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Asia » Philippines September 21st 2011

The next stop on the itinerary is a small island somewhere in the Philippines. It took hours of travel both on land and by sea but eventually we made our way there. What you read in the coming blog may or may not be the whole truth about the place we have come to love so much. When you’re on a trip like this and you find a place you really fall in love with, you can be really hesitant to tell everyone about it for fear of your new found love getting ruined with tourism. We know there may be some things that give away the location but those things need to be said more for documentation than anything. Our blog is our only journal and our memories need to be recorded. One last thought ... read more
so nice!
that's one FULL load
nice scarecrow!

Asia » Philippines » Bohol September 16th 2011

Well, after a drama filled day in Singapore, we were finally heading to the Philippines…just not to Manila right away like we had planned. As you can imagine, we were only half awake when we got to Cebu and went through immigration. Good thing they were so friendly there. This was actually the first time we’ve seen someone from immigration SMILE since we’ve been on our trip. Usually it’s all business with a serious no nonsense, strict, hard ass look on their faces. Even the taxi driver was genuinely NICE to us, which was so shocking to us that we nearly passed out in the back seat. Ok, so that was because we were beat… We had him drop us off at a place we had found in the LP and online that looked pretty decent ... read more
views from the bike
us at Chocolate Hills
postcard picture

Asia » Singapore September 10th 2011

We have to say, we were relieved to be leaving Indonesia. We knew that Singapore would be a big city and hopefully people wouldn’t be quite as shocked about seeing white people. Plus, we were going to be eating Indian again! Yes! It was really weird to be back in a country where people actually obeyed the rules of the road, didn’t litter, didn’t light up a cigarette wherever they pleased, and there was actually public transportation where everyone (yes even us white people) pay the same price to get where they’re going. The MRT system here is incredibly efficient and there’s even a free shuttle bus to take you from the end of the MRT line to and from the airport. If you’re as cheap as we are, you gotta love that! It’s a good ... read more
more Chinatown
strung flowers in Little India
lots of liquor

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Pangandaran September 6th 2011

Jogya had been ok, but nothing too exciting in our opinion. We were hoping that we’d be able to go somewhere else where we could just chill out for a while, and after much deliberation decided to head to Pangandaran. We had heard that a LOT of locals would be heading there as well with the end of Ramadan coming up, but we figured just about everywhere was going to be busy coming up so what was the difference. The ride there wasn’t the most fun ever with so much traffic moving around Java and a crap road that had pot holes big enough to launch our heads against the roof a couple of times. Eventually we reached Mini Tiga, the place we had pre-booked and read good things about. We’re pretty sure that whoever wrote ... read more
selling balloons for the kids
just chillin
view of Jakarta

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta August 28th 2011

After paying the hotel manager to make a call with his cell phone, we finally got in touch with the travel agency we booked our return ticket to Bali with and arranged to be picked up in Sengiggi the day after we arrived. We honestly weren’t sure if we were going to make it all the way to Probolinggo on Java or not. Part of us figured we would have to spend a night in Denpasar by the bus terminal and get a bus to Java the next day. All we could do was hope for the best. The ferry ride was quite a bit rougher heading back to Bali. Although the constant rocking back and forth made for a long journey, we got a kick out of the kids next to us as they intently ... read more
beautiful shot!
Yes, we were really there haha
time for sunrise

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok August 22nd 2011

We had actually planned on spending more time in Bali and Nusa Lembongon than we actually stayed for, but we figured we would just spend a couple extra days on the renowned Gili Islands. There were so many places in Ubud to choose from when it came to getting there, but given how much it would cost us to get all the way there on our own and how much “fun” it was to do things the hard way last time, we booked with a tour agency again. Don’t think we’re getting lazy or too soft now. We just decided since Nate’s temper has been flaring it might be a good idea to avoid the bemo drivers and a situation where one of them is lying face down on the ground. Haha! When we arrived at ... read more
Another sunken ship
Brightly painted boat
Waiting Westerners

Asia » Indonesia » Bali August 14th 2011

We knew we were going to be in for a completely different experience from what we’d been through in Indonesia so far as soon as we looked around us at the airport when we landed in Bali, seeing more white people than we had seen the entire time we had been in this country!!! But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The cheapest flight we could find was with Lion Air, so naturally that’s what we would fly. However, we had no idea that the seats were made for dwarfs! Ha! (That’s pretty typical of Asia) Besides, there was a much worse problem than not being able to fit in the seat. While Jessie had the window seat, Nate was in the middle of the row with a tourist who either never heard of deodorant or ... read more
popular design here
amazing sunset
Rock faces in Ubud

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Tana Toraja August 6th 2011

**Disclaimer** This may be the longest blog posted on Travelblog and we tried every way possible to break it up but it just wasn’t going to happen. So we apologize ahead of time…make sure you use the bathroom and grab a cup of coffee before reading this. The video and photos included in this blog show some extremely graphic images of animals being slaughtered. If you have a weak stomach DO NOT watch the video. We will try to keep the more graphic photos towards the end. Well, even though Nate was sick and we didn’t get to go diving in the place we were looking forward to most, we still really enjoyed Bunaken. We really felt like we were off to a pretty good start in Sulawesi, but we knew it might not last for ... read more
hard ass work
audience built into the cliff
nice view of the village

Asia » Indonesia » Sulawesi » Bunaken National Park July 29th 2011

As hard as it was to leave Darawan, we knew we had to keep moving with only 2 months to spend in this huge, spread out country. Luckily, we had 2 other couples with us to split the cost of the speedboat back and the car to Berau, which kept the cost down. We were planning on spending the night in Berau and flying down to Balikpapan after hearing first hand horror stories about trying to take a car overland for 3 days and over 20 hours. With the road is such terrible condition, it would be very slow going for sure. When we got to Berau it was our usual routine of Jessie waiting with the bags while Nate went room hunting. Too bad after walking around for an hour and half he literally could ... read more
Horse carriages are still a way of life
Before they got crazy
Typical Bunaken house

Asia » Indonesia » Kalimantan » Derawan July 21st 2011

Yes, it had been a bit of a bitch to get to Derawan. The one GOOD thing about this is that your average tourist wasn’t going to attempt the trip. After all, not many people want to spend their holiday (vacation) using up 2 or 3 days to argue with car or boat drivers and stay in dirty towns just to get to an island. That’s just fine by us! We had finally found what we were looking for…very few western faces, small village life, and absolutely incredible views of pristine water everywhere we looked. We would spend our nights at a place called Danakan, run by incredibly nice people who did everything they could to make our stay as pleasant as possible. Our first morning was spent waking up to donuts and coffee. Well, we ... read more
Amazing view!
artsy shot with our snorkel gear
making their way out of the nest

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