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2nd January 2012

Loved your New Year Blog!!
The city walls photo is fantastic. Croatia is on our short list. Really enjoyed it.
26th December 2011

Filling in the Gap
Happy New Years to you! It's good to see you on the road again. It appears that you are filling in the gaps on your travel map by doing Central Europe and the Balkans. I plan to do this in the fall of 2013, after the tourists leave and before it gets cold, so will be following your blogs.
6th October 2011

Sailing down the Nile
Could you give us a little more info on the trip down the Nile from Aswan to Luxor? What was the boat/ship like? What to see on that portion of the trip. My wife and I will be doing the same thing Oct 19.
13th August 2011
Praca do Rossio, Lisbon

Amazing Praca do Rossio
Dear Reader; Lisbon is a magficient city and specially ancient building woth to see.I traveller to many parts of Europe but I found Praca do Rossio very nice in terms of surrounding building and a good place to meet friends and good connection to transports.City is very clean and well maintained. My advice to reader this my comments go to Lisbon and explore the beauty of this great country PORTUGAL I LOVE YOU FROM BOTTOM OF MY HEART.
11th August 2011
Central Khartoum

What money on earth build such a stunning building in such a poor country? It can only be the result of corruption and stealing from the gov. coffres or do I dare say from money paid from the west for the poor for food etc..
From Blog: Africa Unite
3rd August 2011

Bad Experience
I would like to warn people about Milimani Backpackers. As a hostel it is fine enough but I had a really negative experience with them. They have an area in the back corner next to the wall where people can camp. One evening I was lying down in my tent when a big thunderstorm came. The thunder was really close so I got out and went inside the hostel. Less than five minutes later I came back to check if water was getting in and I found my tent was covered in bricks. The wall had fallen on it. If I had been inside I would have died or been very seriously hurt. My tent was destroyed and when I checked my new video camera I found the screen had been cracked. I found out later this was the 3rd time the wall had fallen and once before it had hit a tent but they still let people camp there. I assumed Patricia, the owner, would replace or fix my tent and camera without any problem, just happy I was alive. But to my surprise she refused to pay a cent. After a heated argument they finally agreed to look for estimates. That was the beginning of a long fight to get some compensation. The played all kinds of games with me. They lied, they didn’t return my calls/messages/emails and they stalled me hoping I would give up. For awhile I stayed at the backpacker waiting for them and they refused to let me stay for free. In the end I finally got some cash four months later but only because I was so persistent. As for my tent they reluctantly gave me the cheapest old tent they had. It was useless against rain. For this I would have to say do not stay at Milimani Backpackers. I would recommend to stay at… New Kenya Lodge (River Rd and Latema Rd) -right in the center (close to cheap internet, Milimani charges 4X the price) -lots of travellers -cheaper -actual hot showers (Milimani’s are hardly warm) -offer cheaper safaris than Milimani and just as good If you aren’t comfortable staying in the center then I would recommend Upper Hill Backpackers (a bit far from town but very nice) or the Hostelling International Backpacker (near to Milimani)
8th July 2011

Happy Birthday South Sudan!
From Blog: Africa Unite
23rd June 2011

Another great blog
Your stories and humor is appreciated. Love the photo of the boy with the tire.
6th June 2011

Coach Hire Gold Coast
I love to visit Africa soon...
From Blog: Africa Unite
1st June 2011

Great stuff Tom!
Hey Tom, As always.....really enjoying your adventures. Marcel and I are very jealous. You are really living the life....Bravo!
31st May 2011

RE- we all share a basic human desire to live in peace and harmony
Hi Tom Thanks for your useful article and your great and humanly sympathy for Somaliland people when visited Hargesia. Despite your obvious frustration and I felt frustration with you too for your advantageousness trip in Ethiopia and Somaliland but as you are World - Traveler you can image and knew very well that's the life of under developed countries .
31st May 2011

An entertaining read as always! What was the name of the hotel you stayed at in Hargeisa - I'm hoping to get there next year.
29th April 2011

Hi Tom, take it carefully over there, mate. Seems like it is a bit more lively than anyone anticipated. The media are variously describing it as either "a reaction to Besigye's violent arrest" or "food riots". Either way, take care of yourself - you've still another 175 countries and territories to report on!
29th April 2011

stay safe!
Your safari adventures sounded truely wonderful! But, now you need to be careful in this volatile world we live in. Stay safe!
29th April 2011

Just catching up on some of your blogs - it's been a great read! Thanks for sharing!
From Blog: Big Cat Diary
26th April 2011

The Predator now has new prey - humans
The predator in Kenya is increasingly getting marginalised as their habitats are taken over by man and this has created a new phenomenon most aptly described as human-wildlife conflicts. Nature has not also been any friendlier in the recent past and drought has become commonplace. Lions, for instance, rarely hunt humans for food, and will try to avoid confrontation most of the time. However there have been cases in the past when lions hunted humans like the man-eaters of Tsavo mainly (read full story on because of food scarcity or they were wounded and humans provided an easy target for food. In this regard, the predator has added a new prey in its food chain - man - and it is scary!
22nd April 2011

Visiting Kenya
Dear Allie Thanks for your comment. Kenya is a wonderful travel destination if you like African culture, wildlife and being a teeny bit on the edge. You will meet the most interesting travellers here, whether guys or girls. The mix in the backpackers is 50/50 and I have just come back from an unforgettable safari, to top off an amazing time in Nairobi. Of course you need to be aware of security, especially at night. But I'm like that in my home country anyway. Enjoy!
19th April 2011

What a great post and I love the pictures. Would you recommend a group of girls to visit kenya? Asking for security reasons since my small group usually tries to look for somewhat safe countries to visit.
15th April 2011

Wow! What an amazing safari!
From Blog: Big Cat Diary
12th April 2011

I have fond memories of staying at the very same hostel in the Medina. Even Scipio Aemilianus was moved to tears as he surveyed the dying city of Carthage.
10th April 2011

Amazing place
Always wanted to go there ;-)
10th April 2011

Looks like a great place
Very nice photos.
28th March 2011

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24th March 2011

A great read Tom, as usual. All the Punic Wars stuff gives me memories of high school history! ;-)
17th March 2011

Destination Egypt!
Hi John. Thanks for your comment and I wish your family all the best for your upcoming trip to Egypt. I have just arrived back in the same downtown hotel in Cairo, where the first travellers I met were a Canadian family with four kids. The situation has changed again for the better even since I arrived in Egypt two weeks ago, and Tahrir Square has now been cleared of protestors in the last three days by Egyptians themselves. There will also be a democratic vote this coming weekend on the structure of the new constitution. Giza is wonderful, as is Upper Egypt on the Nile. Please note I don't have a family, but I visited the Egyptian Museum with absolutely no problems. The country is secure, the people are wonderful, the army want the best for the Egyptian people so I recommend your family come along for the ride. Enjoy!

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