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22nd July 2014

Big day!
Wonderful that you have done so much in those conditions. I have revisited our photos from 2000 on our visit there and the weather was a good deal warmer in Feb! The boardwalk looks very tricky! Our main problem with that area was encountering a snake there. We were so alarmed we jumped which flung the snake off the boardwalk! No idea whether it was a deadly one or just a grass snake, not being one to hang around and study snakes when I run into them! Your photos are stunning!
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22nd July 2014

Glad you are having a great time on your journey through Tasmania and that the weather is perfect. You are right, the bird is a green rosella. We are in The Alice waiting for our plane to get out of the Melbourne fog to come up here and take us home. Love Robyn and Ian
21st July 2014

Brings back memories
Weren't you lucky with the weather at Cradle Mountain. It could have been a blizzard at this time of year. Once I saw a timber mill on fire in the snow on the way to Cradle Mtn. I climbed it once, a long time ago (but couldn't do it now). It's still just as photogenic. Hope the weather keeps up for the rest of your stay and that you do get to see the AA.
13th June 2014

Away AGAIN!!
Hi Tracey & Bernie, Sydney looks AMAZING & Darling Harbour is sooooo central to most of the action. I had no idea you are now based in Sydney Tracey, or did I misunderstand your comment about being 'close to work'? I was in Bhutan for my birthday in April and ultra busy now sifting thru 2000 odd photos just to get several hundred for a photobook. Cheers. Caroline
14th June 2014

Just visiting Sydney
Hi Caroline, We were just visiting Sydney and what I meant to convey was that we were near the Sydney branch of my office without specifically mentioning the name of my employer perhaps that's why it sounded misleading? It sounds like you are still fitting in plenty of travel which is great. The furthest we are going overseas this year is Tasmania!! A domestic holiday for a change. Cheers, Tracey.
6th June 2014

You saw sights of Vivid I did not see. That is interesting considering we caught a train to Circular Quay and walked to the Rocks to the tall ships then to the Oversea Terminal seeing building facades changing and evolving and other delights. Just shows there's so much to see it depends on what route you take. Of greater interest...68 pts to Riewoldt...that's got to be close to a record is it not? Your a Victorian do you know?
1st June 2014

We were at 2014 Vivid Sydney last shots are fantastic. How did you get the harbour waters so calm for your Harbour Bridge shot from Milson's Point? I did a blog of 2013 Vivid Sydney with the many faces of the Opera House. Maybe I'll do one for 2014 as well. Isn't Vivid Sydney fantastic?
From Blog: Vivid Sydney
1st June 2014

Smooth Water
Hi Dave, it is easy, just use a tripod and take a long exposure. That will smooth out the water. Cheers B
From Blog: Vivid Sydney
30th December 2013

Welcome Home.
Glad you're back safe and sound. Really enjoyed your blogs Tracey. U R a very good "blogger"! Photos are pretty good too. When will you have a 'viewing' prepared on DVD ?? As if you'll have any time. Back to work soon I suppose - after New Year break? Well that'll give you just enough time to prepare your photos [lol]!!! Seriously you must have taken 100's between you. It'll be a nightmare sorting them won't it?? Or do you have a set routine in place ~ yours and mine ~ a sort of professional separation of photographic masterpieces ?? Good luck & HAPPY NEW YEAR. Caroline
30th December 2013

Hi, Welcome back and loved your story.....but what does this even mean??? "In the last five weeks we have covered 344 kilometres."
30th December 2013

Welcome Home
Welcome home. Perfect summer day; not too hot, not too cold. No (puffer) Jacket Required!
30th December 2013

Dog Sledding
Tracey, I laughed so much about your dog sled adventures that I nearly fell off my chair!
29th December 2013

A very Happy Christmas to both of you.
Love reading your Oh so informative blog. I got quite nostalgic reading about Prague because I was there only 4 years ago and LOVED the Old City. Your photos brought it all back to me so now I MUST locate all my photos and do something with them. Loved the church bells too; soooooo Christmassy. There was a time local churches did that here too; now I think it's only the Cathedrals that 'ring in' the Season with bells. Such a pity. Cheers. Caroline
28th December 2013

What a trip!!!
I thought you had won the lottery as you did everything first class and at a decent pace.
From Blog: Prague to Dubai
27th December 2013

Are you exhausted yet
Hi Tracey and Bernie, we have really been looking forward to your blogs coming in every morning, don't know how you manage so much walking, I remember when in London how tiring it became. Fancy Deb being in Dubai at the same time, do you have plans to meet up? The Prague part of your trip looked very interesting, we are considering doing a river cruise and finish up there, will talk more about that later. Happy New Year.
From Blog: Prague to Dubai
27th December 2013

experiencing traditions
Visiting at such a traditional time certainly enhances the travel experience! Thanks for sharing the church bells Bernie! I recall how we felt in Athens years ago when we visited during the Easter celebrations. We couldn't believe how long the church bells rang for, even at midnight on Good Fri/Easter Sat. It creates an incredible atmosphere doesn't it. It looks busy despite being winter. It is mild here in Melbourne today. We are still on a rollercoaster of hot then cool weather. But I guess you will redefine what 'cold/cool' means on your return after this adventure! Thinking of you and hope your last phase of the trip continues to bring much enjoyment as we head towards 2014. love Janet
25th December 2013

Merry christmas
Sounds like an idyllic place for Christmas. You certainly earned your dinner! The photo of the bridges is great so your efforts paid off. Prague is one place I would love to visit, along with a return to Budapest. Enjoy the last days of your memorable adventure. So many boxes ticked this time.
25th December 2013

Hi there, I'm really enjoying your travels. Christmas Eve dinner was quite an extravaganza! Hope you have a lovely Christmas Day. It is my Relax Day here (others know it as Boxing Day).
25th December 2013

Merry Xmas
Entertaining and enlightening as usual. Have a great Xmas. Graham
25th December 2013

Beautiful Prague
Love your fantastic pictures of Prague, which bring back the memories of our holiday in that city some years ago. Tracey and Bernie, have a wonderful Christmas in Paris of the East. Best wishes Lalitha
24th December 2013

Christmas greetings
Hi Folks. It is the 25th here. so greetings to you both. Enjoy reading your blog. Its a good thing you are doing so much walking, amazing food . Keep safe. love Judy
24th December 2013

Merry Christmas
Hi Tracey and Bernie, hope you have a wonderful European Christmas, looking forward to catching up in March. Best regards, Valerie and Wade
23rd December 2013
Omen for season 2014 - Go Tigers

I hope you bought that, Bernie! Are they matrioshka dolls? Go Cats anyway, but amazingly cool!
18th December 2013

Great armchair travel ride
It has been wonderful to follow your adventures, sounds like you have enjoyed all if the experiences. Nature has rewarded you with some beautiful sights to treasure in your memory forever! Isn't technology wonderful that we get to witness Tracey skiing and making a snow angel too. I had lunch with Loren yesterday. We are looking forward to hearing more about your travels. Saw Chris Whorlow, he actually recognized me. Not many ATO people do these days so it was a surprise.
18th December 2013

Full moon. Have a good trip home.
The moon was spectacular here last night and it makes you seem so much closer reading about you admiring the same moon Just as well you're not home today as it's going to be 39C : wish I was making snow angels! There is a cool change coming ( of course - it's Melboure!).

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