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Europe » Austria » Vienna September 18th 2012

Jut got back from a Viennese supper at the Heuriger Reinprecht Restaurant in Grinzing just outside of Vienna since 1678. We had Viennese supper with all the special dishes that you would expect. I would name them but there were to many to mention. We had Violin and Accordian players during the supper. We dined in a restaurent that was built in 1678. As we entered we were greeted with history of European celebrities that frequented in the early years which we did not know. However I noticed the 3000+ collection of the biggest wine cork screws in the world that were displayed on entry. My kinda place to be sure. We felt no pain tonight as we drank Reisling red wine. During the day we arrived in Vienna at 1 pm and promptly hit a ... read more
My next smart car
Reflection connection!

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region September 16th 2012

550 KMS on the bus today. We passed 3 borders along the way. We were lucky and not asked to stop at any of them. We took a break on the way to Budapest in the city of Batslavia where we had lunch on a terrasse. It was fun people watching as I ate. After lunch we strolled about marvelling at the different stores . I did not realize we would actually be in this country! It is bordered by Hungry, Austria, Cezch Rep. It is on the Danube River and has alot of Communist History. It did not join the Cezch Rep. The bridge across the Danube river at this junction had a viewing tower above the span. Never saw this on a suspension bridge before. Lots of activity as well on the river. Statues ... read more
Windfarm in Austria
Town of pest Across Danube River
Parliament in Budapest at Night

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 16th 2012

We started out the day with a city tour. We visited the Hradcany Castle and watched the changing of the guards. Just like in the movies with the arms swinging right up to the waist and back down again. They were suppposed to be stiff-eyed but one of them kept shifting their eyes. It was hilarious to watch what was supposed to be disciplined non-movement. If I was his Sargeant I would have put him on KP duty. We went into a cathedral or two and on the way hit the Astronomical clock tower. We watched it strike 3PM and heard the trumpets go off. It was quite pleasing to watch. The smells and vibes, and visuals of the Square were eclectic. We had old styled cars driving people around from the forties and fifties. Combined ... read more
Fast moving vehicle
Across the river
Marriage locks on the Charles bridge

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 14th 2012

Cannot upload photos. Boo HOO. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh.. We started off innocently enough today. We met the tour group last night at an arranged dinner. We are 41 people in all. Most are retired. Sign of things to come. After about an hour and half we stopped at a road side watering hole just accross the border from Germany. Unbeknownest to me and the others on the bus, when we finished our do-do, after we flushed, we were subjected to a show of a flushing toilet we never experienced before. As the toilet flushed and arm was pushed out over the toilet seat and that arm grabbed hold of the toilet seat and began spinning the actual toilet seat around, cleaning it. the toilet seat deformed into an oval and reformed back to its original shape. It was ... read more

Europe » Netherlands September 12th 2012

We started off the day looking forward to this world flower stage called Floriade. It was cloudy but the weather bureau said it would begin to clear. As soon as we crossed the border into Holland it in fact looked like it was getting better. In anticipation of the loads of people, the parking lot was located a kiometer away and we had to be shuttled by bus to the main entrance. While waiting for the shuttle at the designated area, a musician playing an accordian on a scooter in the shape of a cow came barreling through the walkway playing um pa pa music. It was shocking because the teets of the cow were front and center. As we walked we encountered the worlds biggest rain boots. What an entrance, I tell you, it set ... read more
Big Billy Boot
Rosey Rosey Day Today
Flower Power

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Düsseldorf September 10th 2012

I am learning new words today. Da means yes, Ausfarht: Exit, Einsfarht, Entry. I kept seeing what I thought were the exits named for a town called Ausfarht and I nievely thought it meant the name of the town. Shhhhhesh. Ausfarht (fart) Lol They use a lotta dirty words here I think. Last time I was here they had a bus company name called "fucker" now they changed it to fuecker because they were getting a bad rap. Well, Duh. Lol.... First stop, Chinese buffet. ????? I know, I know, I caved in. Sigh......Not as many choices as I hoped but it was fun watching Asians speak German. Ha Ha Ha... Off we went to Dusseldorf to play in the stores. Bernd and I went to the IT stores and the girls hit the clothing shops. ... read more
Funky store
Dusseldorf street tram
Paying the rickshaw driver

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia September 10th 2012

We got up late today. No hangover from the night before but we needed our 6 hours sleep. By the time we got started to go see a castle that was functional it was 1PM. We would go to the castle called Eltz . As we started I asked our driver Bernd how far the ride was, and was told about 130 kms. same as yesterday. We drove along the Autobahn at speeds of up to 220 kmh. This is normal. When we slowed down to 100 kms it felt like we were crawling. By 2:30 PM we were hungary so we stopped on the roadside for a bite to eat which was beside the Mosel River. The wind was picking up and as we sat the umbrellas were falling down. No one was injured thank ... read more
Castle Eltz
Yes The Castle Again

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia September 7th 2012

Off we go to Germany. We started out the day going back to where we were 8 Years ago in a village called Neukirchen. ( New church) Unfortunately , most of the pics are at a higher resolution then that is allowed on this website, so I can only load ones that are under 8megs. Immediately Bernd and I got back into the car to pick up some booze. We went to an outlet in the middle of nowhere and purchased some wine representative of Germany. One was a red wine which actually resembles a white wine in that it is white, but it is a red!. Hmmmmmm... Must try it out. Yum. After supper we toured the village and waved to alot of locals. it was interesting in that the history being explained dated back ... read more
On the bike
Mr Friendly

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland September 6th 2012

I want to apologise the way the blog ended last night. It was not intentional. I was rushed to finish and I had to shut down. I also missed posting the picture of Abbot the Shar Pei. For those of you who want to see a pic of Abbot the Shar Pei with the blue tongue here you go. I do not dissapoint. Todays blog will be short because it was a very rainy day on tour. Our first stop in the rain was a national park called Glen Afric. Its to bad that we did not have sun. Remember the pic of me holding some flowers. That was Heather. A wild flower that grows everywhere in Scotland. It has been used for many things, like as follows. Jewelery, tea, medicinal, mattress stuffing, herbal medicine, etc... ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland September 5th 2012

We hi-tailed it out of Edinborough to catch the Rabbi 2 day tour to Loch Ness and Inverness. We decided to make this a fun bus ride regardless on how dull the other vacationers were. We had a plan. First we would sit up front and try to dominate the conversation. Step one complete. Bernd has a good voice. The bus driver, Johnathan was animated and regalled us in stories of old. On the bus it was a mixed bunch of young and old, Asian and Indian and German , and American. etc.... Our first stop was again an old broken down castle. Followed by a sleep. That was me. The wife listened intently and watched the animated show of the bus driver while he was driving. His hands were every where but the steering wheel. ... read more
Loch Ness
Borrowed Bike

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