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14th December 2013

Amazing images
So glad you have already experienced seeing the lights. Hopefully there will be more to come. Your adventure sounds very exciting and will give you plenty of stories to share on your return home. love Janet
14th December 2013

seriously freezing
It is easy to imagine how freezing it is over there when checking out the photos, though I probably haven't ever experienced such conditions in my lifetime! Not very appealing. So I really hope your quest goes well! love Janet
14th December 2013

Aurora Borealis ~ TICK!
Well done Tracey and Bernie, another event to 'tick off' your list. Pictures look excellent. Really enjoying your blog; very exciting stuff you're doing. Caroline
14th December 2013

Check out the hat
Hi Trabern, Great Hat Tracey. Looking good in the snow. Bernie looked so comfortable and smug sitting in the train. Shame he had to move. W
14th December 2013

Woo Hoo indeed :)
Well done and Congratulations ! Aurora seen and photographed. Full marks for persistence to acheive your goals. "Look at this photograph" by Nickelback (Photograph) "I’m on top of the world, ‘ay Waiting on this for a while now" by Imagine Dragons (I'm on top of the world) "what a world of fun for everyone, holi-holiday" by Boney M (Hooray,Hooray its a Holi-Holiday) been enjoying your blog as usual. keep warm and lots of love Wendy
13th December 2013

That's wonderful...
that you saw the Northern Lights! You are having quite a trip.
13th December 2013

Hi TraBern, I am really enjoying your blog. Just letting you know that it will be 31 degrees here today in Casino . Cheers Judy Ps Bro. Ian just got engaged to a lovely lady called Janelle. He has finally found a keeper!
13th December 2013

Wow. Of ALL your blogs so far I loved today the best. Sounds fantastic. Now you can understand why I love mushing!
13th December 2013

Excellent! So glad you got to see them.
13th December 2013

The Northern Lights
What an experience and I loved every detail of the sled ride. I'll have to give that a try in the future. Sounds very difficult but glad you had fun!
13th December 2013

Wooohoo! You saw ths lights!! How exciting :)
12th December 2013

Feeling for you
Hi Tracey and Bernie, we can't wait until your next episode, it seems like we feel for you when things don't go as planned..maybe we have been there as well. It's just your quest for the Aurora is killing us, we feel exhausted for you. You better get this under wrap or we will feel cheated. Good luck guys. Valerie and Wade.
10th December 2013

Really enjoying your blog Tracey but am not able to enjoy all your photos as some will not open! All I can do is imagine what they must be like and hope I can see more after you both get back. Hope you get to see the Aurora Borealis in all its glory and your photos do it justice. Cheers
10th December 2013

It's fine here in Numurkah!
Enjoying beautiful sunny days here at my timeshare resort; swimming, mini-golf, canoeing; and of course photography at the wonderful wetlands. I do envy your current exploits - but not the weather. The severe storms in Europe have been given a lot of publicity in the evening news. Hope it all improves for you both. Cheers.
7th December 2013

Zoo Group
A beautiful sunny 24C day at Fairfield Boathouse where we sat on the verandah overlooking the river bush setting. We had lots of fun, chatter and good food. Thank you for the lovely gift of Merle's violets. Good luck with the weather, stay warm and we will continue to enjoy your adventures and wonderful photos. Love Robyn and Ian
7th December 2013

love the lights
I am continuing to enjoy reading your travelogue and admiring all of the photos. Excellent! I love the Tivoli lights and also the dome photos and zoomstar of the previous entry, great work! Is your spelling of carousel designed to check if we are reading your entries? I initially wondered if it was the Danish spelling for Carousel! Stay warm. Janet
6th December 2013

Happy travels
Hi guys, really enjoying your blog, sounds like mmm, cold, you are both really good at this now. What happened to Bernie's lens did you get it fixed? Great photos. Cheers,Wade and Val.
5th December 2013

awe inspiring displays
It takes me back to younger days (1984 for us - are we really that old now?) seeing the images from the Pergamon Museum. Awe inspiring installations! Must have been fun reassembling them at the museum. No doubt Berlin is very different to our experience when it was East and West.
5th December 2013

Ummmm, minituiae on the lens ;)
3rd December 2013

Greetings from home
Hi there, just wanted to say thanks for the Christmas card. The first this year! I'm enjoying an armchair tour of Germany very much. Hope you see some spectacular lights.
2nd December 2013

avoiding construction zones
Hi I am enjoying following your travels and admiring the photos, all fantastic. Always gives me itchy feet! When looking for accommodation Phil checks the streetview all around for any hidden probs like construction zones, access etc. Of course it depends on how up to date the images are. Anything he deems a problem means crossing the accommodation off the list! Mr Fussy in action.
1st December 2013

Wrong destinations
20+ years ago when we travelled Europe by train for 2 months, the carriages had boards on the outside near each door saying where that carriage was going. Have a look - they might still do that. We had a number of close calls, particularly on overnight trains, before we worked that out! Often we would be totally unaware that our train had been split up mid-journey until we alighted and discovered that we were now at the back of the train instead of the middle. Sounds like you're having a lovely time, if a little cold for my liking!
1st December 2013

Wish I was there.
Really enjoy your blog Tracey, but some of your photos [4 out of the 11] have not 'transferred' across!! Hope it's not my laptop. What you've sent are great. 4 cameras ??!!!! You must definitely come back with some wonderful photos. Lucky there are 2 of you who share the passion [and the load]. Cheers. Caroline
1st December 2013

Great blog
Thanks Tracey, you do such an excellent job with your blog - so detailed, and your photos are wonderful too, as always. Have just completed 3 photobooks: 1x60 pages of flora and fauna, 1x24 pages of my recent trip to Broome, and 1x24 pages of the grandkids as a present for Vanessa. Quite proud of my work, although it's sooo time consuming, and now getting ready to do another large one of my escape to Antarctica. That was one AMAZING adventure. If you haven't been then you should make it the next on your list. Auf wiedersehen. Caroline
1st December 2013

Aurora seekers
Hi Tracey and Bernie, so pleased to hear from you & sorry I haven't kept in touch. Still struggling with on-going foot/ankle/knee/hip 'aggravations' - once one thing is fixed some other part starts to play up! it's all soooooo frustrating. However I managed Antarctica with no trouble [on and off the zodiacs was no trouble at all] and am paid up to go to Bhutan in March. Then I have a tour of England, Wales & Scotland in August with an 'add-on' to France afterwards. So a busy year. Take care and I hope you catch the Aurora. Will expect some glorious photos of the frozen north. Caroline

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