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16th December 2009

Thanks very much for the mention in your blog and the kind comments. I'm glad that you enjoyed Niagara. Winter time is truly the most magnificent time to see Niagara Falls as the crowds are gone and the cold has an amazing effect of creating the most magical ice formations all around the falls, trees and buildings when the huge volumes of mist freeze to everything an awe-inspiring experience truly. This really becomes evident in January and February. The current Winter Festival of the Lights also shows off the amazing transformation of water to ice. Keep on traveling and keep on telling the world about your trips!
14th December 2009

Glad you had a great time
Hi Tom We're glad you had a great time on our tours with Alex. Thank you for telling everyone about it! Daymon Miller General Manager Discover Banff Tours
11th December 2009

Hi, I love reading your blogs.....The rockies are amazing in the summer...the lakes are so blue, so turquoise and so green. I'll have to check out the Rockies in winter some day. Happy travels, Dawn
7th December 2009

Looks like another great trip! What is your next destination? Olympic National park is amazing.
19th November 2009

Hi there, Just reading your blog in reach of some tips while planning my trip for next year. I am looking for trips to pampas or jungle from Coroico can you advise how did you find yout trip and would you recommend it? From your description it sounds great to me! We only have 3 days to do it so trying to plan everything in advise. Any tips would be very appreciated ;-)
15th August 2009

coroico el mejor lugar tiristico.
llegar a coroico es una experiencia unica
19th March 2009

Love is in the air.
Cyprus is home to Aphrodite, the goddess of LOVE. Tom, did anything happen you're not letting is in on, hmmm. Pity you didn't go to Paphos & surrounds, it's a beautiful drive along the coast, & the blue water is deep dark & mysterious. Also, the Kykko Monastery, in the mountains is also a devine place to visit, & the mountain drive is the one of the purest and freshest in all of Europe, as there are severe cases of asthmatics who come to recuperiate from all over the world here. Yiasou Fili Mou.
17th March 2009

Nice one Van Halen
I wasn't going to mention this in the blog cause it's too corny, but I was struck by a van in Van (although it is pronounced Wan in Turkish). I'm looking at incoming traffic and the guy doesn't see me in the snow and reverses into me with a bang. No harm done and all is well, but what van you do when a van strikes you in Van!
17th March 2009

Van Truck or Bus
Vantastic story, hope your transport was in a nice van, & not vandalised, keep cool & van yourself, lol.
16th March 2009

tesekkur ederim, Tom! Enjoying hearing your travels :)
16th March 2009

Tom, that's pretty hardcore to make it all the way out to Van, especially so early in the season. Well done.
10th March 2009

So you have video too now - very impressive! And I'm pretty jealous you saw a Galatasaray game too! Happy travels, mate.
10th March 2009

Luverly to know that the sight of such exemplary beauty can leave you breathless. I wander if the gods are playing with you mere mortals.
4th March 2009

Double of Nothing
Make SURE you kiss the proper GREEK way, ie with a kiss on both sides of the cheek, & don't forget the hand gestures, & exaggerate your speech by heavily rolling your R's, lolz
4th March 2009

Filakismeni Mou
Make sure you have plenty of hand gestures, to authenticate some true greek spirit on the islands.
2nd March 2009

Ahh... Envy...
Hi Tom, Great to see you back on the road... Santorini is especially high on my list as places I want to see. Meanwhile, I am in Oz and battling the Hydra-headed monster of the world financial calamity.... Enjoy... Ren
27th February 2009

Tom, it was great to read your account of your travels around the Greek Islands, it brought back memories of my recent trip. I am especially jealous that you made it to crete and got to visit the Palace of Knossos.
25th February 2009

Greeks are Freaks
Ayabi Mou, (my love) Kalo Taxidi (Happy Holidays) Onira Klika (Sweet Dreams) Yiasou (l8rs) lol
25th February 2009

Rearing & Raging for a Roaring
Luverley to see someone out there is enjoying the wonders of the world, the orient is always a fascinating place to visit, whether it be holed up in the slums or swaying with the chic trend in urban utopia. Ciao Tommy Boy, lol.
From Blog: Singapore Sling
20th February 2009

Citizen of the World
Yiassou Tom!!! I was so pleased to read this. I haven't travelled abroad much, but I reckon your comments on Greece and its people are spot on. It's been some while since I was last there, and many say its people are gradually succumbing to the regimented utilitarianism that is the modern western psyche. That may be so on the surface, but I'd say they've seen so many epochs come and go over the millenia, that they unconsciously regard this as just another, and are in truth anchored to the same sense of wonder and enchantment with the world that produced the Acropolis. (Granted, I may be somewhat biased in saying this). I remember being lost in central Athens one day, trying to find some place or other, and crossing a busy 4 lane street. When halfway across, I turned my head right to look for oncoming traffic, and there came into view a long, dead-straight stretch of road disappearing into the middle-distance. Further on still, amid all the chaos of cars, telegraph lines, traffic lights and street signs, it stood silently, imposingly, on elevated ground: the Parthenon. Symbol of history itself from another age, incongruously surrounded by all this modernity. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I couldn't resist, and took a photo of it right then and there, standing in the middle of the busy street. I still have the photo, and it's captured the sense of it. So I know what you're talking about Tom, and I'm so pleased to hear you've felt it too. But this must be just one of many for you. It seems there'a almost nowhere you haven't been now. A line by Socrates himself springs to mind: "I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world" (Socrates, from Plutarch, Of Banishment). Hats off to you mate. And happy travelling! Till next time, take care, Arg.
20th February 2009

Happy travels Tom!
12th January 2009

11th November 2008

the 'pool
The gear, la.
10th November 2008

oh Tom, that is just amazing. i am in australia at the moment visiting with family. i can't believe it has been 3 years since that trip. that was such an extraordinary adventure. thank you soooo much for bring it all back to me!! xx hope you are well
25th September 2008

Get your facts right!
Er, Northern Ireland was not "occupied by British Armed Forces" 35 years ago! It has been part of the UK since the act of Union in 1801 and remained so in 1921 when the 26 counties of the new Southern Irish Republic left the UK after a bloody revolution. In fact, the Irish Republic remained part of the British Commonwealth until 1949 and Southern Irish people born before that date are still entitled to a British passport. In 1969, army units were deployed in Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK in support of the local police force, which was in danger of being overwhelmed by street violence and terrorism. There is no need to specify the "British" army since they were operating within the UK. There already were locally based and locally recruited army regiments in NI for hundreds of years prior to 1969. My own grandfather joined the army in 1914 and fought in WW1 with the Royal Artillery. And the army did not "withdraw" in 2007. The numbers of troops based here has simply been reduced to the levels prior to 1969. In fact, the Army is in the process of increasing the numbers based here as the training facilities are regarded as excellent, allowing soldiers to be better prepared for taking part in British operations in support of NATO and Western Alliance deployments as part of the war on terror. I hope you enjoyed your visit to my city and I hope you find time to return some day.

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