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19th July 2014

Fun times
Looks like you guys had a lot of fun
18th July 2014

Good to see you blogging again. You've traded the snow for the sand. Good decision! Looks like a lot of fun and a few adult beverages.
4th March 2014

Clean Up photos
Personally, before hitting the town , I like to give my undercarriage a bit of a '' How's your father ? ''. Nice photo of Betty Buzz Kill + Debbie Downer !!
4th March 2014

It's good to be King !!
3rd March 2014

Bohemian Stuff
Hey, locals weren't exactly speaking the Queen's English ! I misunderstood , but that explains the lack of Beatniks on Island.
23rd February 2014

Good to see you traveling again
83 degrees beats 30 degrees any time. One more drink and you'll forget about the flight and bumps along the way. Eager to hear what you think of the Bahamas.
23rd February 2014

Just wondering
Bob: I'm really wondering what else beside this trip you promised Jan when you were under anesthetic.LOL Have a great time.
23rd February 2014

Just Wondering
Hmmm. I'm sure she will refresh my memory of other promises.
22nd February 2014

Winter finally over !! Trip is on . Got the cripples thru the metal detectors, but of course yours truly was the one with the cavity search. Got my Click beer in hand, + going out to explore Atlantis now --- yeah !!!! Love our vacations with the Kribs !
From Blog: Jan's Reward
22nd February 2014

Another snowmobiler bites the dust
Real snowmobilers schedule all doctor visits between May and November. Glad the surgery went well. Enjoy the warmth.
From Blog: Jan's Reward
22nd February 2014

Hi Bill-Real Snowmobiler
Believe me, I tried to put it off until late March or April, but I was limping so bad and needing pain killers to ride in December that I had to get it done. The good news is that it went so well that the surgeon cleared me to ride after 6 weeks and I've already made one trip to the U.P. last week and heading back March 3rd. Hope you're having a great season.
From Blog: Jan's Reward
21st February 2014

Have a great trip and enjoy the warmth!
From Blog: Jan's Reward
20th February 2014

Great to reward her
Bob, Glad that you are treating her to a great trip. She de-serve's it.
From Blog: Jan's Reward
20th February 2014

Nothing too unique????
Really Bob, we are going with Dan & Marilyn...........trips are always an adventure!! "Thanks Babe - I think we ALL really need this trip to warm weather, sun, beaches and RUM!!
From Blog: Jan's Reward
11th September 2013
Water's Cold!

beautiful picture
What a beautiful advice to all those who are planning to visit USA, kindly choose Lufthansa. My wife's friend flew with them last summer and she was all head over heels. their connectivity is the best out there.
19th May 2013

RIP Old Buck. Your Health
OMG just read your blog Thank God you are okay. Hope your back heals up and you get out golfing again soon.
From Blog: R.I.P. Old Buck
19th May 2013

I'm so sorry for your loss, and glad you're okay. It makes me sad even thinking about retiring, or losing, our oldest vehicle. ReX is also 11, but has 316,000 miles. Will you be getting another Suburban?
From Blog: R.I.P. Old Buck
7th June 2013

Thanks for the nice comment. I ended up getting a new Ford Expedition EL, very similar to the Suburban. Guess I'm not too old yet to do more road adventures.
From Blog: R.I.P. Old Buck
20th May 2013

An Expedition
Thanks for the nice comment. Looks like it may be an Expedition EL this time.
From Blog: R.I.P. Old Buck
18th May 2013

The Luck O' The Irish!!
If Old Buck had to go, I'm just happy he protected you till the end! You would be a little harder to replace. I will admit, it was sad to clean all your "stuff" out and drive away..... I can't believe I was that sentimental about a truck - then I read your "R.I.P. Old Buck", maybe we need a dog?? Just very happy you will mend!
From Blog: R.I.P. Old Buck
21st April 2013
Mama Bear Up Close

such a beautiful animal :)
1st April 2013

Enjoyed the northern Wisconsin - Michigan Trip Commentary
Hi Bob, Great trip, great narrative. You can be my tour guide anytime (even after missing the turn-off that one day). I was really impressed by the groomed conditions and the watering holes along the way. The effort that you put into the daily blog was impressive....links, background information, photos, movies, vocals (great over-the-air voice for an air traffic controller - wish that I could have worked with you). It was fun seeing (and hearing) Michael again. We had a decent season in northern New England and I went for my last ride locally in central New Hampshire just a week ago. Did quite a bit of riding with Charlie Lincoln in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. The April trip to Iceland that my wife and I were considering fell through----Decker Tours claimed that it was due to a lack of good snow----but I suspect that it was as much a lack of participants. We'll try again for Iceland in 2014. Best regards, Bill
2nd April 2013

Thanks, Bill
Thanks a lot for the great and complimentary comments. I'd love to ride with you again. Good luck with the Iceland trip.
25th March 2013

great trails, tales and tails
This was truly a snowmobile adventure to marvel at. Bob is such a great "tour guide" he should start his own tour guiding business as he knows all the best places to go to. Lots of history in these parts . Too bad we or maybe at least I didn't get that girl with the high heels email address. LOL
26th March 2013

Great Trails, Tales and Tails
Thanks for the nice compliments, Michael. It s a wonderful time. You were a great riding partner. Maybe the girl with the shoes plays Words With Friends!?!?

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