to start with entering a contest, but I have a few photos I would want to enter for sure. Thanks for reading and keeping up with the blog. Miss you Rob!!
29th November 2010

Great Pics!
Kailie, I love the pictures from herb island. You should start photo-album account somewhere so I can see more. Maybe you should enter some in contests through national geographic or something similar.
29th November 2010

visa run#2
I was researching geoje island and somehow ran across your blog. Love it! Too bad you forgot your camera on this most interesting leg of your journey. Mahalo and aloha from Oahu, jayz43
From Blog: Visa Run # 2
28th November 2010

Thanks Kailie, as always, I enjoyed reading your blog. It sounds like you had a great visit with your family!
18th October 2010

so fun!
Hi sweety, I just came across your link again! I wanted to read this back when you sent it, but it got pushed back to second page in my email, and I forgot about it until now! LOVING your pictures and your tales. Please keep documenting all of this so that you can read back on it to remember your amazing time there. Oh - One of my newest professors is from South Korea. She is so sweet. Her name is Jungeun "Jay" Lee and she's teaching our Ethics class. Random mention, I know! Love you little sis - have fun!!! xoxox me
1st October 2010

Hi Anna. So it all depends on where in Japan you're looking to stay in a ryokan. They're everywhere!! You can check out: http://www.japaneseguesthouses.com/index.htm or a lot of the general hostel websites (hostels.com and such) will have more affordable ryokan options. They are definitely on the expensive side, but in the right place, they're totally worth the experience!! Good luck!!
1st October 2010

From Blog: Geoje Island
30th September 2010

Kailie, Nice pictures. How do you recommend for staying in ryodan. How do you book them? Expensive?
20th September 2010

Hmmm....Looks intresting......btw...wht's it supposed to be....?
From Blog: Geoje Island
20th August 2010

Mom taught you not to play in the mud, see how you are when get away from home. Looks like find. Love dad
From Blog: MUDFEST 2010
18th August 2010

Street Food
Thanks for reading Rob!! Hmm, the street food was a medely of weird stuff on sticks. I had a super spicy beef kabob, what I thought was breaded chicken on a stick, but turned out to be some sort of squid pancake like thing on a stick, and a spicy brat on a stick, that ended up having sugar and mustard on it. An odd breakfast to say the least!
17th August 2010

Sounds like a great time. What kind of street food did you get?
16th August 2010

Loved the posting and pictures. Looks like great fun...not for me but vicariously enjoyed every minute.
From Blog: MUDFEST 2010
12th August 2010

Thanks for the wonderful pictures and all the information as to what you are doing. Sounds like you are having a marvellous time. You won't want to come home, ever!!!!! Dorothy Daniels Salon 12:30

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