Jesse Stirland


Jesse Stirland

North America » United States » New York » Liberty June 23rd 2012

Finally at camp woke up this morning and walked down to breakfast, only had about 3 hours sleep. Went down and on the way down i came across a strange animal one of the other guys yelled out Jesse what is it? i said its like a fluffy rat, turns out to be a squirrel. Later i met all the guys that i will be working with for the next 10 weeks and they are awesome dudes! the guys have been teaching me to talk more casual like an american and "word" has been added to my common vocabulary now, for those who don't know what "word" means its a way to affirm what someone has said. We had a camp opening fire last night were each village down a short song or skit after introducing ... read more

North America » United States » New York June 22nd 2012

Wow what a day, only got 3 hours sleep last night this jetlag is beginning to be a pain. I was lying in bed and decided to check out what was on TV and this is when I saw possibly the best TV show I have ever seen, JERRY SPRINGER! It was amazing to watch, people fighting and swearing at each other on TV. I decided to go for a walk and venture out into the wild, walked for about 15 minutes and almost had a heart attack it was 32°C and humidity was at 92% and it was only 10:00am. I went to Burger King for an early lunch it was quite an experience. On my way to burger king I needed to cross the road this actually turned out to be more of an ... read more
Me at Time Square
Statue and Me
Time Square & Broadway

North America » United States » New York June 21st 2012

Well after leaving Melbourne on a crappy rainy day here i am in New York. After traveling 19636.7 Km and spending 25 hours on a plane i finally made it. From Melbourne my flight left the airport at 7:45am inbound for South Korea which took 11 hours. I had only 1 hour to get through customs than onto another plane inbound for New York which took another 14 hours. I never understood why people cant sleep on airplanes until today! It is so hard to sleep! Even though the flight took forever i got to fly over some cool places, including Tokyo which looked amazing from the airplane. The customs in America are so strict compared to Melbourne and South Korea, sniffer dogs everywhere and all guards caring weapons which i was suprized about. After clearing ... read more
New York

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