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8th March 2007

good to hear from you
Good to hear about your travels. It's cold and snowy and overcast in NYC. I just got back from a few days in Indianapolis, IN and in no way does it match Southern Africa! Keep sending the blogs!!! Nikki
7th March 2007

Hey Elizabeth, good to hear from you. Sorry to hear that you were flying by the seat of your pants to get there! Apologies as I failed dismally on the toothpaste front - mum's operation got the better of me but promise that it will be waiting for you when you get back. Keep blogging! Love Trace
5th March 2007

Great to have you back on line
Great to hear from you, you rarely-sighted ( - it was just lovely to see you) animal! What different paths lives can take. Here it is 6.30pm and time for an episode of Pingu and bottle of milk (well, mine would have been red wine, but I've just been informed that we have run out...Surely parenthood hasn't driven us to drink the the cellar dry!). So glad that you are home and happy. A year ago I would have been seriously envious, but tonight milk and penguins suit me just fine. We are just the proudest and happiest parents. A little burst of African sun on my face wouldn't go amiss though! Teeth cleaning time now. Goodnight. Ros
17th November 2006

I found this site when browsing. My granparents live at 5 Garyvard in the south lochs and this is an amzing report of an amazing island ^_~ x
13th November 2006

a portfolio of skills for an adventurous life
Thoroughly enjoyed the photos and the journal, I think you have to add travel writing to your portfolio of things to do that are not in an office. Have a great girly time. I am going to Tanzania for a week of rain and humidity to catch up with a friend there and view the world of Christmas mayhem from a safe distance Look forward to further adventures Rosalind
24th October 2006

Another great blog entry from Elizabeth - it's like following Phillias Fogg around the world from my armchair! Superb photographs - good enough for magazines. Was in London Thursday night for the Cartoon Art Trust awards - brilliant fun and hysterically funny, with all the names like Matt from the Telegraph. Saw Donald for coffee Friday (wow- he's lost a lot of weight) and then dashed on the underground to have an early lunch with Colin next to Temple tube. Great to see him; told him we'd been offered two labrador bitch pups (from two diff litters) and turned both down.... he said if he'd been in our shoes...!! If you get a chance can you make enquiries about 18 yr olds doing what you're doing? Rob does his A-levels this year and is looking at doing a gap year and is interested in South Africa / Namibia. Just thought you might pick up some info about gap year students being accepted. He is working on a farm in Shropshire at the moment. Hope you are well - we miss you!We are all fine; children are huge, especially Georgie who looks like Tom Kitten with buttons popping off her clothes at times! Lots of love, Helen.
20th October 2006

since the August trip
Fabulous, Elizabeth! I admit that part of me has not yet left the Hoarsib. It is facinating to see the coming rains and to hear more about our 'charges'. I look forward to revisiting in the future and in the meanwhile to hearing your further adventures and return to your reality. ' I am reminded of a friend, sharing my own delight in exageration and fantasy, who used to begin her stories, 'In my consensus reality ... '
9th October 2006

Elizabeth - another enchanting instalment. You seem to be a natural with the animals - cannot imagine you working in an office now.....! Looking forward to the next episode......much love. Trace x
25th September 2006

Catching Up
Having just got Broadband out here (makes it sound remote and there you are in Namibia) I'm at last able to catch up with all your news from the past few months. Your photos are just fantastic. Had to smile when you went up Dune 45! The thing I recall about it most was the pain of the cold morning air in my lungs as I struggled through the sand. Have masses still to read - looking forward to it, except I seem to be devleoping itchy feet! We're both well. No news yet.
25th August 2006

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for this, I think you have captured a fun facet of our trip, if only we could do a 360 degree picture! I had a great time, we were a good team, and I look forwrad to hearing where you get to and what pops out as the new direction. So far I am no further than Pembrokeshire, where body boarding is removing some of the dust, replacing it with salt! Travel well
22nd August 2006

Another very informative blog, Ms Weir - very entertaining! Sounds like you had a great time. And, as you say, beats working.... See you soon!
18th August 2006

Where is it located in Namibia? Great blog!!!!
7th August 2006

Glad to hear it!
Hey, stumbled over your blog in a chance scan of Namibia having just finished reading a friends account of Cambodia and what a surprise. Firstly, well done on the sky-dive. Couldn't agree more with everything you've said it really is an amazing experience. The other freaky thing is that I have got almost all the same photos of the north as you have!! but i suppose that is to be expected. Reading your blog has reminded me of so many of the great bits of this trip and sounds like you've had a great time as well.
2nd August 2006

Elizabeth - what a fantastic blog! It has brought back lots of memories of when we lived in Namibia. Hope you are ok - we miss you! Lots of love
8th June 2006

As a Lewis (my mother's maiden name), I had to love this story. I have not been to the ancestral islands for many years (nearly 30, if memory serves). It is high time I went back. Hope you are well. L
1st June 2006

Thursday morning in London
Y'see, you shouldn't be sending such stuff to a bloke who has just had his car fail on him, who has had to stand for 45 minutes on a train and who has had his waste paper bin stolen. When's the next flight and how much beer am I allowed to drink before being arrested??
31st May 2006

Well impressed by your documentary, coz, and delighted you crammed so much into your week of stunning weather - I look forward to further instalments!
21st April 2006

Fellow skier
Hi Liz, I didn't know or had forgotten that you were a fellow skier - fab! I really like your entries by the way and glad you are having fun. cheers, Nina
21st April 2006

How kind of you.... subscribe me to your blogspace so that those of us who are still slaves to the corporate machine can marvel at your travels...... :o) Where next?!
24th March 2006

Elizabeth, your depiction of this trip is stunning. I felt as though I were there with you. Glad to hear the illnesses seem to be in the past and that you were able to suitably relax. All is well on this side of the pond! I'm looking forward to another entry. Colleen

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