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4th October 2011

jealous with a capital J
I get so excited when u's update your blog - so Jealous of u guys! what an amazing experience! Keep safe x
4th October 2011

Fun with Perspectives!
Hi Kiddos, Your Photies are excellent but do not outshine your Blogs. You both tell a damn good tale full of honesty and fun and write so well it\'s like being there with you---Talk about vicarious thrills! Your \'rear end encounter\' with the cacti Rob, reminded me of burning my bum sitting on top of the inner cone on Mount Etna. Now that wouldn\'t happen down the Pub. Blessings, Pops.
3rd October 2011
Salt Flats Tour, Day 4 (57)

Rebecca just said "why is that man eating another man for breakfast!!!!" hahahax
3rd October 2011
Salt Flats Tour, Day 2 (27)

Totally Awesome!!
I'm speechless!!
2nd October 2011

rock rocks!
the first picture of Pinch of salt Part deux- looks like the back of a dancing stegasaurus!
2nd October 2011

These pics are amazing. So envious of this trip. That's about the most alien looking place ever!
2nd October 2011

Could you imagin' me wi the racist guy, I think I woulda been using that lasso, anyway after reading your latest entry I went straight out and got glass coke- oh by the way check out the birthday cake I posted on facebook- wanted to send this to you and rob!!!
29th September 2011

so he tried to head butt me a bit as well. And to think you left Glasgow to get away from that sort of thing! Belated birthday greetings to Rob-- what kind of girl wouldn\'t let you win at anything on your birthday? If I were you I wouldn\'t get roped into any more competitive activities with Tina. Blogs are real fun to read.
25th September 2011

Cowboys are square. Gauchos are best!
What a great birthday treat Rob and kittens for Tina too!
24th September 2011

Waaa! Sausage kittens and goats. Awesome.
20th September 2011

I'm having some weetabix before I hit the hay!!
Lovin the banter Rob - keep it up! If I'd gone half way round the world and ate in Mcdonalds I wouldn't say much about it either!! Have fun and keep livin the dream!!
20th September 2011

This is better than a book!!
I\'m bloody lovin reading your blogs!! I\'ve chucked my latest novel in the bin and wait with baited breath for your next entry!! Its so much fun and sounds like you\'ve really researched it like mad before you went! and this even has pictures!! Fan bloody tastic!! Hurry up and write more!
19th September 2011

Hi intrepid adventurers, glad to hear that you weren\'t tangoed in La Boca. I think I bumped into the same duo of dancers in the Outer Hebrides last year. They tried to pull the same con trick with me so I promptly informed the local constabulary who immediately despatched the couple from the Isle and warned them not to return. Presumably for them it was their \'Last Tango in Harris\'. Tina, did I ever tell you about the policewoman (she shares your name) who I once courted and who used to breakfast me on tottie scones, eggs, bacon, sausages and black pudding? Well my cholestorel level got so high that my doctor insisted that I change to a much healthier diet. I left a note for my loved one as follows: \" Don\'t fry for me Sergeant Tina\" Loved your blog, please continue and I\'m sure you\'ll brighten up many dark wintry Glesca nights for all your readers. Take care, Frank (your Da\'s pal)
17th September 2011

Hi guys, glad you are on your way and enjoying yourselves...really feel for you Tina, I have fallen over with a big backpack on my back and day pack on the front and it really does hurt! Hope you are ok. Your blogs so far have brought back some great memories. Enjoy the steak and wine!
14th September 2011

how are you guys?
hope you are enjoying being on the road ;-) has all the pre-trip stress disappeared?? We are leaving in 2 weeks only!!! happy travels, B&T
From Blog: Water Hazard
14th September 2011

Just caught up on all your blogs.... Great to see you\'re finally on the road after so much planning. I look forward to reading more... :) Mike..
From Blog: Water Hazard
13th September 2011

Just got the blog title
Two days. That's how long it took me to get the Everybody's Golf reference from the blog title. Two days.
From Blog: Water Hazard
12th September 2011

Glad you had a good day and screwed Ronald MacDonald for a couple of Burgers!
From Blog: Water Hazard
11th September 2011

Love the pic of Tina on the train at Iguazu. The falls look amazing! You guys seem to spend a lot of time either wet or washing your clothes!
From Blog: Water Hazard
11th September 2011

water hazard
haahahahah- wan day fae retirement, hey they falls look just like the campsies!!! I WISH.
From Blog: Water Hazard
4th September 2011

For some reason it's not the pics of you at Cristo or on the beach that make me realise you are somewhere exotic but in fact the pic Train to Christ 2. It's just so... South American!
4th September 2011

It all sounds super exciting but nerve racking so far. How's the jetlag? I had it when I went to Canada and felt really spaced out and weird for days.
31st August 2011

Get going!!!
So if your blog is accurate, tomorrow is the big day! I'm sure you two are nervous, eager, excited, and well, probably antsy as all hell just to get out of the country. Best of luck to you both along the way, and maybe we'll run into each other in that crazy world out there. I leave January 1 for Thailand to start a nice long trip too. Don't get bogged down by your itenerary, it can and most likely will change. The best advice I can offer you is take your time, enjoy, and remember to live in the moment.

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