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Europe » Italy » Calabria » Reggio Calabria November 20th 2008

Wednesday night continued After a wonderful bath and changing, we went down to reception and bought some wireless internet time. We published the blogs that I have been writing for the last two weeks and caught up with some emails. We also surfed a little and decided to book some accommodation on Sicily, at a place somewhere near Catania, called Acireale. The Aloha D'Oro Hotel, through Just looking at the map and Acireale seems to be on the coast, below Mt Etna, not too long a drive from Messina. After surfing, we sat down to dinner in the Hotel restaurant. We both had a buffet starter, olives and vegetables, potato croquet things, proscuitto and so on. Then a pasta with mushrooms and a pasta with prawns. Then a Chicken in white wine sauce and a ... read more

Europe » Italy » Calabria » Reggio Calabria November 19th 2008

Saturday, 15th November, 2008 Plan for today, lunch out in Agropoli. This is Pat's birthday meal. We had a lazy morning and finally left about 1230. We headed for the Post Office ATM first, as our cash reserves had been seriously depleted going to Capri. No problems getting money. We then drove to the seafront and parked just outside the restaurant, Il Gambero. The restaurant was the one mentioned by Raffaele, as he was now supplying the fish there. The place was empty and I think we disturbed them having their lunch. We both had the prawn cocktail to start, followed by mixed fish grill and veal cooked in lemon, with a plate of chips. Pat had a chocolate dessert, and we both had coffee. During lunch another couple of people came in, so we weren't ... read more

Europe » Italy » Calabria » Reggio Calabria November 19th 2008

Monday, 10th November, 2008 Plan for today, visit Paestum. We left about eleven o'clock and initially headed for Agropoli to get some money from a cash machine. The Bank ATM didn't like us, but Pat had spotted a Post Office, with a cash machine, and we were successful, so a good idea for the future. We then headed for Paestum, which has brown signs directing, it's only a few miles up the road, so an easy drive today. We stopped at the supermarket on the way out for some food, for lunch later. Finding the site is easy, basically because it's a big site and surrounded by a largely remaining city wall. Getting to the entrance and parking is another matter. The road goes all the way around it, so you can go round in circles, ... read more

Europe » Italy » Calabria » Reggio Calabria November 19th 2008

Wednesday, 5th November, 2008. Plan for today, move from Ladispoli to Agropoli. We both woke up fairly early today, and were ready to leave by about nine. The weather was bright first thing, so we checked out, and drove about 10 meters to the seafront to have a look. The beach is very fine volcanic grain, with the odd lump of pumice type stuff, and very dark, almost a grey / black. We toured the small town of Ladispoli, because we needed to get some cash out to pay for the apartment. Couldn't see any Banks or cash machines, so we resorted to Plan B, which was to pop into one of the airports near Rome. Our thought was that they would be used to Tourist cards and let us have some money. We found our ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Paestum November 15th 2008

We are both well. Internet access has been a joke. Have written lots which will be published soon, when we get wireless connection. Will be in Agropoli until Wednesday 19th November, 2008, then moving towards Sicily. Have been to Capri, Herculanuem, Pompei, Paestum, and around the area. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Tarquinia November 5th 2008

Tuesday night continued The rain eased off a little, but not enough to make us move anywhere. Watching a little television, the water and storm seemed to have caused all sorts of problems in Rome, which is not far from here. We had a few food supplies in the car and ate those, and had a peaceful evening relaxing. I had another look at the car and can't find a mark on it. Surfing the web, I find out we had one the premium bonds, only £50, but it all helps. Wednesday, 5th November, 2008 Plan for today, move from Ladispoli to Agoripoli. Another fairly long drive. We hope to be in an apartment for the next seven days, so not sure of internet access. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Tarquinia November 4th 2008

Tuesday, 4th November, 2008. We both went down for breakfast, as it was included in our room cost, and a full English style breakfast was available. We had a quick look at the internet before we left. It was raining quite heavily, and we tried to get some cash out of the local machines, but to no avail. We left Pisa about ten o'clock. We found our way around to the Autostrada easily enough and set off for Ladispoli. The journey is approximately 300 kilometers and went without much drama. We stopped a couple of times and took breaks. At the first stop we got petrol and managed to pay cash in the office. Another , stop was at a Town called Piombino, which was a Ferry Port, to Sardinia and the Island of Elba. The ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pisa November 4th 2008

Monday night continued We surfed the internet for a while and found a hotel, in a place called Ladispoli, down the coast from where we are now. Heading further South! Dinner was in the Hotel restaurant and was extremely nice. A starter of cured meats, was followed by Pork on a bed of spinach, and a local Tuscan dish, a pasta, with a meat sauce, followed by an apple tart with liquorice sauce and crepes with fresh fruit and vanilla custard. As we reached the table Pat had a complimentary glass of sparkling wine, later followed by another, then finally a glass of complimentary dessert wine. I had a diet coke. We surfed the net to try and find some accommodation, for later on around the Amalfi coast, we emailed a couple of people through owners ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pisa November 3rd 2008

Saturday night continued We went down to have something to eat about seven thirty. The restaurant, “the Pasta & Grill”, is another new experience for us. You are given a piece of paper with all the various food and drink options. You select your choices and then hand it in to the waitress. We got what we wanted, so must have done it right. We were given some tapenard as an appetiser and then had a buffet salad starter and vegetable soup, penne pasta carbonara and chicken breast with chips, and some cheese for dessert. All in all, not a bad meal. Sunday, 2nd November, 2008. Plan for today, more of Florence. We weren't to quick off the mark and left about elevenish, we had a coffee and croissant before we left the Hotel, as breakfast. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence November 1st 2008

Friday evening continued We went down to the reception area of the hotel, to do some work in the internet. We surfed for accommodation in Florence and found an Ibis hotel at what we thought was a good rate, €59.00 per night, so we booked for the next two nights. We went through to dinner and the recommended menu didn't appeal to either of us. So we had a dried meat with salad herbs and parmesan shavings and a vegetable soup to start, followed by a chicken with pineapple cubes and red peppercorns and a pasta with aubergine and mint pesto. I ordered a plate of chips with the main course as I was hungry, we hadn't had too much today. All of it was pretty good, and as I stated at the time, “replete”. This ... read more

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