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Stacey Gomm

I am a recent graduate of the University of Maine. I received my B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering. I am now a graduate student at Renssealer Polytechnic Institute. I will be perusing my MBA with RPI. I have been accepted in their International Scholars Program (ISP). As a group we will be studying 5 weeks in Rome, Italy and 5 weeks in Shanghai, China. I have created this blog so my friends and family can travel with me through this "wicked" cool site!

I am studying in Rome, Italy

I am studying in Shanghai, China

I am back in Maine

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu August 4th 2011

July 29th- We all had trouble paying attention in class because today head to Beijing. We boarded the train which was very old but had cabins with beds. We attempted to watch a movie but I feel asleep the entire 10hrs. We dropped off our stuff and the hotel and headed directly to Tiananmen Square. It started raining once we left the hotel but most of us had umbrellas. We didn’t mind because it made the areas less crowded and it wasn’t too hot. Tiananmen Square is where the Chinese Republic started 90 years ago. The Forbidden City is also located here. We learned so much about Chinese history from Wendy our tour guide. Here is my attempt to explain. The Forbidden City was a palace where the emperor’s lived. You must pass 9 gates with ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu July 28th 2011

July 22nd- It seems like the whole program has been passing around a bug. We haven’t traveled around the city much due to the heat and our sickness. We did manage to go shopping at a new mall on the other side of the city. We visited an apple store which was packed! There is shopping everywhere in Shanghai but all the clothes and shoes are too small to fit us. Sam bought me my first Frapacino at Starbucks, guess I’m city folk now. We tried to go out and hit the city but every bar we go to is filled with smoke. You’re allowed to smoke in the bars which are difficult for the group to handle. July 23rd- We visited the counter fit market again today. I picked up a lot of little trinkets ... read more
Yes that is a toliet

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu July 16th 2011

July 16th- We visited the counter fit market today. I purchased a beautiful purse and clutch. I tried to get shoes but the lady informed us they didn’t have large sizes. I am on a size 8! July 17th- We took our second trip to the fabric market. There I bought two suits! I am so excited to get them back and see how they fit. We spent the rest of the day preparing for our SAP presentation. We spend 9 hours on it! July 18th- Monday was difficult. I found one of my bras missing. Spilled my cereal all over the floor and bought rotten milk. We also had to present our SAP projects which might have been the hardest assignment all semester. Luckily we nailed it! It was very hot in the room and ... read more
Start of my bad day

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu July 9th 2011

July 9th- We made it to Shanghai, China. We had breakfast at the airport and I had smoked salmon, YUM! Everyone is very tired. We took a bus to the New Harbor Apt Hotel. These apartments are spectacular, much better than Rome. Sam and I are sharing an apt together. I have two double beds to myself. We are also the only apt with a washing machine. The view outside our apt is fantastic. It reminds me of New York City only filled with Asian people. We walked to a little soup shop down the street and created our own soups. Our meal was $1 US dollar total. Everything is so cheap here. We had a walking tour of the city and visited peoples square, the subway and Nanjing Rd. Today is my father’s birthday but ... read more
Airplane pic for Brian

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » La Rambla July 4th 2011

July 4th- Week 5 Today is the Fourth of July. Too bad they don’t celebrate in Rome. The students all got together and cooked burgers and drank beer. It was a good little celebration. We couldn’t celebrate too hard because we had a big accounting exam the next day. July 5th- Today we didn’t have a good Accounting class. A lot of the students didn’t finish the HW assignment because we were study for the exam. We had to cut class short because we were not prepared. The day turned around because we visited a vineyard called ViniPallaVicini. The site was beautiful. It’s crazy how long it takes to make wine, 8years! The site was hundreds of years old. At the end they left us with 15 bottles to finish with the group. Needless to say ... read more
We get to drink it all?
Inside IBM with Peter
Owners of the Winery

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome June 27th 2011

June 27th- Start of week 4 Today is the start of the second half of the Rome semester. We started our new class Accounting for Reporting & Control (Professor Gingerella) and Macroeconomics & International Environment of Business (Professor Stodder). I had a great time in my Accounting class. It’s great to finally understand what mother does on a daily basis. I actually enjoy Accounting. June 28th- We finally had a half a day off. It was much needed. The second half of the day we travelled to Banca Finnat. It is a privately owned bank and we learned how Italian family businesses are run. Even these banks are located in thousand year old buildings with murals on the ceiling gold plated walls etc. I love doing site visits because they always provide wonderful food. Banca Finnat ... read more
So exhausted

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome June 26th 2011

June 21st: Today we had our visit with IBM. This was not with my specific group it was with all management students. It was a bit of a repeat for the IBM team since we have heard a lot of the information in our first visit. I continue to get a few hours of sleep a night but am having a hard time staying awake every time I am there. I am not sure how to cure this issue. I was very impressed that IBM had mostly women managers speak with the group. It made me pleased that a large company valued women so much. Again the treated us with wonderful food. The only issue I would complain about is the lack of power point etiquette. Even some of my professors have this issue. They put ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome June 20th 2011

June 17th: Today Grace, Chelsea and I all signed up for housing in Troy. It is a very similar situation to Orchard Trails in Orono only its graduate housing. We each get our own bathrooms. These girls are great and are getting excited to move to New York! Today was also the first free day we have had since we have been here. We decided to travel to Pisa. We took a 3.5 hour train there. We got scammed at the terminal. Our tickets weren’t printing and a nice man asked if he could help. We brought us to the terminal and one of the girls in the group gave him a few euros. The man replied. “This is all I get for helping 5 of you!” I couldn’t believe that he said that. We thought ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome June 13th 2011

June 10th: My first day of class in this beautiful class room was Global Business & Social Responsibility with Rainey. All the students felt terrible because we were all falling asleep in his class. He was not offended because he knew we were all jet legged because he was too! When it was time for lunch we were all searching for an ATM. Our declining balance cards they gave us didn’t work. Luckily I had a back up. My next class was International Operations with Chipperfiled and Maleyeff. They are teaching together. This class is interesting because you see how supply chains work and operated and how to make them more efficient to make more money. Basically I get to receive Masters in OCD!!! I LOVE IT!!! All the students are stressing out because tomorrow we ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome June 9th 2011

Today I am writing you from Roma, Italia!!! It was a long flight and I am exhausted! We left Hartford at 1:00PM. We drove to JKF. The bus rides was interesting with multiple games of "questions," which I wrecked everyone. Just like quarters!!! Anyways, getting my tickets and going through security was no problem. Thank goddess since I had so much trouble with my passport. Some of the others students were on different planes but thank god we had Lorraine. Unfortunately they no longer have Wifi in airports so I couldn't get any of my work done. I had missed class on Monday so I was already behind. We explored the airport and had our last American meal McDonalds! We boarded our flight which took us to London. The flight took 7hrs. The did feed us ... read more
Piazza Foutain
Bridge on our way to school
First Glass of Wine

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