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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland March 2nd 2011

WOW.......finally the time is beginning to fly we prepare for our "fly day" next Tuesday, the 8th!!!! Yep.....after all of the months of thinking and planning and then changing some is now less than a week before we leave St Louis, MO. We can barely wait!!!! Yesterday, after a series of emails back and forth to Apex Rental Cars, I secured our rental car for the almost six weeks that we will be in NZ. I must say......I am very impressed with the staff at Apex.....they have been soooo helpful in assisting with our needs and desires for the car, as well as the arrangements for the ferry going down to the south island and returning to the north island. We haven't even touched down in NZ......yet, we feel like we have already experienced ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis February 22nd 2011

WOW.....over this past weekend we had house guests from Cornwall, Ontario, Canada........and since they had not spent any time in St Louis, we decided to go there for the day. We live only about an hour and fifteen minutes south of the city. Visiting the Arch was an experience for them like none other. They were awed at the beauty and at the engineering feat of this national wonder. It is part of the National Park and Memorial system.....and is therefore run by the US government and not the city of St. Louis. At the present time, plans are starting to take shape to improve the grounds around the Arch and to make it even more user friendly......hopefully, it will not take toooo many years! Following a light lunch at Laclede's Landing, very close to the ... read more
Basilica of St Louis
St Louis Basilica
Basilica of St Louis

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland February 21st 2011

Sitting here in this gloomy weather in Misery, I am really dreaming of getting on that plane in St Louis and getting out of here for six weeks!!!! Rainy, windy, cloudy and gray, and the temps beginning to descend once thoughts are about the new experiences and new sights that we will be having on this extended trip. However, today I have "come down" with a rough chest cold.......and, it is giving me fits, to say the least. I cough soooo much that I really believe at times that my head is going to fall off of my rounded shoulders. My sagging hulk is sagging more than ever today......and, a fever has invaded my old hulk and is running around inside of my thin-skinned frame(I didn't say "skinny" frame).....and is causing chills to shake all ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Fredericktown February 14th 2011

WOW......these last two months have just flown by......and, I feel certain that the next three weeks will just be like a flash of lightning! We have much to do, lots of plans to still work out, and many ideas are still floating through our minds as we finalize the six weeks we will spend there. Leaving Missouri.....I now call it Misery...... after the past six weeks of winter weather will be exciting!!! This is the first winter we have spent in Misery in five years.....and, hopefully....the last winter for years to come. COLD frigid temperatures, tons of snow.......and all of our friends are in either Texas or Arizona.........we are jealous! Soooo, we leave on March 8th for New Zealand......our first trip there, but from what EVERYONE says......we will be wanting to return the minute we take ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri October 16th 2007

As we live in Fredericktown, MO and have for 19 years, my wife and I are both very excited to say that we now have a winery located here in Fredericktown!! Yep.....something new in this small town of 4000 and it is an accomplishment. Why??? Because at the local pizza hut, they do not, and never have, serve beer! Soooo, this is quite an addition to our town. Oh yes....there are several wineries within about 25 miles of Fredericktown.....and they, too, are also very nice places with some good wine. It appears that this area of Missouri is really beginning to draw the wine lovers ....and that IS good for the local economy! The here in town is the Vance Vineyards.......and this past Saturday, they had a jazz quartet performing. WOW.....where they ever playing!!!! Called the ... read more
Vance Vineyards scenes
Lower patio at the vineyards
GREAT friends!!!

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