I am a sojourner, that is my occupation, that is what I do. I took Early Retirement in December 2010 and never looked back. I have taken several trips while on vacations around the US and to Europe while I was working but now can travel full time if I wish. Since I retired I have been visiting or revisiting many of my favorite locations in the US and then revisiting many of my favorite locations in Europe at a more leisurely pace, blogging all the way. When I post a blog I try and provide some practical and useful information on the location I visit in the blog for the frugal/budget traveler.

North America » Mexico » Yucatán March 5th 2014

March 5 – Wednesday – Heading back to Tejas – I was aiming at catching the 10 AM bus to Cancun Airport this morning. I left a large pile of stuff for the maid if she wanted it plus 100 Pesos. Then I turned in my keys and as I stepped out of the gate and into the street flagged down a cab. I told him 50 pesos to Autobusses on 5th street at Benito Juarez. He said ok and off we went. I had to tell him which station as there are 2 in town. I got to the station in plenty of time and although the ticket seller had told me I could catch an earlier bus if I got here earlier the bus driver wouldn’t let me on the 9:30 bus and even ... read more
Santander ATM, Scotiabank, and Macdonalds
ADO bus to airport
ADO bus arriving at airport

March 2 - Today I explored the opening in the fence by Senior Frogs at the pier and walked down the beaches of Playacar a bit. The public access to the Playacar Beaches from Playa is a gap in the fence between Senior Frogs and the Ferry Pier. After I checked out the beach a bit I came back and watched the parade on 5th street again. March 3, 2014 - I stopped at a seafood restaurant today and ordered some seafood soup. I really wasn’t impressed with it so I ordered some rice to go with it. Much better. After eating I went over to 30th avenue to watch the parade again. I did what the locals do and watched it on 30th street by the Wal- Mart. It was a much larger parade than ... read more
Here's the beer
Public access to Playacar beaches by Senior Frogs.
Seafood soup

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen February 28th 2014

February 28 – Friday – Today worked on my pictures and my blog most of the day, and then I walked down to a pizza place for some pizza. I then walked down to 5th street to see if anything was going on there for the Carnival. 5thstreet was pretty quiet as most of today’s events were taking place in the Main Plaza in the center of town. So I just walked over to Founders Park by the beach and relaxed a bit. For once those stupid Indians weren’t beating those drums and sticks, or maybe they had just finished by the time I got there today as they were standing and sitting around. Tomorrow the parade will run from Founders park to Constituyentes and then up Constituyentes to 30th avenue where it will turn South ... read more
Fish and shrimp tacos
Haagen Das ice cream

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen February 26th 2014

February 26 – Wednesday – Today I walked over to the Pollo Asado place on Calle 2 and had some Pollo asado (roast chicken) for lunch. I got about a ¼ chicken with rice, onions, some salsa, and a coke for about $4.00. It was pretty good. After eating I walked down Calle 2 between 15 and 20th ave. and caught a collectivo van and this time I made sure to tell the driver “Tulum Ruinas”. After getting completely full the collectivo van took off and I was on the way to Tulum Ruinas. It cost me about 35 pesos (about $3.00) and they let me off on the highway at the road that goes into where the ruins are. There is absolutely no signage or indication of any kind on the highway that this was ... read more
First view of the sea
The sea
Easily defended entrance

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen February 24th 2014

Since I arrived in Playa on the 12th I have been exploring the town and walking, walking, walking, walking, walking. I have walked all over the area bordered by Juarez on the South and Constituyentes on the North and 30th Avenue on the West as well as the beaches I could get to using public access. So I have done a pretty good bit of exploring. I’ve also walked all the way out on 5thavenue till the stores and restaurants ended around Calle 40. The main thing I discovered is that it wasn’t worth walking all the way out on 5th avenue till the stores and restaurants ended around Calle 40. It’s just more of the same. I’ve also used the beach access to check out the beaches on the way and as well it is ... read more
Old ADO bus station
Santander ATM, Scotiabank, and Macdonalds
Inside the ADO bus station

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen February 14th 2014

A link to an English interpretation of Carnival events: http://www.playa.info/playa-del-carmen-forum/71338-carnaval-2014-a.html#post2034126 Feb 13 – El Fogans and Wal Mart day – Today I walked up to 30 Avenue and then started over towards El Fogans on 30thavenida at Calle 6 Norte Bis. I had read about it in various blogs and etc. and so wanted to check it out. Then the plan was to go to Wal-Mart afterwards for some essentials. At El Fogans I felt like experimenting so I got the Arrachera Especial which was flank steak with various side dishes. It was quite good as were the other items that came with it. It was a mistake eating so much though as I still had to continue on with my walk to Walmart. So I headed that way on a very full stomach and did ... read more
On the deck at Fogans Feb 14
El Fogon on 30th Avenue
Arrachera Especial at El Fogon

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen February 12th 2014

A link to and English interpretation of carnival events: http://www.playa.info/playa-del-carmen-forum/71338-carnaval- 2014-a.html#post2034126 February 12, 2014 – Wednesday – I’m at Easterwood Airport here in College Station waiting to catch a 9:20 flight to Ft Worth from whence I will catch a 1:25PM flight to Cancun. I should arrive in Cancun at 4:05 and from the Cancun airport I will catch the ADO bus to the ADO terminal in Playa del Carmen at 5thstreet and Ave. Juarez. From there I should have a 6 block walk to the Tres Mundos Hostel where I have reserved a private double room. I went through security here at Easterwood and the security smurf there must have thought he was saving the world of something. They x-rayed my messenger bag and then dragged everything out... read more
The ADO Bus station in Playa del Carmen
Banyos upstairs at the station
Tres Mundos Hostel

North America » United States » New Mexico September 29th 2013

September 28 – an unexpected event - September 28 – It was my intention to explore Santa Fe some more today and more of the local area but I really couldn’t think of anywhere else in New Mexico that I hadn’t been to before that I could get excited about. I was having a serious case of “been there and done that”. I considered that I could go to the Rest area next to the “High Bridge” that goes over the Rio Grande Gorge. http://highestbridges.com/wiki/index.php?title=Rio_Grande_Gorge_Bridge It is quite impressive and I have overnighted at the Rest Area next to it before. From the rest area it is a short walk over to the bridge and various overlooks. It is on Hwy 64 where it crosses over the Rio Grande canyon. I could overnight free in the ... read more
I always get to thinking this would not be a good place to break down.
Old Ft Sumner Museum

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe September 27th 2013

September 27 – It was a bit brisk last night. I went by MacDonalds for my morning coffee and then headed into Santa Fe on Cerillos Road to spend some time at the central Plaza. The weather was cool and to my liking. I drove in on Cerillos Road which changed into Gallisteo St. which deadended at San Francisco Street. On San Francisco Street I took a right which took me alongside the Plaza. On the other end of the Plaza I took a left onto Washington Ave and found a place to park a couple of blocks up on the street just north of the Library which is at 145 Washington Ave. I parked on the street and fed the meter which charged $2.00 an hour to park. Then I walked back to the Plaza ... read more
Indians selling their wares outside the Palace of the Governers
The Plaza in Santa Fe

North America September 26th 2013

26 September Socorro to Santa Fe – I checked out of my budget room in Socorro and headed north on I-25. I was sure glad to be getting out of the Chihuahuan Desert and the Journada del Muerto. I stopped in Albuquerque to check out the Sandia Casino RV parking area I had stayed in last time I was here. It still looks good for some free overnight parking for the balloon fest. Across Tramway RD. from it were some buffalo that the Indians are raising to help restore the buffalo here on the Sandia Indian Reservation. The casino and buffalo are across the Interstate from where the Balloon Fiesta Park where the balloon fest will be held is located. So after having a good look around I headed north again on I-25 towards Santa Fe. ... read more
Sandi Casino from the RV parking area
RV's parked in the RV parking area.
Buffalo across Tramway Rd. from the casino.

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