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20th February 2009

Happy travels Tom!
12th January 2009

11th November 2008

the 'pool
The gear, la.
10th November 2008

oh Tom, that is just amazing. i am in australia at the moment visiting with family. i can't believe it has been 3 years since that trip. that was such an extraordinary adventure. thank you soooo much for bring it all back to me!! xx hope you are well
25th September 2008

Get your facts right!
Er, Northern Ireland was not "occupied by British Armed Forces" 35 years ago! It has been part of the UK since the act of Union in 1801 and remained so in 1921 when the 26 counties of the new Southern Irish Republic left the UK after a bloody revolution. In fact, the Irish Republic remained part of the British Commonwealth until 1949 and Southern Irish people born before that date are still entitled to a British passport. In 1969, army units were deployed in Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK in support of the local police force, which was in danger of being overwhelmed by street violence and terrorism. There is no need to specify the "British" army since they were operating within the UK. There already were locally based and locally recruited army regiments in NI for hundreds of years prior to 1969. My own grandfather joined the army in 1914 and fought in WW1 with the Royal Artillery. And the army did not "withdraw" in 2007. The numbers of troops based here has simply been reduced to the levels prior to 1969. In fact, the Army is in the process of increasing the numbers based here as the training facilities are regarded as excellent, allowing soldiers to be better prepared for taking part in British operations in support of NATO and Western Alliance deployments as part of the war on terror. I hope you enjoyed your visit to my city and I hope you find time to return some day.
25th September 2008

Dear Erika
Thanks again. I'm starting to ponder if this is possibly the most inaccurate blog entry I've written in TravelBlog, and it's number 99 at that! Yes, I did only stay overnight and only commented on recommendations I can vouch for. Population faux pas has been corrected. Cheers...
23rd September 2008

Actually, Brunei currently has a population of 381,371 people, not 200,000. You only stay in Brunei for a night right? That means you did not have the chance to visit other tourist sites around Brunei, like Tasek Merimbun in Tutong district, Sungai Liang Forest Reserve in Belait district, and Belalong in Temburong. Brunei is not only rich in culture, but also rich with its abundant forest reserve (which cover about 70% of the country). If you do have the chance to visit Brunei next time, please do visit them next time. By the way, you did not include the Empire Hotel & Country Club, the 5-star (or 7-star according to some) hotel, as one of the top 3 Hotels, considering that it is currently the most expensive and beautiful hotel in Brunei.
23rd September 2008

Mosque correction
Thanks for that Julia. The title of the photo has now been corrected.
18th September 2008

That is not a photo of the Sultan Omar Ali Saifudien Mosque, it is the Jame 'Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque which has been officially in use since 1994, the largest mosque in Brunei Darussalam. More information on the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque here: Thanks :)
6th August 2008

tom, I visited the giant's causeway many years ago - it is quite special if I recall thanks for the link, and see you when you get back
2nd August 2008

You've sold me
Never thought of Belgium as tourist destination but I do now... sounds absolutely charming.
From Blog: In Bruges
1st August 2008

It's good to see they are so welcoming to Rooney the lost convict.
22nd July 2008

Geez Tom, almost the whole world is painted red on your map now - not much left! So where to for the next trip: west africa or the middle east or India??? Take care, C.
From Blog: A New Millennium
21st July 2008

Ah... ..
This takes me back to the trip with Martin... Brighton.. charming place and so many glorious things in London.
19th July 2008

So glad you got to see Brighton - my home town all those years ago before I ventured to Sydney and then onto the Gold Coast.
17th July 2008

Tom, it sounds like you are having a good time back on the road. I hope you have time to check out Bath and take a stroll along Hadrian's wall.
17th January 2008

Thanks Rob from Poland
I have corrected my spelling error. There I was transcribing the name diligently, where all it means is self service restaurant! I thought it was maybe an exotic name but there you go...
8th January 2008

Hey Dreamer, it's a lovely thought to have a sophisticated and lovely French woman proposition you, or should I say compromise you. I wander what would have happened if it was role reversal, by that I mean if it was a man propsitioning a woman, maybe a good english style slap on the smirking face... yeah dreamer.
From Blog: La Petite Mort
7th January 2008

going wild
By the way, your hair looks pretty wild on the pictures :-)
7th January 2008

don't rail against drunken snorrers...
.. because as you guys might remember, I had kind of a similar experience in Krakow (except that I was the snorrer) :o) But at least I tried to be quiet while going to bed and kept my iPod quiet :)
3rd January 2008

We´re also here
hey tom. You almost went to where we live in sweden and now we are close again. we are 100 km north of Lisbon and planing to go there tomorrow. we´re in a fishing village called Peniche at Pontuses parents apartment. Maybe we´ll bounce in to each other. Take care. /Pontus and Camilla from salar de uyuni
3rd January 2008

Great Stuff
Good going Tom, an interesting read. :-)
1st January 2008

(1) You need to corrrect your spelling mistake (2) Leo Tolstoy is incorrect in his definition of good and evil if we are looking for an essential definition. His comments refer only to accidental effects.
28th December 2007

Just Fabulous
Tom Sounds like you are seriously having the most spectacular time on your sojourn. Hope your not just lying around secluded in some monastery making it all up like hocus pocus. Just kidding. Have a blast and wishing you the most glittering night on New Year's Eve whereever that may be. lol ? ? ? ? ? ?
28th December 2007

I'm happy that you're happy. Now that everyone is happy, the world can sleep soundlessly tonight...
From Blog: Gaudi rules!

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