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28th March 2014

Thanks for your blog entry
Fascinating, inspiring. Loved all the photos
26th March 2014

Great blog
Hi Clive, I can see you are having a great experience, but I just wanted to say what a great blog! All the best, Tim @ Oldfields
26th March 2014

I wondered what had happened to interrupt your trip...
and am sorry to hear about your Dad's passing. What a wonderful chance to join such a wonderful family and the hospitable people of Iran.
25th March 2014
Kashan city

Your trip through Iran is like a magic carpet ride of some of the best known Persian rug of my favourites is Kashan. This pic reminds me of the mud cities of Mali but with a Persian feel...if this is Iran...sign me up!!!
25th March 2014
Iranian Shah Clive

What the look the real deal in this pic...and that's what memories are made of...great pic.
25th March 2014

Good on you!
Clive, I enjoyed reading your blog on Iran. In 2013 I cycled from China to Uzbekistan. The plan was to keep on going through Turkmenistan and then Iran but I had to get back home to please my lady ;-) ... Thanks for sharing your story. I can't wait to cycle Iran... in 2015 I hope... Enjoy India! If you make it to China, email me! All the best to you!
24th March 2014

Back on the road
Hallo, Nice te hear from you again. After I came home with my motocycle last year, I was working for 6 months. In 4 weeks that project will be finisched and than I will spend also again 4 months for traveling.
24th March 2014

Fascinated by your article
Hi Clive, How wonderful to read your blog today. Inwas thinking about you just a few days and had decided that I needed to write as I had not heard about your progress for too long, so your timing is excellent. As always you write beautifully and fill me with envy and praise for your big adventure. I have always heard how wonderful Iranian hospitality is, and despite so many dreadful stories in the news etc which we both know scaremonger, I am so pleased to hear that it is all true. And that you are benefitting from your refusal to be intimidated
24th March 2014

Great blog
I spent 5 days in Iran last November and had a similar experience- great place to visit and the people were wonderful-see cornerduck blog
12th February 2014

Blast from the past
Totally stumbled on your blog today. Dont know if you are still travelling, but from what I can see you are doing an amazing thing! Stay safe, and hopefully, one day, I'll catch up with you and buy you a drink! Paul
13th November 2013

Happy cycling in the Wakhan, enjoy all the lovely hospitality and good luck with the sand/road/rocks and of course the wolves! :)
5th November 2013

Great blog
Stay safe Sturdmeister.....Glyn
31st October 2013

Yoohoo from NZ !
Hey, Clive, amazing photos once again and really enjoying your blog. It really has been an amazing experience for you ! Sorry to hear about your Dad ; difficult emotions all round I imagine . The UK will seem a very bizarre country when you get home after all you have seen and done but I am sure it will be good to be a support for your Dad. We will keep the beer in the fridge for when you get back on the saddle ! Xxx
31st October 2013

I'm sorry to hear about your dad...
you made the right decision to be near him as he goes through treatment. You might want to read jeremyaroundtheworld's recent blogs of his biking trip through the area you are about to cross although he did so a couple months ago so the weather was warmer.
30th October 2013

Clivey dude, finally you made it to my favorite country of all! Thank you for the nice candid fotos of the people, it's like a trip down memory lane, nicest folks I've met in Central Asia and the scenery ain't too bad eh?!! Best of luck as you make your way up to Murghab and into Kyrg.. and if you see Tommy our guide from our Giselle truck days, send my regards I will come there again next travels..
4th October 2013

Back on the Silk Road
Clive - The blogs are superb - you seem to have the knack of meeting people everywhere (your facility with languages helps!) and now you are back on the Silk Road you are reminding me of places I've seen and been to, although from a rather more comfortable seat on a Drago truck - so keep the stories coming. Not sure what your future route will be but if following our truck route the Pamirs will be bloody cold in winter so don't forget a condensation cover for the sleeping bag. I am still hoping you will get to travel down the Thai/Malay pennisula so we can meet up for a dive or two (I go back for 6 weeks at the end this month, with a week on a liveaboard). Spent a very pleasent afternoon last week over a beer or three (actually more like 4 or 5!) with Molly Eddington from the India trip as she stopped off in the UK on the way from Sri Lanka to Peru for the final bit of her 18 months travel. We both send best wishes with happy memories of our afternoon/evening session in Ellora last Jan. Kit
30th September 2013

Nice to hear from you.
Nice to receive some new post from you. I read that you splitt up with Derek, but that you see each other in the city's. Say hi from me to him.
30th September 2013
Arriving in Khiva, the Silk Road City

Loving the sign.
We named our son after the place!
22nd September 2013

Good going mate
Hi mate, well done you, looks like you're having the time of your life, (probably because you are). Fantastic blog, lovely to hear all about the places you've visited and the people you've met. If only I'd had a night stop in Baku, we could have met for a beer or 6. I've subscribed now so I'll be able to follow your progress as soon as it's posted. Got to go now, cows water trough is overflowing and I need to replace the ball valve. See what you're missing. Wishing you good luck and safe cycling, take care, Nick & Jo K
13th September 2013

Keep it up old boy!!
You are doing fab! So good to see pics of Baku and how it has changed since we were there. I seem to remember visiting a rather painful massage and sauna somewhere round this part of the world. Love the blog.... wishing I could share some of this. However off to the high Arctic for a 4 week photography project next week.... Blowing hot and cold!
12th September 2013

Nice blog
Something nice about this blog. Really enjoyed it.
12th September 2013

You meet Derek.
Hallo, I see you know Derek. I meet Derek in Tbilisi. Say hello from me to him. Regards, Johan
12th September 2013

Great adventures!
Hey Clive Really enjoying reading about your adventures, from the comfort of my armchair od course..... Good dits mate, keep safe!
1st September 2013

Hi Clive, great blog once again. Keep them coming, they area fascinating especially since some of the places you have been to recently I recognise from out trip through Georgia, etc a few years ago. best of luck with the next leg......things will start to get even more interesting from now on. Be safe
30th August 2013

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