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Although Belize is obviously part of Central America, we were ready to explore a country that would be a happy medium between straight up ghetto and Disney Land for Americans. Now we didn’t give Belize a fair chance, we know, but we were ready to move on no matter. In our opinions, Guatemala was going to be our first real stop into Central America. Flores was first up, but first we had to get across the border. We had a leisurely breakfast and hopped on the 11am chicken bus bound for the border. We got dropped off an annoying 2km from the border and shared a taxi with a few other travelers. Normally, yes, we would walk it but was HOT and mid day so the couple bucks we spent was well worth it. Of course ... read more
"Because water is life, be careful with our lake"
Mist hanging the clouds
oh my yumminess

Central America Caribbean » Belize December 23rd 2011

It was just a brief little taste of Mexico before we headed off the Belize. In our minds, we live so close that it’s pretty easy to come back and see more of Mexico when we want to. To make sure we had enough time to get all the way to Caye Caulker in the same day, we left on the 5:30am bus to Chetumal, the border town. Now, if you flew into Mexico and you aren’t planning on re-entering the country, you aren’t supposed to have to pay the exit fee. Unfortunately, when you get a greedy corrupt border patrol agent who is telling you otherwise and not letting you pass, you don’t really get much of a choice. So we paid our fee that quickly put us over budget for Mexico and made our ... read more
Caye Caulker front street
Nate on the split walk
Chicken drop

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen December 17th 2011

So after a stop home for a few weeks to see family for a little bit, run around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get things done, and swapping out a few things such as a new backpacks, we’re back on the road again. Man is it nice to not be lugging around packs where the straps are literally held together by duct tape and electrical tape! Yeah that's right...we stopped home for a bit. Some might say that's cheating, but believe it or not, it was actually cheaper to fly to the US and then to Mexico than flying straight there. Besides, it was nice to see some family and regroup a little, especially with the new backbacks. We weren’t sure exactly where we were going to fly into other than somewhere ... read more
very fashionable
At the port
Awesome tequila bottles

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island November 22nd 2011

Overall, we have to say that the north island had been pretty awesome. If what people were saying about the south island was true, then we’d really be in for a treat! There really wasn’t a whole lot to see right off the ferry in Picton other than go check out some wineries. The only problem was that we really weren’t here at the right time of year for this as many of them we tried to visit were actually closed. Of course, we were also trying to visit some of the ones with free tastings being the cheapos we are. So with the wineries a no go, we ventured down Queen Charlotte road to check out the sounds. Now these sounds, although very beautiful are just large water filled gorges. The road was extremely windy ... read more
Milford Sound
Our favorite DOC campsite

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island November 6th 2011

Flying into Auckland from Manila sounds like a pretty easy feat doesn’t it? I mean, after all, it’s just a normal international flight. Well, that may be true, but when you buy a $250 flight and have to change flights in a couple of cities and you have 2 days of flying and being stuck in airports, it can definitely make for a MUCH more exhausting trip than normal. That’s exactly what we had ahead of us. Ah yes, the things we do to save money. We first flew from PP over to Manila where we NEARLY missed our next flight because of some “last minute technical difficulties”, OR it was because the flight crew was running late. Same same right? Oh well, we DID make our flight, which meant we were on our way NOW ... read more
End to another great day
Us with our campervan
GPS AKA Jessie

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Sabang October 27th 2011

It was still raining on us a bit when we arrived in Sabang, so it was a little tough to tell what this little fishing village was all about. We checked out a couple of the bungalows and decided to take the one fitting for the 3 of us to stay together. The owner wasn’t actually there and since her worker managed to accidentally break the cord for the generator, we would be without electricity that night. Poor Rachel probably wasn’t loving the whole situation, especially after being sick and stuck in the rain for a while. For us on the other hand, after being stranded on a piece of cardboard for 2 nights, we didn’t really care. Besides, we were having instant soup by candlelight for dinner. How much more romantic can it get right? ... read more
Jeepney back to Puerto
Beach on the other end
Last night in the Philippines

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido October 21st 2011

It really had been one hell of a ride to get to Palawan. Poor Rachel was supposed to have met up with us 3 days before we actually saw her, but at least we finally made it. After a little bit of a walk into town from the airport, we were united at last! Although we had just gotten to Puerto Princesa, we were heading north right away to El Nido so we could do some island hopping. The only experience we would have in PP before leaving was eating at a place that seemed to think it was OK to serve food where the portion size rivaled that of a Happy Meal at McD’s. No joke. We all pretty much had the same look on our faces when our food came at dinner that night… ... read more
From a viewpoint
We were there

Asia » Philippines » Negros October 15th 2011

There were plenty of options for buses to take when we got back to Caticlan, all heading to Manila via the same route. Originally when we had spoken with a man at the tourism office in Boracay, we got the impression that there was one company operating this trip with a few different departure times throughout the day. In reality, there were at least 5 different companies all with their own touts trying to recruit you as soon as you took a couple of steps in the direction of the buses. They were probably a bit irritated with us that we wouldn’t commit to anything without seeing the actual bus we would be taking, but we were glad we waited. Obviously not all of the buses turned out to be as nice as they had been ... read more
Terminal in Calapan aka our home for a few days
SOOOO over it!
Stop looking so damn cute, Nate might kidnap you!

Asia » Philippines » Boracay October 10th 2011

It was one of the quickest ferry rides we’ve ever been on to reach Boracay Island, the heart of tourism in the Philippines. We had talked to many people who had been here recently. Some people hated it, and others absolutely loved it. Surprise, surprise. As usual, there were plenty of people there to greet everyone coming off the boat to promote different places to stay. One of the ladies convinced us to try out her place, which happened be in the same general area as where we were going to look anyways. After looking a couple different places, we decided to check out a few other options before making a decision, and we were glad we did. Somehow we got lucky and had a different lady guide us to a little place kind of hidden ... read more
banana shakes how we love you
J in the amazing water
Nate's warrior face

Asia » Philippines » Negros September 28th 2011

There was no way to hide the fact that we were feeling a little down about having to leave the place we had fallen in love with. When it was time to go, the owner even waited out by the road with us and flagged down a tricycle, making sure that they would only charge us the correct amount to get back to the town we were leaving from. After letting a couple of guys go away because they wanted to hammer us on the price, we eventually found one who was fair. We tossed our bags up on top and squeezed into the tiny little seats that seemed to be made only for toddlers. On the way to the pier, we ended up talking to a couple of local women as the man picked up ... read more
looking back after crossing the rocks
flooding everywhere

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