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Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona May 27th 2012

´Every night is Saturday night and every morning is Monday morning´ - Tour Manager Tim*. Ok so a lot can happen in 6 days. The Spain tour commenced and we´ve been traveling around a bit already. There´s about 40 of us on the tour, and mainly comprised of Aussies, Canadians and Americans. We have at least 3 recently graduated medical students, 3 HR professionals, 4 accountants and quite a few students. After 6 days I think it´s fair to say it´s a pretty good group, no issues (yet). We´ve also got 5 other Contiki tour managers who are training to learn how to run the Spanish tour. They´re veterans of Contiki, not a bad bunch either :) My tonsilitis has cleared up really well thanks to some back up antibiotics I prepared earlier. The following is ... read more
Day plans from Tim
Bus pic!
Bar tapas in San Sabastian

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid May 21st 2012

An account of my journey to get to the other side of the world.. On my way to Auckland airport at 9.30pm Tues 15th May, 11hr flight to Kular Lumpur taking off at midnight. 3 hr wait at Kular Lumpur airport - massive #starbucksfail, worst coffee ever. My (Dad´s) backpack goes from showing signs of fragility to a shoulder strap breaking.. will have to carry the 9kg in front of me from now on. 13hr flight to London, sooooo happy - a row to myself! Save my feet from further puffiness (even with the flight socks). Another 3hr wait at Heathrow airport to fly on to Lisbon, Portugal. I arrive in Lisbon at 10.30pm - the same day I started from Auckland, indeed I have gone back in time. 7hrs light sleep in a Lisbon hotel ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland May 15th 2012

Auckland. Any good bru? Of all the places I thought I'd visit by the time I'm 30 NZ was not a top priority. Brother Jack has hosted me for 4 days in his student accommodation, a shared unit with 4 others and it's been a really good time. Not just because I got to step back and pretend I was a student again with beer pong and have a fair few drinks for a couple of nights, but I found Auckland to be a pretty laid back city. Just my style. The first day, with not much sleep Jack took me on a walk up to Mt Eden - a previous active volcano, provided for an incredible panaromic view of the city. Oh, there's also a deep crater there which is grown over with grass. Pretty ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales May 7th 2012

Hello all, Welcome to my travel blog! So, after doing the sensible thing by quiting a secure government job at 26 and deciding to travel, my first adventure was a road trip up the east coast of Australia and back. From Vic up to Qld and back. Before I head off for a new life overseas, I think a summary of the previous month is warranted. Here are some facts of my trip: I left on 2 April and got back on 2 May (coincidence 1 mth exactly!) > I took off in my 2 door Astra Coupe > I travelled by myself > I mixed up accommodation in hostels, hotels, motels and staying with friends and family > I had a general idea of where I wanted to go and explore but not much set ... read more
Mmm lifeguards @ Bondi beach
NSW Coast
Byron bay

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